What You Do Between the No Answers

first_imgThe first “no” you receive when you ask your dream client for their time is usually neutral.The first “no” doesn’t mean that your approach is wrong or ineffective. That “no” most likely means that your dream client already has a partner, receives way too many calls, can’t discern who might be worth spending time with and who isn’t, and is too busy to try to figure it out. So, your dream client says “no” to everyone.Each of the “no” responses you get to a request for a meeting after that first “no” is a judgement on how you’re doing differentiating yourself and proving that you can make a difference in their business. This is true if the second “no” is during the same interaction or months apart.The question you have to answer is what you do between those “no” answers that changes the outcomes of your request.Do you give up, accept the “no” answer, and ask if you can “check in” in 90 days? Or do you restate the value your dream client will gain by meeting with you?Do you let it lie, or do you immediately send a follow up note outlining in writing how you can make a difference and again requesting a meeting?Do you move on to easier, more receptive targets? Or do you buckle down and begin a nurture campaign, delivering actionable ideas as a way to make deposits in the relationship in front of your next ask?The first “no” probably doesn’t mean your approach is wrong. Every “no” after that means that you haven’t yet found a way to differentiate yourself and prove that meeting with creates enough value to deserve a “yes.” If you want appointments, you have to do something different between the “no” answers to get a different result. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

Rules Based Companies and Values Based Companies – Episode 104

first_imgUnited Airlines forcibly removed a passenger when they needed 4 seats to move their flight attendants. They followed the rules, and the rules were greater than their values. This is evidence of a cultural challenge.last_img

Trump Administration Formally Proposes to Repeal ‘Startup Visa’ Program

first_imgThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security formally put forth the final proposal to revoke the “startup visa,” the program for entrepreneurs introduced by the Obama administration, on May 25, CNN reported.The “startup visa” or the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) rule is based on the premise that foreign entrepreneurs with promising startups would bring about economic benefits and job creation in the country, but it does not lay down clearly the terms under which they may live in the United States, the DHS said in its filing to the Federal Registrar, according to the report.Saying that the policy is “inadvisable, impracticable, and an unwarranted use of limited agency resources,” the department said that the program does not include enough measures to protect American workers and investors and that it is “out of sync with DHS’ current policy priorities,” the publication said.The notice will be officially published on May 29, following which the public will be given 30 days to comment on the proposal to withdraw the rule.The visa program, which was signed almost at the end of former U.S. President Barack Obama’s tenure, was scheduled to be launched in June 2017. It aimed to provide a “parole visa” to startup founders, most of whom stay in the United States on H-1B visas. The parole status, usually given to workers on humanitarian or medical grounds, is given for two and a half years, and can be extended for a further two and a half years.Under the rule, startup companies that are less than five years old, have the potential to create jobs and achieve fast growth, and can show enough funds raised — at least $100,000 through government grants or a minimum of $250,000 from a qualified American investor — are eligible for the “startup visa.”The visa could be revoked at any time during the parole period if the company stopped showing benefit.The DHS has been stalling the implementation of the rule since July 2017, when the Trump administration indicated that it plans to suspend the program.In December 2017, in response to a lawsuit filed by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), U.S. district court judge James E Boasberg ruled that the current administration can no longer delay the implementation of the IER. The case was filed by Indian-origin brothers Atma and Anand Krishna, along with other tech entrepreneurs, against the DHS for refusing the implement the rule.The NVCA, earlier this month, filed a motion in the Washington District court over the failure of DHS to approve applications from foreign entrepreneurs to operate in the country. Besides the trade association, the plaintiffs also included some startups and their founders, such as Omni Labs and its founders Nishant Srivastava and Vikram Tiwari.The Trump administration has, however, been steadily moving to rescind the rule, with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs clearing the move to roll it back on May 2. United States Citizenship and Immigration Servicese director L. Francis Cissna also wrote a letter to the Senate last month, confirming the plans to rescind the rule. Related ItemsIndian AmericanStartup visaUnited Stateslast_img read more

Oriental Hotels Snubs Tatas

first_imgThe Tata’s are seeking a a “formal apology” from Orient-Express Hotels (OEH) chief executive Paul White who snubbed a bid for the global super-luxury chain with the comment that a tie-up with the “predominantly domestic Indian” hotels chain would erode its brand image. Taj Hotels Vice Chairman  R.K. Krishna Kumar protested to White that his comments were “pejorative, inaccurate and libelous,” adding: “We ask that OEH publish a formal apology to Taj Hotels…. Taj Hotels is a proud Indian company, and it will persevere with its global expansion strategy. Indian companies will continue to play a meaningful role in the global economic integration and in that environment will take their rightful place in the international arena.” The Taj Hotel group has bought a 11.5% stake in OEH, a U.S. based luxury hotel chain,  and unsuccessfully sought a partnership with the company. White rejected those overtures, arguing that an association with the Taj Hotels, which owns 59 hotels, including 17 outside India, would erode the OEH brand and adversely impact its premium propertiess: “We do not believe that there is a strategic fit between your predominantly domestic Indian hotel chain and our global portfolio of luxury hotels and unique travel experiences, and we do not wish to be involved in an attempt to improve the performance of your non-Indian properties.”  Related Itemslast_img read more

