Simeone: to play as Eibar, better Eibar

first_imgIntensity. To play as Eibar, better Eibar. That was what happened to Atlético in the first half. Mendilibar arrived wanting to win a match for the first time to Simeone. And he raised the crash as he always does in Ipurua. He went out to pressure Atlético and impose his direct football. He managed to prevail in most of the duels and win the second play and with that, and the actions with the ball stopped, he reached the break 1-0 and if it is not for Oblak the advantage could be greater. Simeone came out with his classic 1-4-4-2 (Oblak; Arias, Savic, Felipe, Saúl; Correa, Herrera, Thomas, Vitolo; Morata and João Félix)Side saul. Simeone had decided to take Saul from the left side of the beginning. And in the first half the Spanish international barely joined the attack once. In the second half, Saul advanced his position and attacked permanently on the left and Arias also joined on the right. Atletico began to have an inside game when Vitolo and João Félix began to associate demonstrating that when the good guys get together the team can take the initiative. Atlético’s push caused Eibar to defend a few meters further and find himself more in disgust. The tie seemed closer than Eibar’s second. Then (minute 72) he decided to put Lodi for Herrera and placed Saul in the double pivot next to a Thomas who returned to be very irregular and alternated good actions with relevant failures. Bad changes. Atletico continued attacking well and creating danger to Eibar, developed because when the rojiblancos matched the intensity and advanced lines quality prevailed. Marcos Llorente was missed in this match to overcome the first pressure line of Eibar. For half an hour in the second half, João was comfortable leading (the teammates were looking for him) and spreading the rojiblancos attacks when (minute 82) the Cholo decided to remove the Menino to enter the Camel squad. Then (minute 86) he removed Vitolo to debut another canterano: Oscar Clemente. Simeone removed João Félix and Vitolo, the two who had played best in the second half. The changes didn’t work out this time. Instead of the draw came 2-0. That said, to play as Eibar, better Eibar.last_img read more

Gil Marín shows his face after criticism of the disaster in Copa

first_imgAtlético de Madrid has come out to face Simeone. The club has published a letter signed by the CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, in which he supports without palliative the Argentine coach, the coaching staff and the staff, after criticism received by him and the team for the elimination in the round of 16 Cup against the Cutlural Leonesa, and asks for union to the fans .. So says the letterMiguel Ángel Gil Marín has valued the elimination suffered Thursday in the Copa del Rey against Cultural Leonesa. For the CEO “It has been a hard and unexpected blow for all athletics. I understand perfectly and I share with our fans this great disappointmentn, but we should not assess the situation of the club from the passion and pain of the last two results. We must be responsible and value what we are, where we are and what we have achieved as a club with this coaching staff and with this template. The more we doubt our work from the outside, the stronger and more united we must be “. The stumble suffered in León has caused criticism for the CEO “They are normal, but we cannot doubt the work group that has helped us get here and we must continue working without losing perspective. In the last decade we have played many finals, we have won 9 titles and we have consolidated among the great teams in Europe. This has allowed us to have one of the most valued templates in the continent this season. My obligation as CEO is to protect all the work that has been done in recent years and that has given us so many successes. To all those who work in the club I must demand commitment and results, and to the fans I must ask for confidence, because I am convinced that the team will continue to respond. The quality and commitment of the staff and the coaching staff, with Diego at the head, is unquestionable and I have no doubt that they will meet the goals of the club this season and they will help us continue to grow in the coming years “.The fans are hurt by defeat and Miguel Ángel Gil understands: “All athletics are hurt because we lost two titles this January, although with very different feelings. In the Super Cup we fell at the last moment, but competing from you to you with two of the great teams of world football. It is normal that many fans are disappointed by the unexpected defeat against a rival of Second Division B, but that can not deviate from how really important it is how we got to the current Atlético de Madrid, a club that grows spectacularly, with a social mass unconditional that has just reached 130,000 members and is an example for many other entities. And we have arrived thanks to being together: fans, club, technicians, players … That is the secret of our growth and our strength, which makes us different from other teams. When things don’t go well, it’s when we have to be more united to recover the pulse of the competition as soon as possible and we have a quick opportunity on Sunday at home against Leganés “.last_img read more

