Europe’s 50 biggest trade war in technology

[Abstract] for us technology companies tax avoidance and the market share is too large, the European countries are gradually tightening.

Tencent science and technology news, whether in Berlin and Madrid, London or Paris, the U.S. technology companies are now almost all European countries have fallen into a digital war related to economic interests. From another point of view, it is also a war against the government of technology giants, the old companies against emerging challengers and the European tradition of war against the United States culture. read more

The case of the establishment of pornographic websites registered overseas registration cases repeat

With the

mobile phone network pornographic action against regulation, the local police smitten, seized a number of key cases.

Guangdong Heyuan case: the registration of the domain name to open a pornographic website

2008 June and July, peaceful county of Guangdong province Heyuan city junior high school, Luo Mouyan, Luo Ding discuss overseas mobile phone WAP pornographic websites for profit. They rented a foreign company through a company in Shanghai, the registered domain name to open a website. read more

Teach the hacker hacker training site million money

  the newspaper Xuchang news yesterday afternoon, Xuchang city police destroyed a publicly on the network hacker training site charges "Patriot hacker" website, 6 suspects were taken to the police station for further investigation.

two sets of houses have a division of labor

recently, the city of Xuchang has a patriot hacker website for the purpose of profit, openly recruit students on the network, to teach students computer hacking technology. Yesterday afternoon, Xuchang City Public Security Bureau internet police detachment and Weidu branch network police brigade received a report from the masses, immediate action, in the China Telecom Xuchang branch seized the site involving 2 servers. read more

11000 fee charged from WeChat to spy on the huge profit margins of the third party payment industry

February 16th, almost all of the circle of friends are going crazy, WeChat payment team announced that since March 1st, began to charge fees for WeChat change is now, the transfer is free of charge. WeChat in December last year announced the transfer of more than 20 thousand yuan per month to receive a fee of $1/1000, after a lapse of two months will cancel this provision. Can be seen, WeChat this move is enough hasty.

compared to WeChat’s cash charges, Alipay said: we are all feedback to advance their own so-called WeChat bank cost has been really put a WeChat ridicule, actually WeChat and PayPal has its own payment license, and access to funds they are independent, once the user is to transfer cash after clearing the channel China UnionPay UnionPay, collecting fees is good, and the third party in accordance with the single line charging standard, WeChat is very small. read more

The domestic short rental market five years for butterfly short rental platform development way

look at the timetable for the establishment of the short rental platform, it is not difficult to see, in 2017, the country’s major short rental platform will enter the fifth year.

Open the

in 2017, first came to Airbnb earnings news, inspired the entire short rental industry, the short rent platform also saw their hope of profit and A fighting spirit soars aloft. Yiboweiping another, followed by the acquisition of Accor vacation rental platform Travel Keys event, once again to the market proved that short rental industry value. read more

Color com domain acquisition price of only 350 thousand

Beijing time on March 25th morning news, mobile phone photo social network Color has been well known, at present, the company has received $41 million in venture capital.

but before that, the company made an investment that was supposed to be pointless, but now it looks like a genius. That is the acquisition of the domain name For many new startups, the domain name is not an important factor to consider, but Color spent a lot of startups never earn a large sum of money to complete the deal. read more

Tencent mobile advertising alliance is a low key beta or the market will reshuffle

many mobile developers told reporters that the Tencent has long been rumors in the industry wide point of mobile advertising alliance, has recently started secret online, a total of 100 developers participated in the beta App.

, according to informed sources, in 2013, wide point of mobile advertising revenue will be developers at all, Tencent do not participate in sharing, Tencent is still on the business maintained water mentality.

for a long time, Tencent has been regarded as a major game and membership fees to make money business. But the fact is unknown, with 700 million users of the Tencent, the advertising revenue is already very alarming. read more

News flash! Online banking payment has also been put together a domain name

today’s online banking ( can not be accessed, and the Internet users can not confirm the connection. After NSLOOKUP multiple DNS found no domain name records. And part of the visit will be directly transferred to the English page and prompted the domain name expired".

NSLOOKUP analysis showed that the domain name registered by network service in December 8th. It forgot to renew


calls to the company to ask, get a reply: is coordinating with the domain name. If the coordination will not change. read more

The Taobao stores the NASDAQ tour after it has been changed

electricity supplier for the development of China’s agricultural market opened a new window. CFP for map

      [Abstract] Wang Xiaobang, the owner of the shop in the mountains of Taobao, said, "my fate has been changed, and I hope to help others to change their destiny, although I may not be able to do so."

weekly Times reporter Fei Liting

week special correspondent Liang Shanxi


one day in August, Wang Xiaobang, the owner of a farm shop in the mountains of Taobao, received a phone call. Alibaba invited him to participate in the 15 anniversary of Ali Thanksgiving trip to the United States, and then specifically told him to bring a suit, tie, used to attend the event. read more

Ali Tencent red change flavor the total amount of less than 1 yuan per capita

Yang Yang

at 9:30 on February 12th, under the Wangjing bridge parked a taxi, the driver Zhang master and passengers in a violent shake the phone. The original is master Zhang see passengers in grab envelopes are unable to bear their own desire, after allowing passengers after he parked the car to the side, open the WeChat shake page, and passengers at almost the same time together violently shakes his mobile phone, he eventually shake to the $7 cash envelopes, while passengers only if 5 yuan.

