Montreal academics live serial presentation of The Iliad looks for links with

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Paris, prince of Troy, is on the ground and Menelaus, king of Sparta, is dragging him through a bar in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. There’s only one actor playing this scene, yet somehow Lynn Kozak is making the single combat from The Iliad‘s third book thrillingly vivid.Kozak looks like she’s performing a written text as any actor would, but her words are her own prose translation from the Greek, made a few days before the show and not written down. The McGill University associate professor plans to do this with a new segment of Homer’s epic every week for a 30-week solo production of the whole thing.“I have one week to translate, memorize and rehearse between 45 minutes and an hour of text,” Kozak says after the show. “It feels like the craziest thing ever, but I love it.” Advertisement Advertisement Lynn Kozak, an associate professor at McGill University, is performing a weekly, translated and highly serialized one-person production of Homer’s The Iliad at a bar in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. The partly improvised presentations will run for 30 weeks in total, varying up directors for each exciting ‘episode.’ (YouTube)center_img Watching her depiction of Paris and Menelaus battling before the massed Greek and Trojan armies, you would never guess that this was the result of a crazy-short production schedule with a non-professional actor. The episode, staged by Cree actor/director Jimmy Blais, is well-paced, powerfully delivered and funny. Login/Register With: Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

Highlights Statistics Canadas final release of 2016 census data

first_imgOTTAWA – Statistics Canada issued its sixth and final batch of 2016 census numbers Wednesday, this one focused on education, labour, journey to work, language of work and mobility and migration. Some highlights:— Canada ranked first among OECD countries with 54 per cent of residents having college or university degrees in 2016, up from 48.3 per cent in 2006.— Of women aged 25 to 34, 40.7 per cent had a bachelor’s degree or higher, up from 32.8 per cent in 2006. Among men of the same age, 7.8 per cent held an apprenticeship certificate, up from 4.9 per cent 10 years earlier.— For the first time, women aged 25-34 with an earned doctorate (50.6 per cent) outnumber their male counterparts, although not in fields like architecture, computer and information sciences and so-called STEM studies (science, technology, engineering and math).— Only about 18.6 per cent of working-age Canadians with a post-secondary degrees graduated from STEM fields.— Four in 10 immigrants aged 25 to 64 had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with just under 25 per cent of the Canadian-born population in the same age bracket. Of those, recent immigrant women — those who landed in the five years prior to the 2016 census — were more likely to have a degree than their male counterparts.— Women with a bachelor’s degree earned about 40 per cent more than those with a college diploma, and 60 per cent more than those who only finished high school.— One in five working-age single mothers had a bachelor’s degree or higher, up from 14.7 per cent in 2006. The percentage jumped to 39 per cent among mothers who were married or living common-law, up from 26.9 per cent 10 years earlier.— More Canadians than ever before are commuting to work: 15.9 million last year, a 30.3 per cent jump since 1996. Of those, the number taking public transit grew by 59.5 per cent, while the ranks of those driving jumped by 28.3 per cent.— The average commute in Canada last year was 26.2 minutes, compared with 25.4 minutes in 2011. For drivers, the average was 24.1 minutes, and 44.8 minutes for those taking public transit.— The number of Canadians who walked to work last year was 3.2 per cent higher than it was 20 years ago, while the ranks of cyclists has grown by 61.6 per cent since 1996.— 10.9 per cent of Indigenous people aged 25 to 64 had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 7.7 per cent in 2006; those holding college diplomas reached 23 per cent last year, up from 18.7 per cent.— Nearly one in five Canadians aged 65 or older worked at some point in 2015, twice the percentage recorded 20 years earlier, while 5.9 per cent of seniors worked throughout the entire year — the highest percentage ever recorded. Those who worked full-time saw their median income, measured in 2015 dollars, jump by 30 per cent since 2005.— Nearly seven per cent of all private-vehicle commuters spent an hour or longer getting to work — some 853,610 people, up from 815,770 in 2011.— Fewer men of working age actually worked full-time in 2015 —56.2 per cent, down from 63.3 per cent 10 years earlier and the lowest percentage ever recorded.— In the health care sector, women outnumbered men four to one, while men outnumbered women three to one in high-tech jobs.— Yukon and the Northwest Territories had the highest employment rates of all the provinces and territories at the time of the census in 2016, at 68.5 per cent and 66.2 per cent, respectively, followed by the Prairies, with Alberta at 65.4 per cent, Saskatchewan at 63.5 per cent and Manitoba at 61.7 per cent.— The three most common occupations in Canada for women were retail salesperson, registered nurse and registered psychiatric nurse, and cashier; for men, truck driver, retail salesperson, and retail and wholesale trade manager.— At 62.2 per cent to 37.8 per cent, men outnumbered women in managerial positions in 2016, although the percentage of women in management increased from 36.5 per cent in 2006.— Women comprised half of the general practitioners and specialist physicians in Canada in 2016, up from 34 per cent in 1996.— Thanks to a 30 per cent drop in farming among Canadians, the proportion of those working at home dipped to 7.4 per cent in 2016, down from 8.2 per cent. Outside of the family farm, the percentage of those working at home has remained unchanged at 6 per cent since 1996.last_img read more

