Social networking site failures How did Friendster and Myspace die

Zhu Ni is a social networking website has a very in-depth study of the snowball users, for Facebook LinkedIn, her analysis of the article is widely discussed by people in the snowball, and in this article, she led us back two social networking site in the Facebook before the rise is to gradually disappear. In her opinion, technical and social problems of Friendster and Myspace in the failed largely due to their heavy.

this problem not only in more than and 10 years ago has, until now, we can also see signs of danger from time to time that in some domestic social networking sites, Friendster and Myspace is not only a failed Internet story, it is a warning to the broad social networking site at any time alarm. read more

O2O China internet infringement case closed beauty Green Tea settlement

Sina Technology Liu Anni

in recent years, the rapid development of chain catering brand, including sea fishing, Sibelius, grandmother and other food and beverage brands have been sought after white-collar groups. However, the development of hidden behind the hot hidden. Because the chain catering industry has been the hardest hit by the copycat imitation, but due to the low cost of illegal, the high cost of rights, so it is difficult to eliminate the problem.

in March this year, the domestic well-known trademark holder catering brand "Green Tea restaurant" — Hangzhou Green Tea catering management (hereinafter referred to as the "Hangzhou Green Tea") Limited company held a press conference, pointed out that the domestic Green Tea restaurant is counterfeit, and officially announced the indictment of national copyright infringement Green Tea restaurant, the US network operators as well as part of the restaurant site the provider. Wednesday afternoon, the Hangzhou green tea restaurant sued the United States to accept the case of counterfeit restaurants in Beijing, Haidian court hearing. read more

SkyDrive fell will have a free SkyDrive

With the

360 cloud disk announced shutting down individual business transformation of enterprise cloud storage, three years before beginning is heating up in the SkyDrive wars is completely come to an end. From the beginning of 360, Baidu and Tencent are increasing the free cloud storage space to win customers, to this year, HUAWEI SkyDrive Sina micro disk has been shut down or personal business, or have the transition to enterprise cloud storage, SkyDrive’s rapidly changing battlefield, under the dual pressures of competitors in the management and operation, has finally started back. read more

The sleeping dragon six of the ocean destroy the blog promotion

at home today, over two years ago to buy the book "winning the dragon" destroy six, suddenly thought can also be used for promotion, sleeping marine blog a lot of feelings, then record. The original six or six, but different meaning:

first: customer analysis

personal blog in the promotion before, we need to consider, their main view is what people will say that your blog is for what people see, of course, ziyuzile blog is not listed here, this blog is not need promotion. The results of customer analysis allows us to quickly build a blog theme, determine their own ideas, as well as the promotion of the use of keywords. read more

Shi Yuzhu’s new book how to sum up his nine marketing experience

[introduction] the name of Shi Yuzhu, and marketing simply bundled together.

Tencent technology Liu Shaodong reported on June 19th

Shi Yuzhu (micro-blog) retired, this in the history of the development of China private enterprises there are many controversial message in micro-blog, I hope you forget this guy Shi Yuzhu".

but how can forget? The memory of Shi Yuzhu China the whole field of private enterprises, like his "melatonin" ads, you will stay in my mind, lingering. read more

The success of nternet marketing needs more than SEO

It’s a bit strange to say that the title of

can’t come from a person who is working with SEO, but the fact is that SEO is not the only solution to your online marketing success. While SEO is one of the most important things to help your online business grow and succeed, it’s just a puzzle in your online business landscape. The combination of search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing is the cornerstone of a strong internet marketing campaign. Pay attention to one or two a good, but if the long-term value, I would suggest that you should pay attention to the three aspects. I have three reasons for this: read more

VR to live fire to traditional media occasion mobile broadcast

Abstract: a careful look at the current live market, there are still two opportunities gap waiting to fill. One is currently broadcast is the main content of the red star, net to drive, there is no real sense of systematic deep content; two is to become the content of precipitation live broadcast content after pain points, namely, lead users can not deposit on the platform.


by visual China authorized titanium media using

in the first half of this year China Mobile Internet phenomenal application, and VR is none other than non live. read more

Never thought a piece of hand to do 1 billion just two words

Abstract: in the first quarter of 2013 summer start line, "grass root to the world" the law has played a role, and continued until now. There is a set about King sledgehammer ran tomb but eventually became the tomb "dumplings", such an unfortunate story but in 12 hours over 4 million hits.


never thought · West" movie showing, reflecting two days at the box office.