Zhang master does not know is that this moment and he also participates in "shake" tens of millions of people, is the biggest red users out of the 888 yuan. Of course, the master Zhang has been very lucky. The day before the first delivery of Alipay red envelopes, because many users only grabbed 2 yuan red envelope and Voices of discontent. read more

Baidu said it turned Baidu next year micro blog certified users to enter the first round of the inv

March 28th news, Baidu said, in April will be revised as a big Baidu micro-blog". At the same time, it will set up a new column called "Hall of fame", which is currently inviting users of the portal micro-blog certification.

as early as last year, Baidu launched Baidu said it, and conduct internal testing. It is understood that Baidu is Baidu’s latest social networking services (SNS), to take the real name system, the real head, bound phone number, etc., its focus is SNS. At the same time, Baidu said it is the same as the popular micro-blog products, the word set to 140 words. read more

Talk about how to use micro blog to do those things about micro blog marketing

when I wrote this title, I was wondering if the team was going to be able to feel the tension. In 2010 years, before the owners will participate in the Adworld Marketing Forum last week, the two will give me the deepest impression is the stage on both sides of the large screen real-time rolling related micro-blog conference participants send below, the audience can at any time the speaker’s speech to express their views. With the big door micro-blog website as standard, it declared a national small era. In the face of such a big piece of cake, everyone want to eat one, but not everyone can digest the stomach, so although we cannot open a micro-blog web site, but we can through the micro-blog marketing to our website. This is only a preliminary analysis of some related things about micro-blog marketing, which aims to provide. read more

20 minutes 100ip combat let us witness together

20 minutes 100ip, let us witness

this is a process to tap your potential, this is a process to improve your execution.

today to see the "free day to earn 50 yuan, you can take over the website operation" title, the content need 100 IP to obtain, practice the project itself is not known, but for promotion suddenly want to try long before their views, have tested single post flow 100ip/, see this article feel is a new challenge, we are interested can do the experiment.

you see here may think I am very bothersome, I do not know what is said here, here I put it 20 minutes before doing things down. read more

Earth people education network April promotion program

The staff responsible for the contents of the editorial department of the earth the person to write the website, publicity department daily processing of traffic statistics, mainly for new visitors and add up to lead course of daily add headings and links to on-the-job technology research promotion page title, keywords, description and other related changes; in the process of promoting cooperation. Promotion group 1 daily 30 forum registration publicity, and organized into a table, to facilitate future long-term promotion, promotional content to introduce bianjizu write website; 2 daily in the 10 famous blog site registration and publicity, publicity content for the course add related content groups submit daily; 3 daily collected 50 excellent website the mailbox and send the intention of cooperation. According to the feedback of the website to change and improve; 4 through a variety of ways to achieve promotion goals. read more

On World of Warcraft’s network marketing from the Jia Junpeng event

Jia Junpeng incident from

16, Post Bar Warcraft a high-profile, looks very logical post title "Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner, even more unbelievable thing is that it is very common for a sentence has created a miracle of the internet.

6 hours to produce a miracle

"Jia Junpeng your mother calling you home for dinner" in Jia Junpeng became the netizens concern people, short time netizens know in Baidu and Sina have posted a reward to ask "who is Jia Junpeng?" "Jia Junpeng who?" at the same time, a large number of users will form a Jia Junpeng family name changed to "Jia Junpeng mother, grandfather, aunt Jia Junpeng Jia Junpeng" etc.. read more

Website promotion content who is more important

this is a blog article that has been applied to other people’s titles in a large web site blog. Think this topic is very interesting, so apply the title. Website promotion is now a hot topic, of course, also on the search engine optimization is one of the hot topics. Some people say that "wine is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the content of the website will be able to attract visitors to the natural. In some ways it makes sense, but not all. Here from two aspects:

1) bring traffic read more

Zhang Guanren original version of enterprise network promotion plan B

four, the introduction of the mainstream search engine

1, Baidu search (

Baidu has been to develop the most suitable for Chinese people to use the search engine as their own responsibility, after five years of efforts, Baidu search engine has become the world’s most powerful Chinese search engine.

core technology: hyperlink analysis

hyperlink analysis technology, is a new generation of search engine key technology, has been widely used in the world’s major search engines, Baidu President Robin Li is the only holder of hyperlink analysis patent. In the academic world, the more cited a paper is, the better it is, the higher the academic value. Hyperlink analysis is through the analysis of the number of links to the site to evaluate the quality of the site is linked, which ensures that the user in Baidu search, the more popular content ranking by the user. read more

When the flow began to become refined your marketing is not hard not soft

electric heat transfer temperature by high fever to turn to competition, public traffic from surge Zhuanzeng turn slow growth to slow fall, a "Internet traffic gone" told us many websites, application platform, all go traffic decline, but in fact seems to go downhill scene behind is, users become more discerning, but also the entire Internet community service to the real "high quality" best performance.

Red Sea area too much competition too much traffic has been awarded 7788 read more