In face of violence UN has done all it can technically for

Video of press remarks [11mins] With less than two weeks left before Iraq’s elections, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today the United Nations had fulfilled its role as technical adviser, and he appealed to the Government to make the vote as inclusive as possible despite the “far from ideal” situation of violence prevailing in the country.“Let me say that as far as we are concerned, all the technical preparations are ready,” Mr. Annan told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York on his return from visiting the tsunami-devastated countries of southeast Asia.“We have done everything that we need to do to help the elections go forward. Obviously the situation is far from ideal,” he added, calling the electoral assistance on the ground from the UN team and other international bodies “a really heroic job.”The Secretary-General said he spoke yesterday to Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who indicated that he was trying to reach out and bring in as many people outside the process as possible.“Even at this late stage I would urge them to try and bring in as many people as possible and understand that measures are being taken to assure security for the elections,” Mr. Annan added. “Obviously this is not going to be 100 per cent proof, but we will see what these efforts will bring in the next week to ten days.”In another development, Mr. Annan’s Special Representative Ashraf Qazi said today the UN, through its human rights office, would support Iraqi efforts to establish a National Centre of Missing and Disappeared Persons to track down the fate of hundreds of thousands of people who disappeared under Saddam Hussein’s regime.“Such is the situation of missing persons and mass graves in Iraq, that the extent of the problem is still unknown,” he told a meeting in Amman, the capital of neighbouring Jordan, that brought together some 100 participants including international experts from various sectors, Iraqi ministers and officials and delegates from interested countries.“The proliferation of mass graves is an open sore which affects and interests not only Iraqis but the international community at large.”The meeting adopted a resolution calling on the Iraqi Government to set up such a centre, on Iraqi society, institutions and individuals to cooperate fully and on the international community to assist with expertise and resources.Mr. Qazi said Iraq’s recent history needed to be examined, not just to bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, but also to ensure that similar events do not take place again. “We need to focus on the past in order to solve outstanding cases, to acknowledge the pain of family of the disappeared, of survivors,” he said.“But we also need to learn these hard truths order to build a brighter future. We should never forget the legacy of the past without unnecessary focus on revenge or sheer retribution. Violence always begets more violence and societal decay.” read more

Kentucky women beat No 17 South Florida 8563

ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands — Rhyne Howard scored 18 points, Taylor Murray added a season-best 17 and Kentucky defeated No. 17 South Florida 85-63 on Thursday.Jaida Roper added a season-high 13 points off the bench, which contributed 23 to the win for the Wildcats (5-0).Tied at 20 after the first quarter, Kentucky used a press in outscoring the Bulls (4-1) in the second quarter 24-8, shooting 58 per cent, to go up 44-28 at the break. Murray had 13 points by halftime.Kentucky led by as many 27 in the fourth quarter when it shot 57 per cent.The Wildcat scored 17 points off 20 USF turnovers.South Florida’s Sydni Harvey tied her career high with 16 points, making a career-best four 3-pointers in 31 minutes before fouling out. Beatriz Jordao added 12 points and Laura Ferreira 10. Alyssa Rader had a game-high 10 rebounds.The win was the first over a ranked team since beating No. 2 Mississippi State on Feb. 23, 2017.The Associated Press read more

Magnets for Iranian nepheline syenite

first_imgMaster Magnets has recently supplied an induced roll high intensity magnetic separator to the Iran Industrial Design Co (IID) for use in the production of high quality nepheline syenite. This is the culmination of some ten years of discussions with the user and product testing in Master Magnets laboratory. Over that period Master Magnets provided other magnetic separators to customers in Iran, building, it says, “a reputation for quality products in a very specialised marketplace. The combination of good test results and the reputation built up during the period convinced IID to purchase the machineNepheline syenite is a feldspar-like mineral, and has similar uses in the ceramic industry, where it is used as a flux in the production of tiles, sanitary ware, porcelain etc. It has many properties which make it superior to feldspar in application, but its popularity is principally due to the whiteness achieved by its use. This gives a distinct advantage in marketing for example high quality sanitary ware. An important part of preparing it for industrial use is the removal of ferrous contaminants, these may be feebly magnetic or paramagnetic in nature, and require these use of high intensity magnets to achieve the purity required.Deposits of nepheline syenite are found  in various parts of the world, major ones being in North America and parts of Europe. Sample testing had shown that a deposit in Iran would be commercially exploitable, so an initial production plant was commissioned. This used permanent magnetic separators for purification purposes, but it was found that in practice too much contamination was left in the product. Further tests were carried out using Master Magnet’s induced roll machine which gave demonstrably better results. The induced roll separator is an electromagnetic machine, the basic principle is that a powerful electro magnet uses a massive iron circuit to induce a magnetic field in a rotating separation roll set between fixed and adjustable magnetic poles, as shown. Magnetic field strengths of over 2 Tesla can be obtained in the operating region of the separator, compared with about 1 Tesla for the best permanent magnetic separators. In operation, product for treatment is fed at a controlled rate on to the roll, feebly magnetic particles are attracted to the roll face and clean product is thrown off the face at a normal trajectory. Magnetic material is discharged from the roll face at a  point of lower intensity with the aid of a brush. A splitter plate between the two flows keeps them separate. To achieve optimum separation efficiency magnetic intensity, roll gap, roll speed, and splitter position are all adjustable.Various machine configurations are available, to meet the requirements of the IID a four roll machine was proposed, with each roll 1,000 mm long. The rolls were arranged in pairs, so that the total flow was split between two rolls in parallel, each of these having a secondary roll to re-treat the product. Using this layout a high degree of cleanliness was possible at a production rate of 8 t/h. Other configurations are available using one, two, or four rolls, with roll lengths from 500 to 1,000 mm. Test work was carried out on a laboratory scale version of the induced roll, this is identical in all respects to production machines, but it has a roll only 125 mm long. Results obtained on this machine can therefore be directly scaled up. Test work of this nature is routinely carried out in the laboratory at Master Magnets to confirm equipment selection. The induced roll separator is now undergoing full operation within the processing plant producing clean nephelin syenite free of magnetic impurities. www.mastermagnets.comlast_img read more

