WeChat circle of friends noise or will usher in the outbreak of the domestic information flow adve

worldwide, the main profit model of Google, Facebook, Ali, Baidu is advertising, and these giant’s business, such as games, value-added services, such as pay to use the level of profitability is not stable. And I think that the circle of friends advertising hit, may mean that the flow of information advertising ushered in the outbreak, precisely the outbreak in china.

the two day advertising circle of friends set off the whole circle of science and technology, almost every incarnation of critics, mixed with shouting voice and understanding. For users, even if the ad is accurate advertising (harassment), but for Internet companies, and how to explore the commercialization of the path, advertising may be one of the most direct and effective way to profit. read more

Marketing marketing how to break brainwashing quella heart

Hello, this is Pujiang. Not long ago, GUI school QQ group, Shanghai netizen Wang Chunyan questions, there are a few fans also asked quella marketing, "Pujiang, you see how to break the heart quella marketing?".

at that time, did not want to break on the broken, not only to break, but also broken seconds. Now writtenup announced, in order to satisfy the scientific marketing and marketing new fans quella old fans.

if you have seen Jin Yong veteran martial arts novels, or his "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", "The legend of Condor Hero", "eight guardians", "The Legendary Swordsman", "the deer" and so on the drama, I think in this it is not necessary to render more ink, in order to compete for the martial arts martial arts people heart secret, a bloody and the glint and flash of cold steel. read more

Barbarians sunshine insurance invasion of the dispute has been the rise of Yili smoke

Yili 19 on the morning of the announcement, since September 19th in the Shanghai emergency suspension, may be involved in a major reorganization of assets or non public offering. Emergency suspension of the relationship between the fight against sunshine insurance, triggering speculation.

yesterday, sunshine insurance placards yili. However, in the "change of interest report", sunshine insurance statement said, Yili support the existing shareholding structure, do not take the initiative to become the largest shareholder of the shares of Erie, Erie shares no longer holdings within the next 12 months. read more

The successful marketing strategy of summer talent show

summer talent show of the season, the station in order to get the user’s attention into the eye, marketing means are the same, regardless of whether the program itself is inside, but the marketing approaches for successful webmaster is worth learning, here we summarize some popular talent show the success of the marketing strategy, for everyone learning.

"China good voice" the thought of innovation and

on the show when encountered bottleneck, get confused and disoriented by numerous users in the story, countless tears, countless sensational, talent innovation and thinking process of glume, good sound selection rules in no story, no tears, no need for beauty, attention is the true voice of the players really create benign platform for the players, it is also the kind of the one and only the draft system, attracting the attention of users. read more

Taobao search new regulations have been thwarted official said it had reported to the police

part of the seller and Taobao search for new regulations on the confrontation is being upgraded. Yesterday, taobao.com said, some have to regulate the operation of sellers began to use a variety of illegal means to hinder the normal conduct of the new rules, this behavior has seriously affected the normal operation of the electronic commerce market order, Taobao has to report to the police.

in July 8th this year, Taobao to adjust the order of commodity search rules, increase the quality of service in the search results of the impact of weight. Taobao also announced seven search cheating, including advertising, commodity speculation credit, misplaced categories and attributes, the abuse of keywords, commodity price discrepancies, postage inconsistent serious title picture description. read more

My good funny Oh new station promotion strategy


station is according to my personal experience to talk about my personal views. You can add. Because it is new sites, I have little experience to promote. Also read a lot of expert articles. Later, I think I do not say this method, even if I talk to you about my experience. We find useful. To help me propaganda. If useless. When you read the article soft bar. Ha-ha。。

I have a new website called "good funny Oh", the domain name http://s.www.hgxo.com.cn/ is registered for a long time, but has not been a good job. Recently a little leisure, the station to build up. But there’s a problem. How to promote the new station. So I in Baidu, GOOGLE search for a long time, found that more advertising. No way, only to touch the stones across the river. read more