A World Of Worlds

first_imgAs far out as our modern tele-scopes can glimpse, billions of stars group together to form galaxies, galaxies bundle together to form clusters, and clusters clump into super clusters. They all seem to hide a message, at least some think, coded in their unique pattern called fractals. Some believe it is a message from the cosmic sculptor for sentient beings like us, while others think it is the ultimate truth expressed in geometric language for us to explore. Some see beauty in the design, while others seek truth. This image created by the Wolfgang Beyer is one of the most popular and stunning images in all of mathematics. Lurking under this image is the elegant mathematics that many are not used to. Fractals are the finest examples of where math and art superimpose each other. Computer imaging has created many intriguing fractals besides the natural oneWhen cosmologists attempted to map the configuration of the universe by recreating past events and extracting information from the radiations, they found that the galaxy distribution in the universe followed a certain fractal pattern. Fractals are like a whole world in a smaller scale embedded inside a world of increasing complexity. They are the smaller versions of the relatively bigger and similar structures — a reduced copy of the original.In the pinnacle or creation, it seems that the forces of nature left out an important clue for us to hunt down the secrets of the universe. Are fractals the road map to reality? Do they symbolize a deliberate attempt by nature or do they just happen to exist in the eyes of the beholder?Surprisingly, fractals can be seen not just in celestial objects, but in terrestrial objects too. For example, look at a sunflower or broccoli. You will see that a smaller copy of the whole is embedded successively and, if you keep looking, you can find smaller and smaller copies. The object in larger scale is composed not just of different parts, but by tiny whole ones. The unique nature of fractals is that smaller versions of an object are continuously repeated to generate the bigger object in a manner that the small and big preserve all the features. The whole exists in parts and a part exists in the whole. Fractal patterns have no beginning and end. They are small in big, big in small, part in whole, and whole in part. The enlightened might say, there is, in fact, no such distinction as alpha and omega — the universe is in you and you are in the universe. Fractals could be described as the finite holding the infinite. From snowflakes to shorelines, from clouds to seashells, from blood vessels to ocean waves, all these seemingly irregular shapes harbor a beauty beneath their intricate system. The fractal patterns are everywhere — in human lungs, kidneys and in the rhythm of the heart — in the essence of life. Could they be the heartbeat of the cosmos as well?The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is one of the most ambitious and significant projects in the history of astronomy. The goal of this mission is to create a true picture of the universe by mapping millions of galaxies and quasars that govern our cosmos. When the data was released on the distribution of thousands of galaxies they studied, the results were clear and compelling. Most physicists agreed that on a relatively small scale the galaxy distribution follows a fractal pattern. Like in the humble sunflowers, one can witness how the fractals unfold in the majesty of the swirling galaxies.The infinitely repeated similarity is the key to fractal generation. In nature, this is expressed in meek objects to mighty galaxies. Some consider it a universal truth. It is not just the aesthetic feature of the fractals that makes them significant, but they are the key to understanding order in disorder or beauty in anarchy, wherein chaos disappears to create serenity.  Scientists and mathematicians often bury the beauty of nature in abstract mathematical symbols, anything from alpha to omega. Traditionally, they love to describe smooth and definite patterns with their equations and shy away from complex and irregular patterns. In that sense, Benoit Mandelbrot, who died recently, was a radical mathematician. He went on to explore the hidden beauty beneath seemingly chaotic systems. He proposed that the complexity we observe in nature can be generated by iterations of a simple entity over a large number of repetitions. In other words, the fundamental equation that represents the smallest link could repeat endlessly to create a complex system. The iterations can have fractal dimensions instead of the usual whole number dimensions. Fractal geometry ideas are used in a variety of fields from geology to cosmology and from medicine to the stock market. Mandelbrot went on to explore the underlying geometry and mathematics in varieties of systems that have been ignored largely by conventional mathematicians. His work was initially confined to smaller and familiar terrestrial objects and it has been extended to systems that create chaos, such as weather or stock markets. Though the prediction of the behavior of such systems is still in its infancy, it is not as far fetched as once thought. Fractals reveal that unpredictability and complexity are part of nature, and that they are not undesirable. Engineers can model wonderful structural designs with common geometric shapes, such as lines, circles etc., and with software they can generate 3D models of the same. A mathematician can create a set of equations that would describe this model. Ask them to model a cauliflower or broccoli? They would probably have stumbled, at least until the work of Mandelbrot became an established branch of geometry. The Fractal Geometry of Nature is a mathematical text that addresses many of the mathematical puzzles that involve fractals, published in 1983 by Mandelbrot, who began his career as a researcher at IBM and later became a faculty member at Yale University.What is the best approach to decipher the secrets of the universe? Mathematical equations as the classical physicists thought or pictures and patterns? Mandelbrot favored the second choice. While physicists like Isaac Newton thought God was a mathematician and believed that the secrets of nature are encoded in mathematical equations, fractals teach us that the blueprint of reality lies in shapes and molds. Also, that chaos and complexity are to be celebrated rather than ridiculed, because they are the pure manifestation of an underlying simple truth.The near uniform radiation left over from the birth of the universe suggests that it began with a void and featureless state. How did the formation of galaxies or distribution of matter in the universe follow a unique pattern? Without a proper theory to explain it, researchers are like acrobats without a net. As the Sloan Digital Sky Survey continues its efforts to cover more galaxies, many express optimism about a clear picture that will eventually emerge. This could lead us to a higher level of comprehension about the cosmos and even more importantly about ourselves. At present, it is not clear whether fractal patterns can be observed in galaxy distributions of any distance in the universe. But a small team of physicists, including Francesco Sylos Labini, of the Enrico Fermi Centre in Rome, and Luciano Pietronero, of the University of Rome, argue that recent data shows the universe continues to look fractal as far out as our telescopes can reach. If large-scale fractals do exist throughout, what could be the implications? Like the galaxies that exhibit fractals, our universe could be pictured like a Russian nesting doll, which metaphorically denotes the recognizable relationship of “object-within-similar-object.” Our universe could be residing in a bigger version of its own and many smaller versions of it could be embedded within our own universe. Does this fractal nature of the universe make sense?Some cosmologists believe that even the near featureless state of our cosmos in the beginning — the one currently so considered — was preceded by something simpler still, perhaps little more than rapidly expanding empty space. In a process spanning billions of years this fundamental similarity multiplied numerous times to create our present state of the complex universe. If the fractal hierarchies are ubiquitous, as some like to think, we have no choice but to be confined within a series of universes with increasing magnitude and intricacy — a different version of the multiverse that has already its own niche in modern cosmology.The infinite hierarchy of worlds within worlds may not soon become the dominant theory in astronomy. Yet, it is nothing unfamiliar to Hindu philosophers. During the discourse in Kuskshetra with Krishna, Arjuna saw the entire universe, divided in many ways, but standing as (all in) One (and One in all) in the body of the god of gods. The Upanishads proclaim that the self is one, though it appears to be many. This self is the truth and this true self is exactly the same as Brahma, which is omnipresent and is manifested nature (prakriti) and unmanifested consciousness. This self is not the body, nor is it the mind, nor is it the ego. With this self that is the same in all things, there can be no sense of “I” or “mine,” as all is one and the same.The slow and continuous evolution of intelligence and complexity from single cells could also be rooted in a similar process that began with cosmic creativity, which in turn began much before. The ability of fractals to create intricacy from relatively simple states is probably evolving our own creativity and intelligence. Perhaps, fractals, which are veiled underneath the clouds, mountains and coastlines and also in the mighty cosmos, are carrying out their objectives to reach the pinnacle of creation even as we read this. We will no doubt ultimately discover the law of fractals, because its dance is the same everywhere — in you and in the cosmos. Related Itemslast_img read more