La femelle du cœlacanthe est probablement monogame

first_imgLa femelle du cœlacanthe est probablement monogame Une étude génétique allemande, menée sur des spécimens de cœlacanthe portant des embryons, suggère que chaque femelle de cette espèce ne s’accouple qu’avec un mâle seulement, contrairement à ce qui se produit chez de nombreuses autres espèces de poissons. Le cœlacanthe, ce poisson qu’on pensait disparu depuis des millions d’années et qui fut ‘redécouvert’ vivant en 1938, fait l’objet de toutes les attentions des biologistes qui, depuis, en ont étudié environ 300. Cette fois-ci, ce sont 2 femelles qui ont mobilisé une équipe dirigée par le Dr Kathrin Lampert, de la Ruhr Universität de Bochum, et le Pr Manfred Schartl, de l’Université de Würzburg (Allemagne). Car ces femelles étaient gravides : la première, prise accidentellement dans un chalut sur les côtes du Mozambique, contenait 26 embryons, la seconde, pêchée près de Zanzibar, 23.Contrairement à nombre d’espèces de poissons, dont les femelles pondent des œufs non fécondés qui sont ensuite ‘arrosés’ de sperme par un ou plusieurs mâle(s), le cœlacanthe, lui, a un ‘véritable’ accouplement et les embryons se développent dans le corps de la femelle, pour naître tout formés. Les scientifiques ont donc pu procéder, sur chaque femelle et sur ses embryons, à une analyse génétique. Celle-ci a porté sur 14 zones de l’ADN, notamment des sites appelés “microsatellites”, répétitifs et généralement non codants.Ces régions particulières de l’ADN, transmises par les 2 parents, sont utilisées chez l’humain dans les tests de paternité. Et cela marche aussi pour ces poissons : “comme nous connaissons le génotype de la mère, nous sommes en mesure de démontrer, au moyen de l’analyse microsatellite, que la progéniture du cœlacanthe a un seul père”, a expliqué Manfred Schartl.Une monogamie plus avantageuse ? À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Par conséquent, les femmes de cette espèce doivent être monogames – du moins pendant une certaine période de leur vie, estime l’étude publiée dans la revue Nature Communications. Mais l’équipe ne s’est pas arrêtée là puisqu’elle a également pu reconstruire le “génotype hypothétique” du géniteur.Cette dernière donnée montre que les 2 parents ne sont pas, statistiquement, plus apparentés que 2 individus ‘lambda’ : évitement instinctif de la consanguinité ? Et pourquoi cette monogamie ? S’accoupler avec plusieurs mâles augmente les chances de réussite de la fécondation et induit une sélection des meilleurs gènes.A l’inverse, elle augmente la dépense d’énergie et les risques de prédation (lors de la recherche de nouveaux mâles), et accroît les risques de transmission d’’infections. Le bilan, tout simplement, n’est peut-être pas avantageux pour le cœlacanthe, suggèrent ainsi les chercheurs. Le 28 septembre 2013 à 15:42 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Tiny Metal is the Latest Switch Indie Imitation of Nintendo Nostalgia

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball FormSNES Games Officially Come to Nintendo Switch Stay on target If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.It’s almost impossible to overstate how huge and deep Nintendo’s influence over video games has been throughout the past 30+ years. The company reinvented the console business, created and and innovated perfected entirely new genres, practically taught the industry how to design games in 3D, and did all this while simultaneously cultivating a beloved Disney-esque cast of characters. So it only makes sense that many indie game developers who have lived under Nintendo’s shadow their whole lives look to Nintendo for inspiration.The Nintendo Switch isn’t even a year old yet and it’s already seen several indie games to take clear cues from Nintendo’s past hits. Fortunately, most are too good to be called rip-offs. Also, the Nintendo games they imitate are typically dormant ones Nintendo itself hasn’t revisited in years. Indie creators are picking up the slack, filling holes in the Switch’s release calendar, and giving us the Nintendo games that Nintenwon’t.Fast RMX is basically indie F-Zero on Nintendo Switch. Oceanhorn is basically indie Wind Waker on Switch. The recent Blossom Tales is basically indie A Link to the Past on Switch. Brawlout is basically indie Super Smash Bros. on Switch. Yooka-Laylee and Never Stop Sneakin’ are basically indie Banjo-Kazooie and Metal Gear Solid on Switch. And now Tiny Metal is basically indie Advance Wars on Nintendo Switch, which is extra ironic considering the game is published with help from a division of Nintendo’s gaming rival Sony.If you don’t know what Advance Wars is I might as well explain it now since that’ll also double as an explanation for Tiny Metal. Advance Wars is a series of top-down turn-based strategy games from Nintendo. Players move different units across the grid capturing buildings for cash and starting fights with other units to ensure victory. Using the right unit in the right context is key. Infantry armed with bazookas are surprisingly effective against armored tanks but get mowed down by nimble recon scouts. Helicopters can zip around the map hitting targets below but get blown out of the sky by slow artillery units with long-range missiles.The series shares a lot in common with its sister strategy franchise Fire Emblem. But while Nintendo keeps doubling down on that series’ newfound success I’ve always preferred Advance Wars’ focus on pure military cunning instead of JRPG elements. I’d rather construct more and more tanks than marry more and more sword waifus. Fortunately, while Advance Wars has been on hold since 2008, Tiny Metal offers many of the same thrills.Tiny Metal is Advance Wars. From the split-screen battle animations to the way units capture buildings to the way units relate to each other, it’s Advance Wars. All of my Advance Wars knowledge came back and was immediately useful within moments of playing. Even the plot feels like a cross-between the more lighthearted earlier Advance Wars games and the gritty reboot Days of Ruin (or maybe Valkyria Chronicles). Two anime nations war against each other before realizing an arms dealer clown is their true enemy.But the real narrative is the story of you the player overcoming the odds through your strategic wits. Tiny Metal has an arguably oppressive amount of fog of war. So you usually have to be quite careful when sending units into new corners of the map to find out what the enemy is up to. You can use tricky tactics like dedicated radar vehicles, heroes you can deploy anywhere, or highly mobile aircraft, but the enemy can easily destroy all of those and regain secrecy.Across the fourteen campaign missions I just tried to play smart and slowly expand my reach while amassing more power and units back home. Units that live longer slowly get promoted and get stronger. Units can also all focus fire on the same enemy during a turn for added damage, so it pays to stick together. The last lengthy mission in particular featured an unreal comeback won through perseverance.However, by the end of the campaign Tiny Metal failed to become much more than a basic take on the Advance Wars formula. New units get dished out over time but none of them were surprising. Maps all look the same even if layouts change. The art style itself has a decent voxel look but the Unreal Engine 4 visuals look blurry in handheld mode (the best way to play the game from a comfort standpoint) and I ended up turning off the repetitive animations to save time. There’s an unfortunate knock-off or proof of concept feel to the whole thing despite the appreciated attempts at identity with voice acting full of cartoon character and the delightful worldbuilding. Tanks are called “Metals” with the best tanks being called “Heavy Metals.”Outside of the campaign, which will take a few sittings at least to get through, you can enjoy extras like concept art, encyclopedia entries on different units, and one-off skirmish battles. The main menu also promises a multiplayer mode but it isn’t available yet.Given Tiny Metal’s somewhat shady development history though, it’s impressive how much content the game managed to launch with. Hard facts are scarce but credible sources suggest much of the game funding came from the successful Kickstarter of another project, Project Phoenix, which has still yet to release. Other drama surrounding Tiny Metal’s studio Area 35 may make the game difficult to support for some, so read up on that if you’re morbidly curious.Turn-based strategy games are one of my absolute favorite brain-bending genres. And they just work so well for brief or extended play sessions on the go with Nintendo Switch. Tiny Metal may not be as good as Advance Wars, or for that matter Mario + Rabbids or the promising looking Wargroove, but it satisfies in these lean tiny war times.Buy it now!Super Mario OdysseyThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesView as: One Page Slides1/51. Tiny Metal is a new strategy game on Nintendo Switch (published with help from Sony).2. The turn-based military skirmishes take inspiration from Nintendo’s own dormant Advance Wars series.3. The somewhat serious plot sees two anime nations at war before realizing their true foe is an arms-dealing clown.4. The basic strategy gameplay satisfies but doesn’t establish much of its own identity.5. Still, turn-based strategy games like this are a perfect fit for the Switch.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Weather Eye Stay tuned to local forecasts as opposing air masses approach