1×1 of Madrid: brilliant Isco and Modric, disappeared Bale

first_imgModric: the Croatian took, together with Isco, the command of Madrid in its most difficult moments during the first half. Acting as a right-handed interior, he looked for everything he could to Bale, but the Welshman did not help him, so he ended up looking more at the left-handed flank or Carvajal. Without attending any goal, he was present in three of them: he served the corner that ended in the 1-3, left Benzema on the front so that Lucas would do the 1-3 and also threw Valverde to give it to Jovic in 1-4.Isco: next to Modric, architect of the white comeback in the first half; It hit Madrid when it was the worst. He lacks to find that driving rhythm that he had years ago that also made him harmful as a dribbler, but he supplied it with good driving and, above all, with a great goal to tie. His technical gesture was beautiful and precise. His good game extended to the second half, giving air to the white game when Osasuna squeezed for the tie. He left in 82 ’, leaving the site to Vinicius.Bale: If this is what you have to offer, a lot more bench and harrow awaits you than grass in the remainder of the season. His first half was very weak, starting on the right and failing easy passes, losing balls and giving air to Osasuna. Unable to overflow, he went to the area to look for one-touch shots, but he was also heavy there. And yet, he enjoyed a golden occasion at a Carvajal center that finished high, with everything in favor. The tie to one arose after a defective clearance in a dispute in which he sought the ball, his only contribution before the break. The tonic continued after the break and was the first change, leaving the site to Lucas Vázquez in 71 ’.Benzema: useful in the game of backs to exit in the first minutes, turned to the left to try to create the overflow that Mendy can not generate by itself, although without luck. In attack, little for him, just a distant shot with his left foot, a header in a small area that went very high and a shot in the area that met an opponent, an action in which Madrid claimed hand. He showed his most altruistic version, throwing the white cons. He served a good ball to Valverde in one of those races and then gave the 1-3 to Lucas Vázquez to seal the victory.Lucas Vázquez: He left in 71 ‘by Bale and improved by much to the Welshman, in defensive involvement and also giving continuity to the white plays. He found the prize with 1-3, well resolved on his part and served on a silver platter by Benzema.Vinicius: He left 82 ‘for Isco, with very little time to show up. Even so, he gave him a chance to try his luck a couple of times.Jovic: it came out in 88 ’by Benzema. Change to waste time that the Serbian was able to take advantage, marking the 1-4 of wild volleyball, pass Valverde. Courtois: He supported a Madrid who went to El Sadar asleep with a stop to Rubén García in the 4 ’. Ten minutes later, he could do little before the unappealable header of Unai García with whom Osasuna came forward. In the second half Casemiro saved him from 2-2, clearing a low shot from Rubén García in which the Belgian was already defeated. Air space dominated well.Carvajal: all the right lane for him, because Bale started there but got tired soon and decided to go to the point of attack. The Leganés served an excellent Welsh ball that he did not know how to take advantage of, with everything in favor. In defense, he suffered a lot in the first minutes with the increases in Estupiñán. Already in the second half, he put a blank ball to Benzema that in French crashed into an opponent (Madrid claimed a possible hand to Gil Manzano).Varane: Well dominating the airspace and giving out the ball with its long circulations, when Osasuna tightened. A shot failed only before a beaten goalie, although the action was canceled out of play.Bouquets: as Varane, well to contain Arnaiz and Rubén García, although in a hurry in the first minutes. Gil Manzano forgave a very clear yellow for a hard tackle on Rubén García. Madrid gained weight as time progressed and he was able to gain more prominence to advance the line and join the white team. He closed the first half with another of his important goals, heading in a small area a pass, also from testa, Casemiro.Mendy: capable of participating in the attack and, just a few seconds later, covering a red-light counterattack. The difference with Marcelo is abysmal, however much the Frenchman does not have nor will he have any fantasy of the Brazilian. Even so, he constantly joined the attack, combining with Benzema by his flank, although not harming.Casemiro: The game started with a big mistake, losing the mark of Unai García that would end with the 1-0 of Osasuna. He redeemed himself with the passing of the minutes, blocking the reddish game on the white front, giving out driving and with long displacements and, above all, attending Ramos in 1-2, with a header after corner in which he did not could the desire to want to mark and yes the intelligence of knowing where the Sevillian was. To crown his match, he saved the 2-2 in a shot of Rubén García that was inside and that the Brazilian diverted enough, with Courtois beaten.Valverde: loose first part of the Uruguayan, a player made to move in large spaces, where his display looks. In El Sadar there were in the first minutes, when Osasuna pressed up and uncovered behind, but Valverde could not find his place. He did it in the final stretch of the first half, shyly. In the second half he accompanied the white kicks to appear as improvised nine and was about to find the prize, especially at the pass of Benzema. That prize came in the form of assistance to Jovic, in the extension.last_img read more