Martian Notifier smartwatch available exclusively on Flipkart for pre-order

first_imgPopular online retail store Flipkart has listed the new ‘Martin Noitfier’ smartwatch exclusively on its portal priced at INR 9,999.To link the smartwatch with you smartphone you need to download the Martian Notifier App, which allows you to access notifications like texts, emails, and alerts from third party apps on your gadget. As per the listing on the website, other than the notifications the device also helps you control your smartphone’s camera from a distance. You can activate a 3-second timer to click photographs using your smartwatch. Its Phone Wireless Leash feature alerts you when you are away from your smartphone, thereby reducing the probability of losing it at a restaurant or a shopping mall or other such places. Talking about the design of the smartwatch, it comes in round shape, quite similar to Moto 360.  The Martian Notifier’s 1.7 inch round screen sports 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display and an RGB LED light. The Martian Notifier features a silicone band with a stainless steel clasp which gives it an elite look and makes it comfortable to wear. Besides it is protected by an anti-scratch acrylic crystal. Reportedly Martian Notifier claims to have an impressive battery backup of ‘six days’. The gadget has a Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) rechargeable battery which requires 2 hours of charging time.The device is available for preorder and comes with an year’s warranty. The Martian Notifier smartwatch is compatible with iPhone 4S and above, iPad Air, iPad Mini, 3rd Gen iPad, 5th Gen iPod Touch, and Android smartphones with 2.3.3 and later.advertisementlast_img read more

Tuberculosis claimed 2 lakh lives in 2014: RS told

first_imgNew Delhi, Mar 1 (PTI) Over two lakh people died due to Tuberculosis in India in 2014, the highest in the world, the government said in Rajya Sabha today.In a written reply on TB deaths in the country, Health Minister J P Nadda, said, “As per World Health Organization (WHO) Global Tuberculosis Report 2015, for the year 2014, deaths due to TB were estimated in India to be 2,20,000 which is higher than any other country.”However, he said that this high number is because of the large population, even though the incidence, prevalence and mortality due to TB in India have been consistently declining over the last 15 years and India has also achieved the Millennium Development Goals and has halved the prevalence and mortality as compared to 1990 levels.”Allocation for the revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme is part of the National Health Mission communicable disease flexipool,” the minister said.The actual expenditure under the programme from 2012-13 to 2014-15 is Rs 710.15 crore while it was Rs 640 crore in 2015-16. PTI HC RCJ SC SMNlast_img read more