first_imgPatrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Once again we come to a crossroads in the weather business. We have an active warm southern jet stream and a cold northern jet stream that are evidently at odds over just where they want to settle in. Latest computer forecast models are in the same state of mind. Cold versus warm.Maybe fortunately for us and those who do not like cold and snow, the odds usually go to the warmer southern jet stream. We need no more snow to disrupt our lives. Once again, it may be a late-night call whether we see another bout of winter weather.Another cold air mass is gathering in British Columbia and is heading southward. The southern jet stream is just offshore and desires to head north. This battle zone is what we call a confluent boundary. The warm and cold air join forces, and there can be a thin line between the air masses. Even 50 or 100 miles can make the difference between rain and snow.There is the possibility cold air sags down into Northern Washington via the Fraser River outflow. More cold air could settle in the upper Columbia Basin near Omak and, with a large area of low pressure off our coast, draw down some of that cold air via east winds and the Gorge. Sound familiar?I think if this should occur around mid-week, it would be short-lived and the warmer wetter jet steam would push back the offending cold air. Not all the models are in agreement that cold air reaches us, but as long as it is up in the air, we need to keep a keen weather eye to our north.last_img read more

New video shows missing Davie mans truck being driven

first_imgDAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) – New surveillance video footage could help track down a missing Davie man.Davie Police released the video, which captured a tow truck as it pulled into a parking lot along Burris Road and Southwest 36th Street, at around 9:30 p.m., Sunday.The truck was found at that location, running the next morning, but the driver, 38-year-old Valentino Malloggi, was nowhere to be found.Malloggi vanished after telling relatives he had to head out to do a job for the towing company, on Easter Sunday.Officials suspect that foul play may be involved.If you know anything about this case, call Davie Police at 954-693-8200.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Who is Francesca Marino Italian journalist who exposed Pakistans coverup on Balakot

first_imgTwitterFrancesca Marino, an Italian journalist, has exposed Pakistan’s cover-up on the Balakot airstrikes by reporting that the Indian Air Force had indeed killed Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists, unlike Pakistan’s version that there were no deaths or damage to buildings. This report has brought one question to everyone’s minds – who is Francesca Marino?Meet Francesca MarinoFrancesca Marino is an Italian journalist who writes for Il Meesagero, a daily publication, and L’Espresso, a weekly. She also freelances for India’s Firstpost.The Italian journalist initially came into limelight after she interviewed Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafeez Saeed in March 2010. The interview is also included in her book – Apocalypse Pakistan – Anatomy of the most dangerous country in the world. The book explored Pakistan’s fight against terrorism with the Western world but at the same time, Marino also accused the country of housing wanted and dangerous terrorists.This book led to Marino being named on a Pakistan list of unwelcomed journalists in the country. Marino learned this the hard way when she landed in Karachi and was detained by the Federal Intelligence Authorities (FIA) overnight in a cell without a lawyer or phone call rights.The next morning, Marino was advised to leave the country immediately. She was told that if she decides to stay back in Karachi, the government will not be responsible if she came in harm’s way.What did Francesca write about the Balakot airstrikes?Francesca’s detailed report has eyewitness accounts that around 130 to 170 terrorists were killed in the airstrike. Balakot reportedly had the biggest JeM training camp in Pakistan.In her report, the Italian journalist had also explained that the killed terrorists included 11 trainers. JeM leaders had visited the families of the terrorists who were killed and offered them money in exchange for their silence.”Despite Pakistan’s efforts to deceive the world on the Indian airstrikes on the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp, small details of what happened in Balakot in the wee hours of February 26 and thereafter have kept trickling in from my source,” Francesca wrote.India had conducted the surgical strike during the early hours of February 26. The airstrike took place a week after the Pulwama attacks in Jammu and Kashmir in which over 40 CRPF jawans were killed. JeM had claimed responsibility for the attack.last_img read more