Setién matured with Guardiola the anti-Madrid plan of the Classic

first_imgSetién saw 1-2 of Real Madrid-Manchester City in a private box of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, although his presence did not go unnoticed by some Real Madrid partners which, at the end of the game, even showed their doubts for the Sunday Classic. Then, in their visit to Pep, both technicians talked about the game, since it is known that Guardiola and Setién share a football style. Quique Setién visited Pep Guardiola in the Manchester City concentration hotel after the victory of the English team in Champions against Real Madrid. The Barca coach, who maintains a great personal relationship with the coach ‘citizen’, congratulated Pep on the victory. Guardiola, beyond the emotional balance he showed in the stadium after the game, was “excited” once it was collected between the walls of its headquarters. According to the program ‘Què t’hi you play! ‘, which Sique Rodríguez presents at SER Catalunya, in the meeting between both coaches, Setién’s assistant, Eder Sarabia, was also present.last_img read more

Xavi agrees with Al Sadd a reduction of 40% of his salary

first_imgXavi Hernández wanted to set an example when helping his club, Al Sadd, for the duration of the activity stoppage in Qatari football due to the coronavirus pandemic, agreeing to a 40% reduction in salary their annual record. In addition, the players in the squad have also agreed to lower the salary bill, although in their case we are talking about a lower percentage, around 25%. Those who will not be affected by their payroll are the rest of the staff that work in Al Sadd, since their salaries are considered relatively low compared to the head coach and other players.It is not the first gesture Xavi has during the pandemic. We must not forget that the former blaugrana donated a million euros to the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona in early April in his fight against the coronavirus, also sending a message through social networks encouraging people to collaborate in the ‘Join Coronavirus Response’ project. Right now, no one knows for sure when they will return to football in Qatar. Although it is true that the virus has spread in a much milder way than in other countries -the total count today was 5,448 cases and 8 deaths-, the authorities have already postponed the start of training in Qatari clubs for three times: the new date set by the Federation to return to the activity is next Thursday, April 30.Al Sadd still has three titles to play this season. After winning the Qatar Super Cup and the Prince Cup, he still has the League – he occupies third place eleven points behind the leader, Al Duhail, with seven days to go – the Asian Champions – leads his group after having played two days – and the Emir Cup.last_img read more

Getafe orders 1,000 personalized masks

first_imgWhen the ball starts rolling again, the matches will be behind closed doors, so the project of masks for fans is postponed until later. The first step, which Getafe has already taken, is to provide masks for when all employees return to their posts. So he has commissioned this company to start manufacturing the first 1,000 units.With this initiative, the Azulón club aims for a double effect: the first, and fundamental, to protect its workers on their return to work. The second is to make that new normality of having to use masks in their usual place of work more bearable, within what fits.This request, however, is only the beginning of the plan that Getafe has in mind. The idea is that when the fans can go to the stadium, these same masks will be distributed at the entrance to give color to the stands and that the new security measures that will have to be taken in the stadiums will be more pleasant to avoid new infections Getafe is already preparing to return to the ‘new normal’ and for this it has ordered 1,000 reusable hygienic masks with the aim of protecting all its workers on the gradual return to work. These are masks made of 100% polyester, with triple layer, reusable and with UNE 0065: 2020 certification. They will be blue, with the club’s emblem on them (see image above).AS already reported on April 10 that the clubs were beginning to explore new scenarios for the return to the playing fields that also included their fans. In this sense, Upcycool, a Spanish company, launched a proposal that was very well received by the clubs that received it: the manufacture of corporate masks for the fans who go to the stadiums, with the shield and the colors of each team, to make that new normality less strange.last_img read more