Classified information website Craigslist success stems from three persistence

from the San Francisco Bay area to be popular in the world, the authority of the "Inc." magazine as one of the most attractive, global enterprises with Myspace, Youtube and Flickr has become a representative of the Web2.0 website, there is no doubt that Craigslist has become the nation and even the world’s most popular classification information website. But you must not think that such a site is known to the world · founder Clegg Newmark; "unintentional". Newmark website is intended to share the culture of San Francisco area information with friends, and now Craigslist has developed into the world’s largest classifieds site. 2005, Craigslist website to enter the domestic industry vision, overnight become an example of the domestic Internet industry to learn. Some people think that, in fact, because the Craigslist website has the envy of the domestic industry’s most popular model: very low technology content, a high valuation of the site. The former gives you the courage to think, 35 people, six or seven guns can engage in classification; and the latter gave us the space of imagination, as long as you can come up with China Craigslist, its value is comparable to Baidu, Google. But is it? The development of Craigslist is really blessed? I think the story is not so simple. This paper will explain the Craigslist web site business philosophy and development model, analysis of the reasons for the success of Craigslist outbreak. read more

An automotive supplies foreign trade website to promote the planning experience sharing

foreign trade website and the promotion of domestic websites have different places, I think the main language is different. May be more of English website promotion difficult. Should the steps and methods to promote not all play different, here I talk about how to make a plan to promote the obdchina websites, this is only a preliminary idea, how to improve and promote the step to income remains to be explored and summarized, said well, when you laugh.

, a web service object (product and service) analysis and features: obdchina is a foreign trade website, serves individuals abroad, repair factory, locksmith. Specific circumstances to be analyzed, mainly to provide personalized support for specific users. read more

nterpretation of the popular event marketing behind those drawbacks can not see

today’s society is a fast-paced era of chasing the time, the Internet is so. The Internet continues to write the myth of wealth, these successful cases have been widely spread to people. So we may no longer calm, whether it is business or personal webmaster, many in this kind of mentality, a and a pursuit of rapid fame or fast make money online promotion way has been pushed on the highest point. But behind this kind of fast channel, you may hide the disadvantages that I can’t find. The most obvious case is the popular event marketing, then this mode of online marketing and hidden what we do not know the drawbacks?. First of all, we need to understand what is the event marketing. read more

On returning toami crash not because of greed and denial of common sense

consumer rebate website is all have fallen. In Jiangxi the "wonderful life", Fujian "hundred percent rebate network", "Wenzhou business alliance" after the crash, the latest one is Zhejiang, Jinhua "million shopping". The rebate network, which is the domestic sales rebate mode and rebate network the initiator of evil, the largest in the industry.

million shopping was closed, with a symbolic meaning. Jinhua police issued a notice on June 11th, said the Wanjia shopping on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities crime has been investigated and dealt with, the actual control of the company has also been controlled by the police. read more

A super luxury car gone Pass the domain name icool com to 7 digit transactions

renamed China (eName.cn) February 28th news, after 1 years of negotiations with the seller, investors finally acquired meters. Combination of the domain name icool.com, it is said that prices reach 7 figures.

figure: micro-blog information

domain icool.com consists of I and the word cool, universal, collection station safe, icool is also cool mobile phone synchronization software. Do not need to explain the meaning of the king, m website that simple, do not need to explain the domain name is a good domain name. read more

Optimize network environment QQ webmaster joint guarantee

I promise:

do stand, an honest man. Do not put malicious code on my web site, do not cheat, start from the self, to maintain the fairness, openness and transparency of the network environment. Be honest, do not insist on fraud, even bargain, resist the cheater, maintain good network environment.

signature office:

website: www.qqzhufu.cn Webmaster: Pingguo

website: www.xnfzl.com Webmaster: think child

website: www.qqkeke.com Webmaster: Dean



: Webmaster

website: www.klss.cn Webmaster: powerful Carol poem read more

Shandong nternet Conference will be held in Qingdao in April 3rd

April 1st news, 2010 Shandong Internet webmaster conference will be held in Qingdao on April 3rd, the official website: http://s.2010.admin5.com. According to the Admin5 station network responsible person, the Qingdao net loan (www.119ser.cn) sponsored by the Internet webmaster General Assembly development aims to better analyze the Shandong Internet industry, promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, the integration of industry resources, expand high-quality contacts, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of the Internet network, to create a good development environment. Hope that through this meeting can make more industry colleagues together, positive communication, common progress. read more

Secret network red incubator mass production of new network Luna 100 thousand

so-called net red, in fact, is through the other people can not get the way to attract fans." The picture shows the leading network of red.