FIIs remain net buyers of Indian equities in truncated trading week

first_imgForeign institutional investors (FIIs, also FPIs) were net buyers of Indian equities during the entire truncated week ended Wednesday, making it their fifth straight day of net purchases. On Wednesday, they bought equities worth Rs 977 crore, on a net basis, according to provisional data released by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). On Monday and Tuesday, their net purchases were Rs 1,396 crore and Rs 1,095 crore, respectively. During the three-day period, the S&P BSE Sensex gained 1.54 percent to close at 25,337 Wednesday. The rally was triggered on renewed hopes of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reducing policy rate by possibly 50 basis points (bps) when its meets for next fiscal’s first monetary policy review April 5. The policy rate is currently at 6.75 percent. On the NSE, most of the gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) registered losses ranging from 0.30 percent to 2.31 percent.Engineering and construction company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) informed stock exchanges Wednesday that it has won orders worth Rs 3,205 crore across various business units. The projects include construction six residential apartment complexes with 55 to 60 floors in each building in Mumbai at a cost of Rs 2,018 crore. The rupee gained eight paise to close at 66.64 to the US dollar. The stock exchanges are closed Thursday and Friday due to festivals (Holi and Good Friday). To give the “Make in India” a push, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be meeting top business executives during his four-day visit to Australia. Besides having one-to-one meeting with CEOs of Australian companies, he will also interact with academicians and speak at the Sydney Campus of S.P. Jain School of Global Management, according to an official statement.last_img read more

Ramdevs Patanjali to set up factory in conflict ridden Kashmir

first_imgBaba Ramdev celebrates International Yoga Day 2017 in AhmedabadReutersYoga guru turned entrepreneur Ramdev said, his company plans to acquire land in Kashmir, which has been the epicentre of unrest for the past one year. The saffron clad Swami is also likely to employ youth from the state. Patanjali is in the process to acquire 150 acres of land in Jammu and Kashmir to build its unit.While taking questions on violence in the Kashmir Valley, he said children should be taught good values towards different religions so as to bring harmony among religions.Speaking about terrorism in the country, especially in Kashmir, Ramdev said, “Anyone who masters the art of Yoga can never become a terrorist.””Not a single person who mastered Yoga ever became a terrorist in history,” Business Standard reported.The yoga guru who can be spotted in the news of late for expansions of FMCG business believes that yoga can cure the thought process of those creating menace in the Kashmir valley.After using his brand to sell products ranging from shampoo to cereals to instant noodles, now Ramdev’s ‘swadeshi’ label plans to sell clothes. With a sales target of Rs 5,000 crore, Patanjali aims to launch its apparels section for men and women by April 2018. “We’ll start with woven clothes, knitwear and machine-made apparel, including denims,” said Patanjali’s spokesperson S K Tijarawala.At a time when Prime Minister Modi is asking countrymen to embrace technology, Ramdev’s Patanjali recently tied up with social media giants—Google and Facebook, to market the brand on a digital platform.The yoga master has raised his voice to boycott Chinese goods as Indo-China border tensions escalated over the past few weeks. Ramdev urged people of India to boycott Chinese products for the reason that it (China) supports Pakistan. “India is ready to counter China on every front,” Ramdev said.Earlier this year, media reports revealed that Patanjali is India’s second largest advertiser only after FMCG giant Unilever. The company also has plans to expand its business in countries like Bangladesh, African countries and even Pakistan.”I have been to Nepal, will be going to Bangladesh and African countries and one day will go to Pakistan as well. We should help poor countries. If poverty of Pakistan is eradicated, that country will never be the enemy of India,” Ramdev said at the 7th Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad held at Pune.last_img read more