Jet Li Huang Feihong, Donnie Yen Yip Man, Feng Xiaogang has a "Party B", not a star elements of the company, has become the first brand, the network drama read more

Talk about network viral marketing from H1N1 influenza


(H1N1 flu spread speed, the reasons are the following: 1, to 2; the spread of the virus, the virus spread good environment (densely populated area); 3, the virus is hidden (table, phone); 4, the virus of tenacious vitality. Inspired by the spread of H1N1 influenza, the author summarizes some of the network marketing experience.

many scenic area managers about network video communication, many people think that TV advertisements, scenic film moved directly to the network media Everything will be fine.. However, in the face of tens of thousands of information, the audience determines the reins of information, can not have enough appeal, the audience will be the hands of the mouse to kill. read more

Network marketing is sometimes more simple way more effective

now many companies feel that the promotion of the method is not independent and comprehensive. Always feel that others are doing too simple without meaning, counterproductive, but the effect is not good, in fact, this depends on the structure of the enterprises to choose their own, in fact a very simple method sometimes can have great benefits.

small businesses can now be said spring rises, as rapidly as the collapse of mayflies. For many enterprises, always think that your publicity is not in place, the promotion of comprehensive enough, blindly feel is the only detonated network promotion, network marketing is the essence that ignores the enterprise mode, scale and cost problems. Not all methods are good. read more

Comments more than half of the Chinese Web page will disappear within a year

The test version of the

IE8 release, ACID 3 officially launched the test, sound technical progress is to let people excited, while the Chinese website is a great threat: this means that more than half of the Chinese Webpage or within a year to achieve the web standards, or disappear on the internet. No standard Chinese Internet known to the world. The three major portals, Baidu QQ use all non-standard web pages. When IE 8 officially released and universal, the Chinese Internet will face reshuffle. Most of the non-standard pages will not be displayed forever " disappear on the Internet ". read more

Find your sister developer readme how do we do marketing

source: I dark horse

oral: Zhang Fan (Chengdu cloud Tour Technology Co., Ltd. CEO)

finishing: Wang Genwang

[i] Mobile Games "dark horse to find your sister recently described the fire" in a complete mess ": at the beginning of April has been downloaded 55 million times, daily active users reached 8 million, the monthly income of millions, in Android and IOS two platforms are ranked first in Mobile Games. You may not have thought that this game is only the beginning of the middle reaches of the developer cloud two core members, starting from the members of their own savings funds. In the game with great success, five projects have been boondoggle. The day before, the cloud tour technology CEO Zhang Fan to find your sister from marketing and other aspects to share their experience and lessons. The following is a fan oral. read more

The story of me and Vc 4 Vc booklet

after the toss, VC attitude to calm a lot, already know that VC is not good to take the money, and back to the liberation, the only honest do stand.

simply talk about the development of the website in 05~06.

in 2005, the site ranked 20 thousand, monthly income of 10 thousand, the staff of the 2 (or their own, wife, the 2 brothers). This time began to concentrate on the core competitiveness of the site, looking for new directions. After a period of preparation, the development of a set of game station development program, began to do a solid game station development. Then think about this time to prepare for the rapid growth of the site to do enough preparation. Unlike many talented webmasters, I’ve been relying on years of experience and feelings, and I’m more willing to think about what I’m doing and decide to stick with it. In fact, many people do not stand an accurate positioning, lack of core competitiveness of the site is to begin, the chance of success is very little, about how to locate a website, I will be with you again after the discussion. read more

Classification information website promotion should pay attention to several points

Wuhan SEO and everyone, every day will go back to some sort of information platform to send some information on the company’s business, by the way who also made the chain. At present, the network information platform, large and small, there are hundreds more, for such a large amount of the platform, we should be how to choose? Wuhan SEO that the first should according to their own business needs, such as local website or product, the first choice for local the platform, such as 58 in Wuhan and so on; if the industry is relatively strong, the industry is the first platform, such as Alibaba, second is to determine the number of platforms according to the time and effort, select the platform after the test a few days, every day to publish information on each platform above, and pay attention to your search engine rankings and that screened included fast, ranking good site. So repeatedly, until the accumulation of a sufficient number of high-quality platform. read more