[special report] "you are responsible for your beauty, I am responsible for the breadwinner"

secret network red incubator

"Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Zhang Yan Beijing reported

with a carefully adjusted good makeup, three feet, a last look at the camera viewfinder composition, quickly stand back to the selected background, "Kacha, Kacha", with the camera shutter sound, Liu Chang began to put a different posture. A group photo, she took the camera from his friends, seriously look at each one. After determining the need not again, she quickly picked up the side of the bag, to find a nearby Restroom "facelift". read more

Twelve figure read part time industry market potential in the end how much

Abstract: in 2015, the country has emerged more than a hundred part-time team, part-time industry in the end how much potential investors why so concerned about the status of the entrepreneurial team?

part-time industry did not gain much attention before 2015, but in 2015, hundreds of part-time team have sprung up all over the country, many well-known investment institutions have also shot, a time to become the focus of heated debate. What is the potential of the part-time industry? Why are investors so concerned about the status of the entrepreneurial team? read more

Classified information website chaos criminals breeding ground

water boat can capsize, because of the characteristics of classified information website, that anyone can publish information for free here. Can the website operators but the lack of effective supervision mechanism, giving criminals an opportunity to exploit.

reporter Zhao Jiayi bean rising

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng has said that the Internet will be like water and electricity as applied to life, and indispensable."

Chinese Internet portal, has experienced the rise in prosperity, the electricity supplier, after the micro-blog group purchase hot, because the service life of the site (hereinafter referred to as the classified information website) has been widely used, and let the people depend on the Internet gradually deepened. A source from the global Internet monitoring agency ComScore data show: now Chinese classified information industry average growth rate has been higher than that of other web site, become a portal, search engine sites, third of the fastest growing areas of the internet. The other one from the classification of website data also show that as of August 2011, after the original capital and market reshuffle, temporarily in the first echelon classifieds site 58 city and Ganji (micro-blog) the daily visits to IP have more than 4 million people, including the network, three websites visitors per month have been exceeded 1 billion. This number should not be underestimated. read more

2015 the biggest lie since the media has never existed

Since the concept of

media is almost in late 12, in 2014 began to fire up, looking back now, when the media remained scanty, the reason is to fire people no matter whether this concept will fire, and some people dream of what the media or writing skills. In writing from the media class, or a little minions are hold together from the media alliance is trying to survive in the tide from the media, this is actually a grass root dream, can not in writing skills, lies in the stomach in the end what is installed, how many. read more

Four years of experience in the local station now to re

is a senior high school I didn’t finish the Chinese people, poor grades, junior high school graduation, there are two words to write, also use pinyin! So to make a will not use 5 pen, ABC played, if there is a typo, please forgive me


I do website about more than 4 years, 03 years at the station mix, know out of this place, but did not come, now the station too much advertising, do not love the kind of atmosphere, think like the station four years ago, now still remember that when a lot of old friends, they don’t know what now, again, the cat, I love free, white and so on. Later the station over a period of time in the separation, the age, the station closed again! It will stand! Oh, paoti, we got to the read more

July first weeks China’s top five domain names by the United States by reducing the number of 92 tho

IDC network (idcps.com) on 10 August 07 reports: according to the latest data released by the WebHosting.info, in the first week of July, China top five domain names rose to 8296143, a net increase of 59460, rose increased over 1 times, the strong upward momentum; while the United States top five domain name although the total 80061038 but, no signs of recovery, the decline intensified, a net decrease of 92879.

  (Figure 1) China and the United States top five domain name registration statistics (as of 2014-07-07) read more

Ants are preparing for PO Peng Lei and other executives visited Silicon Valley

Beijing time on December 7th evening news, according to Bloomberg News reported today, a Alibaba’s executive team ant gold suit recent visit to Silicon Valley, assess the potential investment matters, the fastest in the next year to start the IPO (IPO) foundation.

ant gold service in China’s high visibility, with more than 450 million users. But in other parts of the world, the ant is a relatively unknown name. Therefore, the Ant King must convince foreign consumers, so that they can safely put the financial information and funds to their own management. read more