Kabuls ambulance bomb death toll tops 100

first_imgMap of Afghanistan locating Kabul, where scores of people died Saturday when an ambulance packed with explosives blew up in an attack claimed by the Taliban. AFPAfghanistan Sunday declared a day of national mourning as the toll for those killed by a huge bomb hidden in an ambulance in Kabul topped 100 people, sharply raising tensions after insurgents struck in the city for the second time in a week.At least 103 people were killed and 235 wounded in Saturday’s lunchtime attack claimed by the Taliban, which caused panic in the war-torn capital and overwhelmed its hospitals.Kabul remained on high alert as the presidential palace declared a national day of mourning for Sunday, with flags flying at half-mast. The attack was one of the worst to strike the capital in recent years.Central Kabul was unusually quiet on Sunday, a normal workday in Afghanistan, with little traffic and few people on the street.In contrast, security checkpoints have been beefed up, particularly in the streets near the blast scene, as the city braced for the possibility of further violence.A security alert issued on Sunday warned that the Islamic State group — which claimed a deadly attack on Save the Children’s office in Afghanistan’s east on Wednesday — was planning to attack supermarkets and shops in Kabul frequented by foreigners.US President Donald Trump called for “decisive action” against the Taliban over the assault as other international leaders also condemned the attack.Afghan authorities gave an updated toll Sunday for those killed and maimed in the huge blast.”Unfortunately a number of wounded people have died in hospital. The number of martyrs is now 103 and wounded is 235,” Interior Minister Wais Barmak told reporters.Health ministry spokesman Waheed Majroh told reporters earlier Sunday that most of the injured were men.- ‘We are so heartbroken’ -Ordinary Afghans took to social media to express their anguish and sorrow at rapidly worsening security as the Taliban and IS militants step up attacks on Kabul, turning it into one of the deadliest places in Afghanistan for civilians.”We are so heartbroken in Kabul that we don’t know how to start our new day,” Freshta Karim wrote on Twitter.”Shall we stay home or go to work, shall we meet our friends and cry or shall we force ourselves to create an illusion of hope? How are you starting your day in Kabul?”Naser Danesh tweeted: “In Kabul starting a day without explosion, it would be a surprise. One could only imagine that kind of a day.”On Facebook, Naweed Qaderi wrote: “It is a big shame for the government, they repeatedly fail to protect people. The leaders must lose a son or daughter to feel the pain of poor people.”The blast happened in a crowded area of the city where several high-profile organisations including the European Union have offices.The force of the explosion shook the windows of buildings hundreds of metres away and caused some low-rise structures in the immediate vicinity to collapse.The scene of the attack was scattered with body parts, blood and debris. Children were among the wounded.- Foreigners leaving -The government has blamed the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network, which Afghan and Western officials suspect of involvement in at least some of the recent attacks in the capital.The suicide bomber passed through at least one checkpoint in the ambulance, saying he was taking a patient to Jamhuriat hospital, an interior ministry spokesman said Saturday.”At the second checkpoint he was recognised and blew (up) his explosive-laden car,” Nasrat Rahimi said.Rahimi told a news conference later that most of the victims were civilians. Four suspects had been arrested.The attack came exactly a week after Taliban insurgents stormed Kabul’s landmark Intercontinental hotel and killed at least 25 people, the majority foreigners.But there is still confusion over the true toll from that attack with conflicting figures given by officials and Afghan media reporting higher numbers.Some foreign organisations are reassessing their presence in Afghanistan following the spate of deadly violence.The Aga Khan Foundation is moving its foreign staff out of the country, several sources told AFP.At least one Western humanitarian group is relocating its foreign staff to other cities in Afghanistan, a source said.last_img read more

Unemployment biggest problem seen by Indians

first_imgIn the run-up to the general election, lack of employment opportunities is seen by the Indian public as the biggest challenge, said a report.The Pew Research Center report said that 76 per cent of adults have said that unemployment is a “very big problem and little has changed over the past year”.”In 2018, despite an estimated 3.5 per cent formal unemployment rate, 18.6 million Indians were jobless and another 393.7 million work in poor-quality jobs vulnerable to displacement, according to estimates by the International Labour Office,” said the report.It further added that inflation is another key concern for the Indians.”Other aspects of the economy are also at the top of the public’s concerns. More than 7-out of-10 (73 per cent) believe rising prices are a very big problem.”People leaving for jobs in other countries posed a problem for India, the survey report said, adding that more than 6-out of-10 (64 per cent) said this type of emigration was a problem, including nearly half (49 per cent) saying it is a “very big” problem.However, it was noted that out-migration itself may not be viewed favourably.In 2016, Indian migrants abroad collectively sent nearly $63 billion worth of remittances back to family and friends living in India, or roughly three per cent of total gross domestic product (GDP).”At the same time, Indians show little enthusiasm for expanding immigration into their country. Roughly 3-out of-10 Indians (29 per cent) say their government should allow fewer immigrants, with an additional 16 per cent volunteering that there should be no immigration at all.”Just 13 per cent think more immigration into India should be encouraged and 11 per cent think immigration levels should stay about the same as they are now.The survey report also noted that the elections follow a year in which most Indian adults showed dissatisfaction with the nation’s progress on issues, including unemployment, inflation and the efficacy of elections.last_img read more

AA adds more YEGPHX flights with longer season double daily service

first_img Posted by EDMONTON — American Airlines has brought back its winter service between Edmonton International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, with an extended season running until May 3 and increasing to two daily flights between Dec. 16 and March 3.Flights are operated on Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft with nine Business Class seats and 67 Main Cabin seats, 34 of which are ‘Main Cabin Extra’ seats with an extra three inches of pitch. WiFi is available for every passenger.“We are delighted to be returning to Edmonton once more and offer more connectivity to and from Alberta,” said Rolando Guerra, American’s General Manager of YEG. “Phoenix is a large and well placed hub and offers Canadian travellers great onward connections throughout the U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica.”From PHX American operates over 260 daily flights to nearly 90 destinations. Popular connections from PHX include Aspen (ASE), Austin (AUS), Cancun (CUN), Mazatlán (MZT), Mexico City (MEX), Orlando (MCO), Palm Springs (PSP), Puerto Vallarta (PVR), and San Jose Del Cabo (SJD). American Airlines has three Admirals Club lounges located at PHX.More news:  A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passengerAmerican also offers year-round service from Calgary International Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.American is in the midst of a US$3 billion reno, with new investments including fully lie-flat seats, international WiFi, more in-flight entertainment options and power outlets and a new, modern design for lounges worldwide including in PHX. << Previous PostNext Post >> AA adds more YEG-PHX flights with longer season, double daily service Travelweek Group center_img Share Tags: American Airlines, Edmonton, New Routes, Phoenix Tuesday, November 14, 2017 last_img read more