Jets’ QB Smith Must Prove Himself

first_imgFLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Geno Smith’s statistical line last week included a couple of zeroes in categories the New York Jets have been waiting to see all season.Interceptions: Zero.Turnovers: Zero.The second-year quarterback had his first turnover-free game in the Jets’ 27-25 loss to the New England Patriots on Oct. 16. He was solid in defeat, throwing for 226 yards and a touchdown while also running for 37 yards on seven carries. It was a promising bounceback for Smith, who wasn’t quite in a celebratory mood.“Just playing football,” Smith said when asked if the performance could be a springboard. “Go out there and do my job. That’s all I can do.”Not even a building block? A positive in what has been a dismal 1-6 start for the Jets?“No, we lost the game,” Smith said. “That’s that. I’m focused on the Bills.”New York takes on Buffalo (4-3) at home on Oct. 26, looking to snap a six-game skid that has the Jets facing the prospects of a fourth straight season without a postseason appearance.It could very well cost coach Rex Ryan his job, and Smith needs to show progress during the final nine games to keep his job.Otherwise, the Jets could be looking to draft a quarterback with what appears, as of now, will be a top-five pick.But before any of that, Smith will have the chance to show what he can do with a potentially productive offense around him, especially with the acquisition of Percy Harvin last weekend from Seattle.That will give the Jets, many fans and media think, the chance to better evaluate Smith’s overall ability.“No, I don’t see that,” Ryan said. “I see us as having an opportunity in front of us against a good Buffalo Bills team that’s won a lot of games already.“So, that’s really where your focus (is). We’re excited to have Percy here. From the fans’ standpoint, however they look at it in evaluating somebody, I don’t look at it that way.”Harvin adds a dynamic playmaker to a receiving group that also includes Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley, as well as tight ends Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland.He’s a guy who could stretch the field as a legitimate downfield threat, something Harvin acknowledged he wanted to do more — and something the Jets have been lacking.“I think when you look at how we are going to use Percy, it might be different than how he was used in Minnesota, how he was used in Seattle,” Ryan said. “I guess time will tell, but I truly believe with his kind of talent it’s going to be a big help, obviously for our offense and with that, our whole team.”Smith is excited about the addition of Harvin, but tempered expectations for the receiver to come out Sunday with a huge game.“We have to see how it goes out there once we get out on the field,” Smith said.The Jets are all in on Smith, opting to continue to start him despite having Michael Vick waiting on the sideline. This is a stretch that amounts to a job audition.Smith’s teammates have heard the boos aimed at the quarterback, and the chants for Vick to play in his place. They also are aware of the public uproar over Smith cursing at a fan a few weeks ago, and missing a team meeting the night before the Jets played in San Diego.They also see how Smith has handled himself behind closed doors, without the fans or the media around.“People are going to love you when you’re playing well and hate you when they aren’t,” Amaro said. “He’s handled the criticism very well. The thing is, the fans just want to see us win. I’m a big basketball guy and it’s the same thing for me.“I’m cheering and yelling and I get mad if a guy misses a shot or a free throw. You expect them to make every shot and free throw, to catch every ball and make every pass. It’s just unrealistic.“You have to brush it off.”It’s all part of being a professional athlete, and the spotlight shines brighter when you’re the quarterback of a team in New York. Boos and cheers aside, Smith has nine games left to make his job status a non-issue.Getting Harvin in the mix should help. So will a few victories.“I’ve always felt he has been comfortable and I don’t feel that he’s easily rattled,” left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson said of Smith.“You’ve got to be able to take it one game at a time, one play at a time, and I think Geno has done a great job of being poised and staying consistent. Now it’s just about stringing games together and we’re going to try to get some wins.”(DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