Seven survivors of Malaga who descended two years ago

first_imgOn April 19, it was two years since Málaga’s embarrassing mathematical descent to the Second Division. It occurred with five days in advancen, after losing in the City of Valencia against Levante with a goal in the last breath scored by Boateng. That disastrous season, Perpetrated by Abdullah Al Thani, it was another chapter of the unbridled race of troubles and misfortunes to which this club is subjected by the management (?) of the horrific Twitter president and his idle children, sybarites on all trains and, in their free ratillos, directors of the entity.Málaga used two coaches, Míchel and José González and 37 soccer players, 37! It is said fast. Of this cast, only seven remain. They are Cifu, Diego González, Luis Hernández, Juankar, Adrián, Juanpi and Esteban Rolón. The first six have had discontinuous prominence motivated by injuries. In fact Cifu has left his starting position on the right side to Ismael Casas. Accumulate 2028 minutes spread over 25 games. Adrian, the captain adds 1,891 minutes (22 games). Juankar had found some stability after leaving behind his long streak of injuries (1,932 minutes, 25 games).Diego González, left-handed centerback, has been forced to help as a left-back (1,628 minutes, 22 games), while Juanpi was struggling to get out of his tunnel and began to emerge (1,579 minutes in 24 games). The most used is Luis Hernández, who has played 28 games (2,408 minutes). The case of Esteban RolónThe case of Esteban Rolón is particular. The Argentine was personally signed by Al Thani upon payment of 3.2 million euros. He has only played with Malaga for 515 minutes, 415 in 2017-18 and 90 this season (matches only, 7 and 2) is a problem for the club that has been trying to find a way out for some time. His contract ends in 2022.But there is another significant example of that deplorable season. Only seven footballers of that squad left money in Malaga after being transferred Roberto Rosales (one million euros from Leganés), Recio (two million from Leganés), En Nesyri (5.3 million from Leganés), Paul Baysse (one million from Girondins de Bordeaux), Fede Ricca (three million from Brujas) and Ontiveros (7.5 million from Villarreal). The rest nothing. Miguel Torres withdrew, others returned from a loan, some of them dilapidated like that of Ideye that came out through a kidney. Another season to forget, with the worst to come.last_img read more


first_imgTOTTENHAM (4-2-3-1)LLORIS, WALKER, ALDERWIRELED, VERTONGHEN, DAVIES,DIER, DEMBELE,LAMELA, ALLI, ERIKSEN, KANESUNDERLAND (5-3-2)DEFOE, WATMORE,JOHNSON, M’VILA, TOIVONEN, VAN AANHOLT, KABOUL, O’SHEA, COATES, JONES,PANTILIMONSunderland arrive in confident mood after winning 4-2 against 10-man Swansea City on Wednesday, their second win in a row in the Barclays Premier League. They owe their latest three points to Jermain Defoe’s hat-trick, the fourth of his career in the Premier League – only 11 players have claimed more. And the Black Cats have netted seven goals in two games – more than in their previous eight matches combined (just six), They are still in the bottom three but just one point from safety.Spurs, meanwhile, are fifth despite losing 1-0 at home to Leicester City on Wednesday. They are back at White Hart Lane where they have conceded just eight goals. And They are unbeaten in their last 11 Premier League clashes against the Black Cats (home and away), winning eight and drawing just two.In September, a young Tottenham side won 1-0 at the Stadium of Light thanks to an 82nd-minute winner from Ryan Mason.Former Spurs favourite Defoe returns to White Hart Lane for the second time since leaving the club for Toronto FC, in Canada, in July 2014.last_img read more