Fannie Mae Reports Strong Q4 and 2016 Earnings

first_img Data Fannie Mae GSE Q4 2016 2017-02-17 Scott_Morgan in Headlines, News, Secondary Market Fannie Mae Reports Strong Q4 and 2016 Earnings Fannie Mae reported an annual net income of $12.3 billion and annual comprehensive income of $11.7 billion in 2016. Those figures come from the GSE’s Q4 report, in which Fannie Mae also reported a net income of $5 billion and comprehensive income of $4.9 billion for 2016.The company reported a positive net worth of $6.1 billion as of the end of 2016, meaning Fannie expects to pay Treasury a $5.5 billion dividend in March. Fannie Mae paid $9.6 billion in dividends to Treasury in 2016. Counting the expected March payment, Fannie Mae will have paid a total of $160 billion in dividends to Treasury.Timothy Mayopoulos, President and CEO of Fannie Mae, said the company’s 2016 numbers “reflect a multi-year drive to improve Fannie Mae’s business model, strengthen the housing finance system, and deliver innovation and certainty to customers.”Fannie also reported $637 billion in mortgage financing last year, stating it was continuing to lay off risk to private capital in the mortgage market and reduce taxpayer risk through its credit risk transfer transactions. At year’s end, nearly a quarter of the loans in the company’s single-family conventional guaranty book of business, measured by unpaid principal balance, were covered by a credit risk transfer transaction, the report stated.Fannie reported $1.5 billion in credit-related income in 2016, up from $834 million in 2015. Credit-related income in 2016 was driven by a benefit for credit losses “primarily resulting from an increase in home prices,” the report stated.Fannie’s net fair value losses of $1.1 billion in 2016 were down 39 percent from 2015.“We recognized fair value losses for 2016 primarily as a result of a decrease in the fair value of our risk management derivatives in the first half of 2016 due to declines in longer-term swap rates during the period,” the report stated. “These losses were partially offset by an increase in the fair value of our risk management derivatives in the second half of 2016 due to an increase in longer-term swap rates during the period.”Fannie’s 2016 mortgage portfolio declined by 21 percent to $272.4 billion at the end of Q4. Its single-family guaranty book of business was $2.8 trillion.center_img February 17, 2017 577 Views Sharelast_img read more

They may have fought for it but Tony Jefferson ca

first_imgThey may have fought for it, but Tony Jefferson came up with the interception!#CardsCamp— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) August 13, 2015 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo GLENDALE, Ariz. — Thursday’s practice was the last time we’ll see the Cardinals before their first preseason game of 2015. The team was in shells once again, and also without quarterback Carson Palmer, who was being rested by the coaching staff.The GoodCornerback Cariel Brooks intercepted a Logan Thomas pass after it bounced away from the receiver. Safety Tony Jefferson also came down with a pick, as did Tyrann Mathieu (on a ball that was batted away at the line of scrimmage). Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The Cardinals seemed to get pretty good pressure throughout the day, with rookies Rodney Gunter and Markus Golden each spending some time in the backfield.John Brown came down with a touchdown catch on a Drew Stanton pass, out-timing Jerraud Powers on the play.Stanton also hit Andre Ellington for a touchdown on a third-down play.Phillip Sims found Jaxon Shipley on a nice deep ball during 11-on-11 play. Logan Thomas hit Ifeanyi Momah for a 30-yard touchdown strike along the sideline.The BadThough he threw a nice touchdown pass, Thomas also seemed to struggle. He threw one screen pass at the running back’s feet and missed on a handful of other throws.While it was nice to see the Cardinals get a pass rush, that also means the offensive line was having protecting issues.Early in practice, penalty flags were flying pretty regularly. Offsides on the defense was a common infraction.The InjuredMatt Shaughnessy landed himself on the “did not practice” list, though the reason is unknown. Here is the full list of non-participants, who also will not be playing Saturday.WR Michael Floyd (hand)RB Marion Grice (hamstring)CB Darren Woodard (groin)S Chris Clemons (groin) Comments   Share   RB David Johnson (hamstring)CB Jonte Green (hamstring)LB Shaq Riddick (hamstring)LB Sean Weatherspoon (hamstring)LB Darryl Sharpton (hip flexor)DE Matt Shaughnessy (unknown)OT Rob Crisp (knee)LB Zack Wagenmann (foot)NotableWith Shaughnessy out, Ed Stinson received some reps with the first-team defense. Josh Mauro did, too.Arizona’s quarterback depth chart remained the same without Palmer. Drew Stanton was first up, and he was followed by Thomas and then Sims.Powers saw an increased workload, but still ceded most of the first-team reps to Justin Bethel.Though out with a hand injury, Floyd spent time after practice going through exercises with conditioning coach Roger Kingdom.Quotable“I’m just going to make sure I show that I can rush the passer. Just know what I can do and do my job. Do my assignment and do whatever I’ve got to do to help the team win and help the defense get better.” – Markus Golden on his goals for Saturday’s game“About 20 of them. It’s hard to name. All those inside backers, a couple of tight ends, all the young receivers, that whole second and third defensive line, a couple of young corners — there’s so many battles going on that it would hard to just name one or two.” – Bruce Arians on if there is anybody in particular he’s looking forward to seeing play Saturdaycenter_img Top Stories “We’ve been putting in a lot of work, and getting in this week I feel a lot more comfortable with the offense and I feel a little bit more a part of the team since I’ve been practicing, so I’m real excited to get out there.” –Troy Niklas on being ready for Saturday’s gameNot video, but cool pictures Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires ICYMI: @Jwalk_back12’s leaping TD grab#CardsCamp— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) August 13, 2015Up NextThe Cardinals (and I) have Friday off before getting back at it Saturday. I’ll be on the air co-hosting Arizona Sports Saturday on, well, Saturday from 11-1 p.m. on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. The team will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs with kickoff scheduled for 6 p.m. – / 53last_img read more