The Reload: October 3

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! Oklahoma State Still Recruiting Arkansas PledgeElite safety prospect Montaric Brown of Ashdown, Arkansas, chose the in-state Hogs earlier this summer over OSU and Alabama, who were considered his top 3. And despite his commitment to Arkansas, OSU is hanging around in his recruitment.To no avail so far, too. “I just don’t want to go nowhere,” Brown told Arkansas Online. “I’m loyal to Arkansas. I’m just going to stick with Arkansas.”Brown cites a solid relationship with tight ends coach Barry Lunney at Arkansas for his solid commitment. And while OSU hasn’t cracked him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hanging around. Oklahoma State will lose a lot of veteran experience where early playing time could be a factor for a true freshman like Brown, who is ranked as the No. 1 prospect in Arkansas.Owasso defensive back offered by OSUOwasso has two ELITE defensive backs in the 2018 class in Wayne Jones and Josh Proctor, who now have both been offered by the Cowboys. Jones received his this weekend: went and watched Owasso take on Jenks in the season opener this year, and Jones really stood out among the crowd along with Proctor. He has good size at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, and has game changing speed on the back end of the defense and plays with good instincts to diagnose plays before they develop. Playing safety for Owasso last season, he had 62 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 10 pass break ups. Along with fellow teammate Josh Proctor, Jones will likely become a national recruit before he finishes high school.Oklahoma State offers 2018 tight endThe commitment to the Cowboy back position was evident on Saturday against the Texas Longhorns, with Keenen Brown and Blake Jarwin’s involvement seeing a spike in targets. And the commitment continues on the recruiting trail as well, with OSU extending an offer to 2018 prospect Zach Sheffer of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Sheffer has offers from Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, and 21 others. The Reload is your Oklahoma State recruiting recap filled with the latest recruiting news, with an ear to the ground for what to expect in the future.Midwest City ConnectionsAmong the over 100 recruits who were on hand Saturday to watch Oklahoma State take down Texas in Stillwater was junior defensive end prospect Jalen Redmon of Midwest City. Redmond is a rising two-sport star who has just one offer from Tulsa, but will likely see that change soon. He’s one of the top prospects in Oklahoma for 2018, and having the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder down the road is certainly a bonus. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him grab an offer in the not so distant future.Another Midwest City star who OSU has had their eye on for awhile now is 2017 safety Evan Fields. Fields now has 21 scholarship offers, but for some reason, Oklahoma State held out on offering the 6-foot-2 hard hitter. Fields reported an offer from the Pokes over the weekend, reportedly after seeing him play his first game of the season on Friday night. Blessed to receive my 21st offer from Oklahoma State?? #GoPokes #G2G— E6 (@TheEvanFields4) October 1, 2016Hoops recruit makes official visitBrad Underwood’s lone commitment in the 2017 class, Zach Dawson, made his official visit over the weekend to watch the Texas game according to hoops analyst Chip Miller:Oklahoma State 2017 commit Zack Dawson (@ZackD305) is currently on campus at Stillwater for his official visit …— Chip Miller (@BLUEChip_Miller) October 1, 2016Dawson, a 6-4 guard from Florida, is ranked as the No. 70 prospect in the 2017 class and the No. 15 point guard in the country.last_img read more

Fort McMurray fire showed animal care gaps during natural disasters researcher

first_imgCALGARY — A Calgary researcher says the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016 showed how pets are often overlooked in disaster planning.Kim Williams with Mount Royal University’s Centre for Community Disaster Research interviewed 32 evacuees, first responders, veterinarians, volunteers, politicians, policy-makers and animal welfare workers involved in Canada’s costliest natural disaster.In a paper released Tuesday, she said a common theme emerged.“Although the risk of wildfire is high in and around Fort McMurray, neither the province nor the (Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo) had a plan for how to manage companion animals during a disaster,” said Williams, an associate professor of women’s and gender studies.Some 88,000 people were forced from their homes as the fire — so fierce and unpredictable it was nicknamed “the Beast” — spread into the northeastern Alberta city. Almost 2,600 dwellings were destroyed.Of the estimated 40,000 pets there at the time, between 1,200 and 1,500 had to be left behind when the whole city was evacuated May 3.Initially, first responders went from home to home providing food and water to animals, but the evacuation lasted longer than expected. A rescue operation began for the critters four days after their humans left, and the first truckload arrived in Edmonton early on May 8.Williams called the first 72 hours of the evacuation a “communications gong show” as people struggled to find out if their animals were OK and how they could be reunited.It’s not clear how many pets died.Williams recommends that an animal welfare expert be included in emergency operations centres during disasters so those concerns aren’t overlooked.She said people she interviewed emphasized that many animal welfare workers are women and they should feel safe and respected in often male-dominated disaster zones.The paper highlights challenges in obtaining and transporting  necessary pet-care supplies during the Fort McMurray evacuation. Williams recommends shipping containers be set up filled with non-perishable supplies such as cat litter at various spots in the province so that they could be easily moved where needed.During the fire, there were also issues with veterinarians being unable to get access to animals’ health records. Williams said she would like to see those records kept in an electronic database.The research found animal caregivers in Fort McMurray were taken aback by how many exotic animals there were. It was hard enough to wrangle all the dogs and cats, but staff were not prepared for all the lizards, birds and snakes that came their way, Williams said.“There’s a problem with animal licensing,” she said. “People need to know that they’re there.” Williams said failing to make animal care a bigger part of emergency planning ultimately puts human lives at risk.“Pets are an integral part of people’s families, and humans will delay or refuse evacuation if they cannot evacuate with their pets or, at the very least, be assured that first responders and emergency management personnel have a well-organized plan for managing those pets that must be left behind,” she wrote.“Spontaneous volunteers will sneak into disaster areas to rescue forcibly abandoned pets for the same reasons.”Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Trading in mangoes, red chili, herbs to be hit as cross-LoC trade is shut