Isaac-Henry Invitational an avenue for lifting STATHS

first_imgHomegrown talent Ayesha Champaigne, who stood out at the inaugural SW Isaac-Henry Track and Field Invitational last year and went on to win a heptathlon gold medal at the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Championships, is St Andrew Technical High School’s (STATHS) reference point for attaining track and field excellence at both events this year.Champaigne has moved on to scholarship overseas, but STATHS’ current female team captain, Ophelia Hales, believes her charges will do well at their meet, while eyeing herself as a “girls long jump finalist and at least two boys medallists at Champs”.The SW Isaac-Henry Invitational, named after former STATHS Principal Stafford Wycliffe Isaac-Henry, has been approved as an ISSA Boys and Girls’ Championships qualifier.It will get under way on Saturday February 20 inside the National Stadium and will cost spectators $300 to enter.The event was launched at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston yesterday where Ed Barnes was the chairman and STATHS’ current principal, Phillip Wilson, and other members of the school’s committee and sponsors spoke.PRESERVING A LEGACY”Our journey commences with the primary objective being the innovation and preservation of the legacy of our beloved SW Isaac-Henry,” said chairman of the SW Isaac-Henry Track and Field Invitational, Barrington Johnson.He added: “Our secondary objectives include enhanced visibility and prestige of STATHS… energising the track team and our track and field programme and definitely a platform to galvanise our alumni base.”Johnson stressed: “One special to me is to unearth the newest standout track personalities. Last year, our own Ayesha Champaigne was one such standout at our meet and she went on to become Champs’ top girl, so for this year we are on a similar mission.”New events added this year, in collaboration with the JAAA, include pole vault, in an attempt to enhance non-traditional events, plus the 200m for girls and boys in classes three and four.The event will have professional timing courtesy of Old Boy Leroy Cooke, who is employed to Western Union, one of the meet’s sponsors.Participants can register at and click on ENTRY FORM. The costs are Co-ed $11,000 (boys team), $7,000 (girls team) and $500 for unattached individuals.At the event, STATHS will honour former Olympian Michael Davis, who represented the country in Moscow in 1984.last_img read more

Kemal Malcolm happy with Reggae Boyz call-up

first_imgArnett Gardens FC’s top marksman, Kemal ‘Tull’ Malcolm, is delighted about his first call-up to the national senior men’s squad, saying that hard work is paying off.Malcolm is having a very good Red Stripe Premier League season with 12 goals so far, his latest coming in his team’s 6-0 swamping of FC Reno on Sunday evening at the Anthony Spaulding Complex in Trench Town.”It was a great experience being in the senior team training camp last week. The training was intense, high class,” said Malcolm, who was among 22 local players, after a three-day camp broke last Thursday.He is fully aware that it won’t be easy to get into the team.”It will not be easy, but I intend to put in the hard work and see where it takes me,” the 26-year-old speedy striker told The Gleaner.Malcolm represented the country at the under-20 and under-23 levels. The former Lannaman’s Prep and St George’s College Manning Cup star had refused contracts with clubs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Trinidad and Tobago in order to help his home club win back-to-back national league titles.”Things are in the works. I got offers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and T&T but decided to stay at Arnett after having a poor season when Arnett won the title last year,” Malcolm disclosed.”My main focus is to help the team, and I’m having a good time in front of goal with assistance from my teammates,” the diminutive player added.TOP-SCORER AMBITIONSHe is also eyeing the top scorer’s award in the RSPL this season. Dino Williams (14 goals) and Cory Burke (12) are both away on overseas deals.”Of course I want to win that award, so I will continue putting in the work in training and continue scoring goals for Arnett,” he said.Arnett’s coach, Jerome ‘Jerry’ Waite, had high praises for the player.”Hard work, consistency, and understanding his role has helped him. After scoring two goals last season and coming off the bench, he has improved, and with the absence of AndrÈ Clennon, was elevated to a starting role,” Waite said.”He is always creating chances, so any team would want such a player. Sometimes the playing surfaces have not helped.”Tull is a player who dominated prep school and Manning Cup football by scoring lots of goals. He is now doing better in the Premier League,” observed the veteran schoolboy and club coach.last_img read more