Jiangxi Department of Education innovation and entrepreneurship education will be included in the pe

for many university students interested in entrepreneurship, conflicts between work and study there is always a variety of access, and may even affect their academic degree certificate. Therefore Jiangxi province introduced new measures for the innovation of College Students’ academic practice open the floodgates wide to.

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Off season business can also create a festive atmosphere

during the festival, the major stores have a very strong festive atmosphere, the customer is coming, the owners do not have to worry about the nature of the business problems. Commodity sales peak where? Many of our operators will say that, of course, the Chinese New Year holiday! However, after the peak sales, significantly fewer traffic, sales continued to decline. That as our retail customers, can not create an atmosphere of sale, the festive atmosphere indefinitely extended, do not slack season. It can be said that! read more

Thousands of small venture capital projects to make big money

many people want to start a business, but because of lack of funds and give up. In fact, the real people who want to start a business will never give up because of capital and entrepreneurial idea, start empty-handed a few people. Money, of course, a good business, but we have no money money. The following is a thousand dollars can start projects, a look.

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What books are suitable for women

women want to become smart, it is necessary to read more books to enrich themselves, then, for women to read the book? Today Xiaobian compiled 20 suitable for women to read the book, I hope to love reading female friends help, come and have a look at it.

1. Eileen Chang "fallen" is suitable for women to see the book.

2. Margaret · "lover" by

3. · Colin McCullough; "thorn bird"

4. Haruki Murakami "Norway forest"

5. Junichi Watanabe "Paradise Lost" "man this thing" read more

Small Western franchise store investment prospects

different people is not the same for the delicacy demand of western people in the diet is that there is a great difference between the western restaurant, the impression is tall, in order to make money faster, now many investors choose to join the project Western-style food. Because the west to join the project to make money fast, and back to the fast, many entrepreneurs are the ideal project. So invest in small Western food store to make money? What about investment?

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Water purifier shop franchise should have what skills

many water purifier stores shopping guide is not professional, for consumers to answer questions so as to bring consumers talk ambiguously, very good feeling. Shopping guide should pay attention to what talk skills? The following analysis is expected to help guide staff get some inspiration.

shopping guide opening to the characteristics, not only to promote the advantages of the product, but also the advantages of the product into the interests of customers. To use the skills to ask questions to the customer, each consumer’s needs are different, so the way of asking questions will be different. Do not ask questions to the customer a lot of questions, so as not to make people feel upset, not too cold, and customers to maintain the appropriate distance, give them the space to choose! read more

Retail business should attach importance to the network

some people are constantly looking for contacts but have no contacts, while others have connections but not very good grasp. Some people say that "network" is a kind of productivity, whether you like it or not, and if you don’t believe it, if you want to do what you want to do and do well, if there is no support and help of interpersonal relationships is not really.

Many bosses are now

shop in bemoaning their business is not good to do, not many loyal customers complain as a stable source. Pessimistic they don’t pay attention to have such a resource utilization: can go to any one person, a family, his hidden behind a huge family consumer group, this is the "connections", but we usually have no intention to mining, and has been operating. read more

Mala shop site in what local business is very hot

delicious spicy we always a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, is well worth the investment of a small industry, catering industry has been a very profitable industry in China, into the catering industry, catering industry and rich prospects immeasurable, the industry also has a lot of projects: for example, Western-style food Chinese food, food and so on, but now the popular catering project number malatang. Simple operation and easy to use, is the first choice of many investment projects catering, but want to open a mala shop location is very important, here and we detailed analysis, Malatang store location guide: read more