first_imgNew Delhi: Trading of 21 items like red chili, mangoes, herbs and dry fruits will be hit following the indefinite suspension of cross LoC trade in Jammu and Kashmir, officials said Friday. Around 280 traders, who were directly involved in the trading will also be affected after the suspension of the business, which has touched Rs 6,900 crore since its inception in 2008. The 21 items listed for the cross LoC trade include bananas, embroidery items, tamarind, red chili and cumin for exports while imports mainly were almonds, dry dates, dry fruits, herbs, mangoes and pistachio. Hardening its stand against Pakistan, India Thursday indefinitely suspended cross-LoC trade at two points along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir effective Friday, following reports that it was being “misused” by elements from across the border to smuggle weapons, narcotics and fake currency. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe Home Ministry said orders have been issued for halting the trade at Salamabad of Baramulla in Kashmir region, and Chakkan-da-Bagh of Poonch district in Jammu region, after reports of very large scale “misuse” of cross-LoC trade. The cross-LoC trade on Srinagar-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawalakote routes was started on October 21, 2008 as a Confidence Building Measure (CBM). Trade since 2008 till the 2017 fiscal stood at over Rs 4,400 crore at the Uri trading centre, while the figure for the same period at Poonch stood ar Rs 2,542 crore. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostInitially, 646 businessmen from Jammu and Kashmir had registered for trading in the two crossing points, but the number now stands at around 280, who are actually involved in conducting the business. When the cross LoC trade started, initially the business was for two days but from October 15, 2011, trading days were extended to four. The home ministry said a stricter regulatory and enforcement mechanism is being worked out and will be put in place in consultation with various agencies. The issue of reopening of LoC trade will be revisited thereafter. “It has been revealed that the trade has changed its character to mostly third party trade and products from other regions, including foreign countries, are finding their way through this route. “Unscrupulous and anti-national elements are using the route as a conduit for Hawala money, drugs and weapons, under the garb of this trade,” it claimed. It said during ongoing investigations of certain cases, the NIA has found a significant number of trading concerns engaged in the LoC trade are being operated by persons closely associated with banned terrorist outfits.last_img read more

Petronet to form joint venture with Japan Sri Lanka for LNG plant

A Joint Venture of Petronet LNG Limited along with Japanese and Sri Lankan companies will develop an LNG Terminal in Sri Lanka to provide regassified natural gas to various power plants, domestic and transport sectors in Sri Lanka. The capacity of the LNG Terminal will be decided upon the gas demand in Sri Lanka and is expected to be developed in 2 years after completion of initial formalities. Petronet LNG Limited, India’s largest LNG importer, will soon form a joint venture with Japanese and Sri Lankan companies for an LNG terminal near Colombo, Petronet said in a statement today.Sri Lanka has decided to go ahead with the setting up of an LNG terminal near Colombo with Indian and Japanese companies. The two countries in their efforts to strengthen relations have been in discussions on this issue since last more than one year. The Sri Lankan Government issued a Letter of Intent to the Govt. of India during the visit of External Affairs Minister to Colombo on September 1. It’s a giant step towards energy security of Sri Lanka and underscores the ‘neighbourhood first’ policy of Prime Minister Modi. It shall pave the way for further cementing primeval bonds. (Colombo Gazette) Important discussions were held between Minister of Petroleum Resources Development, Sri Lanka and Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, India in New Delhi in October 2016 which was followed by numerous meetings at Secretary/ Joint Secretary Level. The LNG terminal would be set up on the western coast of Sri Lanka in close vicinity of Colombo where most of the power projects(operating mainly on costly liquid fuel)are located.The Colombo Metropolitan Area is inhabited by more than 5 million people or roughly 25% of the total population of Sri Lanka generating over 50% of the GDP. The LNG terminal near Colombo would improve economics of various power plants and also generate immense direct and indirect benefits for vast majority of Sri Lankan people.Sri Lankan economy is growing at a rapid pace of 4 to 5% and primary energy consumption is estimated to increase to 19 MMTOE by the year 1930. As of now, 82% of the primary energy consumption is met through petroleum products and bio-mass. Not much success has been achieved so far in development of any indigenous gas fields. LNG imports is a significant solution to fuel the growth of this nation. This will also usher in green economic growth in Sri Lanka with development of a gas based economy and also reaffirm traditionally and friendly relations between two countries and their continuing endeavors to enhance bilateral relations through increased economic, investment and development cooperation for mutual benefits of the two nations. read more

UN human rights expert due to make weeklong visit to Afghanistan

Cherif Bassiouni, the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights in Afghanistan, is due to arrive Saturday in Kabul, the capital, and will hold talks with key Government officials, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), UN and other international agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).He will also make on-site visits, the details of which have yet to be finalized.In a related development, as of today women in Faizabad in northeastern Afghanistan will receive more legal support to combat discrimination and domestic violence and to improve their living conditions.The Department of Women’s Affairs, with support from the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), is establishing Women Working Groups (WWG) focusing on three areas: protection, public awareness and creating opportunities for females.These groups bring together Government officials, organizations advocating women’s rights and UNAMA. The network is already serving Afghan women in 26 districts in Kunduz, Takhar and Baghlan. read more