WeChat circle of friends noise or will usher in the outbreak of the domestic information flow adve

worldwide, the main profit model of Google, Facebook, Ali, Baidu is advertising, and these giant’s business, such as games, value-added services, such as pay to use the level of profitability is not stable. And I think that the circle of friends advertising hit, may mean that the flow of information advertising ushered in the outbreak, precisely the outbreak in china.

the two day advertising circle of friends set off the whole circle of science and technology, almost every incarnation of critics, mixed with shouting voice and understanding. For users, even if the ad is accurate advertising (harassment), but for Internet companies, and how to explore the commercialization of the path, advertising may be one of the most direct and effective way to profit. read more

Marketing marketing how to break brainwashing quella heart

Hello, this is Pujiang. Not long ago, GUI school QQ group, Shanghai netizen Wang Chunyan questions, there are a few fans also asked quella marketing, "Pujiang, you see how to break the heart quella marketing?".

at that time, did not want to break on the broken, not only to break, but also broken seconds. Now writtenup announced, in order to satisfy the scientific marketing and marketing new fans quella old fans.

if you have seen Jin Yong veteran martial arts novels, or his "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", "The legend of Condor Hero", "eight guardians", "The Legendary Swordsman", "the deer" and so on the drama, I think in this it is not necessary to render more ink, in order to compete for the martial arts martial arts people heart secret, a bloody and the glint and flash of cold steel. read more

Barbarians sunshine insurance invasion of the dispute has been the rise of Yili smoke

Yili 19 on the morning of the announcement, since September 19th in the Shanghai emergency suspension, may be involved in a major reorganization of assets or non public offering. Emergency suspension of the relationship between the fight against sunshine insurance, triggering speculation.

yesterday, sunshine insurance placards yili. However, in the "change of interest report", sunshine insurance statement said, Yili support the existing shareholding structure, do not take the initiative to become the largest shareholder of the shares of Erie, Erie shares no longer holdings within the next 12 months. read more

The successful marketing strategy of summer talent show

summer talent show of the season, the station in order to get the user’s attention into the eye, marketing means are the same, regardless of whether the program itself is inside, but the marketing approaches for successful webmaster is worth learning, here we summarize some popular talent show the success of the marketing strategy, for everyone learning.

"China good voice" the thought of innovation and

on the show when encountered bottleneck, get confused and disoriented by numerous users in the story, countless tears, countless sensational, talent innovation and thinking process of glume, good sound selection rules in no story, no tears, no need for beauty, attention is the true voice of the players really create benign platform for the players, it is also the kind of the one and only the draft system, attracting the attention of users. read more

Taobao search new regulations have been thwarted official said it had reported to the police

part of the seller and Taobao search for new regulations on the confrontation is being upgraded. Yesterday, said, some have to regulate the operation of sellers began to use a variety of illegal means to hinder the normal conduct of the new rules, this behavior has seriously affected the normal operation of the electronic commerce market order, Taobao has to report to the police.

in July 8th this year, Taobao to adjust the order of commodity search rules, increase the quality of service in the search results of the impact of weight. Taobao also announced seven search cheating, including advertising, commodity speculation credit, misplaced categories and attributes, the abuse of keywords, commodity price discrepancies, postage inconsistent serious title picture description. read more

My good funny Oh new station promotion strategy


station is according to my personal experience to talk about my personal views. You can add. Because it is new sites, I have little experience to promote. Also read a lot of expert articles. Later, I think I do not say this method, even if I talk to you about my experience. We find useful. To help me propaganda. If useless. When you read the article soft bar. Ha-ha。。

I have a new website called "good funny Oh", the domain name is registered for a long time, but has not been a good job. Recently a little leisure, the station to build up. But there’s a problem. How to promote the new station. So I in Baidu, GOOGLE search for a long time, found that more advertising. No way, only to touch the stones across the river. read more