Related LinksCardinals Bidwill puts faith in GM K

first_imgRelated LinksCardinals’ Bidwill puts faith in GM Keim before head coaching searchFormer Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians ‘would listen’ to BucsCardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald tweets his appreciation for Steve WilksBy the numbers: Steve Wilks’ lone season as Cardinals head coachCardinals players laud fired coach Steve Wilks’ leadershipNFL head coaching job tracker: Cards hire Kingsbury as next head coachArizona Cardinals fire head coach Steve Wilks after one year“The fact we went backwards on both offense and defense,” determined Wilks’ fate, according to Bidwill.“Looking at his plan for 2019, I just didn’t feel like it was a plan I wanted to get behind, that would turn us around and get us back to the type of football that we expect and our fans deserve.”Bidwill did give Wilks the full season to fight for his job out of respect for the first-time coach. But he admitted that in speaking about the future with Wilks, the parties did not discuss potential coaching staff changes that could keep Wilks on board for 2019.Arizona finished 2018 with the worst scoring offense of 32 teams (14.1 points per game) and 26th in scoring defense (26.6 points per game). Under Wilks and defensive coordinator Al Holcomb, the Cardinals had the worst rushing defense per game (154.9), which negated any good things they did by allowing the fourth-fewest passing yards per game (203.9).It wasn’t a matter of the Cardinals switching from a base 3-4 defense under Arians’ staff to a 4-3. Rather, it was failure on the coaching staff’s part in fitting the players into the defense, teaching them assignments and quickly plugging any holes due to injury. “One thing about a head coach is you’ve got to make changes or adjustments, whether it’s in-game or in a season,” Bidwill said.“That’s where you rely on your coaching staff, to get your next players ready. That’s where the coaches made a huge difference.”Cardinals injured players (Keim era)2013 – 170 missed games (127 on IR)2014 – 166 missed games (91 on IR)2015 – 148 missed games (108 on IR)2016 –  212 missed games (178 on IR)2017 – 242 missed games (196 on IR)2018 – 240 missed games (200 on IR)(Via injury report stats on Top Stories TEMPE, Ariz. — Just like Arizona Cardinals fans, team president Michael Bidwill and GM Steve Keim didn’t like what they saw or what they heard this season.The results came swiftly with the firing of head coach Steve Wilks on Monday.“I never expected this, to be in this position,” Bidwill said just more than 11 months after hiring Wilks to replace the retired Bruce Arians.The Cardinals looked at the record and the lack of competitive games in making the final decision to pull the plug on Wilks’ tenure as head coach. While Bidwill and Keim didn’t speak in depth about what went wrong, the obvious came across as they attempted to forge full-steam ahead into a second coaching search in a year’s time. ErrorOKFree Rate QuoteCall now 623-875-9940 ErrorOK Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Most notably, two of Keim’s first-round draft picks, linebackers Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick, were benched early on in the season.“I think at the end of the day, you have to cater to your defensive strengths,” Keim said. “The fact that it didn’t get right sooner than later, that was a real sticking point.“Didn’t honestly feel we were growing as a football team and headed in the right direction,” the GM added.Offensively, under offensive coordinators Mike McCoy and then Byron Leftwich, Arizona was last in total yards, passing yards, rushing yards and points per game.Injuries played their part in the Cardinals ending the year with three wins. Along the offensive line, all the projected starters from the preseason ended the year on the injured reserve list. Rookie receiver Christian Kirk, their biggest weapon, also went down.The Cardinals waived their starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, and right tackle, Andre Smith, during the year.And on defense, middle linebacker Josh Bynes ended the year on the IR while Wilks’ staff waived two cornerbacks who started multiple games opposite Patrick Peterson.Bidwill said injuries weren’t an excuse. He cited past seasons of Arians’ staff taking health problems on with a next-man-up mentality and quickly introducing players off the street into key roles.center_img 129 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact (AP Photo/Matt York) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

September 15 2004 Arcosanti residents staff

first_imgSeptember 15, 2004 Arcosanti residents, staff, volunteers and workshoppers on September 9. 2004. [top row from left]: workshoppers Therese Kristiansson and Paolo Meccaci, landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler, foundry manager Jim Huth, foundry staff Kip Hersted [also AZ Tourism coordinator] and Gabriel Hendrix, construction and utilities manager Scott Riley, workshopper Chihiro Adachi, almost hidden – bakery coordinator Gin Harris, construction crew leader Brendan Scott, planning coordinator Dan Kelliher, agriculture staff and camp coordinator Sean Smith, workshopper Bruno Larios, volunteer Craig Moore, workshopper Erika Peres, foundry staff Stephen Kelly, workshoppers Megan Willis and Alicia Rossberg. [middle row from left]: foundry staff Porter Smith, landscaping staff Josh Krimmel, workshoppers Yuta Senga and Satoru Kitada, construction volunteer Mika Kawai, workshopper Sofia Digerstedt, agriculture volunteer SaraBeth Kurzhals, archive staff Yuki Yanagimoto and maintenance staff Mark Baris. [lower middle row from left]: workshop coordinator Kelli Huth, Cosanti foundry staff Dave Koppe, Cosanti foundry manager Hannes Garrett, ceramics staff Nadia Begin, maintenance member Mark Whigham, workshopper Helga Roessler, agriculture volunteer and bakery staff Camilla Jolda, book initiative coordinator Jewel Blackfeather, foundry staff Monica Ramirez, agriculture manager Brad Crutchfield, receptionist Shirlee Wheeler, public relations Charlie Provine and ceramic tile staff Linda Fournier. [lower row from left]: ceramics staff Bernadette O’Neill [in purple shirt], construction and archive volunteer Jacob Schwartz [with sunglasses], sitting infront are workshopper Isaac Punzalan and italian project coordinator Matteo Di Michele, also project directors Tomiaki Tamura and Mary Hoadley, and planning intern Dennis Gerrigk. [Photo & Text: sa]last_img read more