US Federal Reserve policymakers considering a slightly faster rate rise in 2015

WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve policymakers have slightly increased their estimate of what the Fed’s benchmark interest rate will be at the end of 2015 compared with their estimate three months ago.The Fed has kept its benchmark rate at a record-low level near zero since 2008 to try to boost economic growth. Most economists expect the first rate increase to happen by the middle of next year. A Fed statement indicated little change in the timing of that first increase.The median short-term interest rate supported by Fed policymakers at the end of 2015 is now 1.38 per cent, up from 1.13 per cent at its June meeting.The Fed expects slower growth this year and next than in its last set of projections issued in June.Fed policymakers expect the economy to grow just 2 per cent to 2.2 per cent this year, down from their June forecast of 2.1 per cent to 2.3 per cent. That reduction likely reflects the sharp contraction in the first quarter of this year: 2.1 per cent at an annual rate. The economy has rebounded solidly since then.Policymakers forecast growth of 2.6 per cent to 3 per cent in 2015, down from an earlier forecast of 3 per cent to 3.2 per cent.The central bank updates its economic projections four times a year. The forecasts serve as guides for its interest rate decisions.The interest rate figures are based on the stated preferences of each member of the Fed’s policymaking committee.Fed chair Janet Yellen has cautioned reading too much into the interest rate figures. US Federal Reserve policymakers considering a slightly faster rate rise in 2015 by Christopher S. Rugaber, The Associated Press Posted Sep 17, 2014 12:07 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Mens Basketball Andrew Dakich and Ohio State shine from behind the arc

Ohio State graduate transfer Andrew Dakich (13) attempts a three pointer in the first half of the game against Maryland on Jan. 11 in the Schottenstein Center. Ohio State won 91-69. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe Ohio State men’s basketball team could not miss from beyond the arc Thursday night against Maryland.After what was beginning to look like a tough game for the Buckeyes, they quickly turned things around when redshirt senior Andrew Dakich, a pass-first point guard, began knocking down 3s. Ohio State shot its season high from 3-point range, making 17-of-29 shots and shooting 58.6 percent from distance.The Buckeyes’ 17 3-pointers against Maryland tied for second in program history for most triples in a game, marked the most against a Big Ten opponent and the most ever at home. Eight different players contributed to the team’s 3-pointers, even former walk-on guard Joey Lane. Most remarkably was Dakich, who is not a high-volume shooter, yet scored a career-high 11 points against the Terrapins.Dakich scored all 11 of his points during his team’s 31-12 run to end the first half that put the Buckeyes back on top of the Terrapins after trailing early. He provided the Buckeyes with an offensive spark, and was his team’s second-leading scorer heading into halftime. Head coach Chris Holtmann said he was looking for this kind of performance from Dakich.“I was talking to a really close coaching friend on the way home from Michigan State and he said to me … ‘You know Dakich is going to have to step up in a conference game and make a few open 3s. You know he’s just going to have to do that,’” Holtmann said. “I think we kind of encouraged him the last couple of days just to be ready because of how teams are going to play him, and low and behold, he was right.”Dakich, who scored just three points in the Buckeyes upset win against No. 1 Michigan State from a half-court shot to end the first half, wanted to take a different approach in this game after hearing Holtmann wanted and needed him to shoot more.“I actually saw that interview and for him to answer those questions, like alright now I really have to start shooting,” Dakich said. “My dad is always like, ‘Dude just shoot the ball sometimes.’ But [redshirt junior forward] Keita [Bates-Diop], [senior forward Jae’Sean Tate], I try to get those guys the ball, and I try to be efficient with the ball and putting it in the right positions. Tonight, I was open and fortunate enough to knock them down.”Ohio State’s finished with its second-highest assist total of the season with 25, while turning the ball over just nine times. That passing allowed Bates-Diop to shoot 6-for-8 from 3-point range. Both guards C.J. Jackson and Kam Williams finished the game with two makes from beyond the arc. Despite another convincing win against a notable Big Ten competitor from Ohio State, Holtmann said he does not think performances like Thursday’s should be the expectation for the Buckeyes in their remaining conference games.“I don’t think we can ever expect to make 17 3s in a game, I guess that’s what I mean. I think that’s unrealistic,” Holtmann said. “We made some shots tonight that on an average night we’re probably not going to make.” read more

A new iPad is hours away what do you think well see

first_imgToday Apple will have its March 2nd event and we’ll finally get to meet the iPad 2. Things might not be exactly as they have been in the past, with Steve Jobs on medical leave, but you can bet there will be a a lot to talk about before, during, and after the unveiling of the new iPad (and anything else today may bring).We’ve heard a tremendous amount of rumors about the next iPad, opening the door to a multitude of possibilities. Maybe the iPad 2 will be available in white, with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, a carbon fiber back, and a 7-inch screen, just to combine some of the less likely rumors. Maybe it will be delayed, maybe it will have an SD slot, and a high resolution display. Or maybe it’ll be a rather slight improvement on the original iPad, making for something akin to an iPad 1.5. It’s still anyone’s guess right now.AdChoices广告The rumor mill is going strong, with some people seemingly more informed than others. We don’t have any special information, but we’ve done a lot of reading and we’re guessing that some of you have as well.  So fill us in–based on your reading and experience, give us an educated guess on what you think think the iPad 2 will be like.I’ll kick things off with my personal guess, and then please do continue in the comments.I’m guessing the iPad 2 will not be a revolutionary change from the iPad, in fact I’m playing this one very conservative. I’m not expecting a higher resolution display, a carbon fiber back, a 7-inch screen, or any of the more extreme things we’ve heard. In my estimation we’ll see a modest spec bump (hopefully to a dual-core processor, but almost definitely faster and with more RAM), front/rear cameras, and some slight changes to the chassis. These changes could make for a thinner, sleeker iPad and possibly something with improved audio. I’m torn on the issue of NFC–some outlets seemed very confident of it, but talk has tapered off in the last month–but my guess is we don’t see it tomorrow.I’m guessing the iPad 2 will be the iPhone 3GS  equivalent–it’ll get an already compelling and competitive product to up speed with the competition and it’ll throw in a few cool features so iPad owners have to at least consider upgrading. I see these as being a performance bump, the FaceTime camera, a rear camera, and possibly an SD card slot. I’d guess we see a late March to early April release date and, yes, I do think it will come in white.What do you expect to see?last_img read more

Gordon wants Celtic to build momentum

first_imgThe Bhoys won against Norway’s Rosenborg in the UEFA Europea League and this winning momentum can bring them a good match against KilmarnockCeltic F.C. sits second in the Scottish Premier League standings.The team has won three times, tied once and lost only one time.And for goalkeeper Craig Gordon, the victory against Norway’s Rosenborg in the UEFA Europa League should push the team for a better performance against Kilmarnock.“Absolutely. That is exactly what we were talking about in the dressing room,” he told The Sports Mole.Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.“That was a great start in this group phase for us and it is now up to us to take that forward into Sunday and try to get a win at Kilmarnock.”“It is always tough there, a change of surface as well so we have to recover over the next few days and we will prepare on a similar surface to try to get used to it and we will go there with a game plan and try to win it,” he said.“It was probably not our best performance of the season [against Rosenborg] but we kept going, got a good goal at the end and deserved the three points.”“We created most of the chances in the game. I don’t think we conceded a shot on target and to eventually get the win and the three points is a huge start for us,” he added.last_img read more

Teamsters vote to end Seattlearea waste strike

first_imgSEATTLE — Teamsters who drive yard waste and recycling trucks for Waste Management in the Seattle-Everett area of Washington have voted to accept a new contract. Today’s vote ends a strike that disrupted garbage pickups for more than a week.The agreement likely means more than 200,000 customers can expect the return of regular service to dump garbage, yard waste and recycling bins that have been drawing flies since a strike began July 25.The company is telling residential and commercial customers to put out their bins if today is their regular collection day.Waste Management had provided limited service with out-of-state drivers and was planning to hire permanent replacements. The company faced fines of $1.25 million a day from the city of Seattle for missed pickups.last_img read more

The top 10 most read stories in NovemberDecember 2015

first_imgThe most read stories on between 15 November and 3 December 20151. The Autumn Statement’s impact on employee benefitsOn 25 November, Chancellor George Osborne delivered the 2015 Autumn Statement and Spending Review.2. Government to gather evidence on salary sacrificeThe government will continue to consider what action, if any, will be taken around salary sacrifice arrangements. It will gather further evidence, including from employers, to inform its approach to salary sacrifice.3. British Gas holiday pay case reaches tribunalThe Employment Appeal Tribunal was scheduled to hear the case of Lock v British Gas on 8 and 9 December. The case could bring employers a step closer to receiving some certainty over commission and holiday pay.4. Diesel supplement to remain in company car tax to 2021The government will retain the diesel supplement in company car tax. There will be a three-percentage-point differential between diesel cars and petrol cars from April 2016 to 2021.5. Rangers Football Club to pay staff living wageOn Friday 27 November, the club’s chairman, Dave King, announced that all employees would be paid the living wage with immediate effect following unanimous approval by the club’s board.6. Auto-enrolment contribution rate rises to coincide with tax yearDuring the Autumn Statement, Chancellor George Osborne announced that the next two phases of minimum pension contribution rate increases under auto-enrolment will be pushed back to align with the tax year.7. New income limits set for tax-free childcareThe upper income limit for parents to take advantage of the government’s new tax-free childcare scheme is to be lowered from £150,000 to £100,000 a year.8. Consultation opens on income tax and national insurance alignmentThe Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) launched a consultation to establish where the complexities lie in the differences between income tax and national insurance contributions, and to seek views on how the system could be simplified.9. GHD launches employee engagement platformGHD launched an employee engagement platform to communicate its employee benefits, culture and values to 284 members of staff.10. Share scheme tax rules to be simplifiedThe Finance Bill 2016 will introduce measures to streamline and simplify aspects of the tax rules for tax-advantaged and non-tax-advantaged employee share schemes.last_img read more