Battle in the AFC between the ‘anointed’ and his ‘anointer’

first_imgDear Editor,It is now a battle in the Alliance For Change (AFC) by the ‘anointed’ and his ‘anointer’ for the prime ministerial candidacy! Both of these men were from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and left that party to fulfil their quest for power and material gain.Moses V Nagamootoo joined the PPP in 1964 and since the inception, his main goal was to fulfil his personal ambitions with no regard to bring good to the people of Guyana. This was recognised at an early stage by both the Jagan’s leadership of the PPP. This became openly manifested when the late Janet Jagan opted for Bharrat Jagdeo as her replacement and not Nagamootoo. She knew that in Nagamootoo’s agenda, only Nagamootoo came first!When he resigned from the PPP on October 24, 2011, and joined the AFC, it was a continuation of his quest to become the President of Guyana. He wasted no time and in 2014 he was among the presidential nominees but in 2015 after his ‘President or nothing’ grandstanding with the A Partnership for National Unity, he had to settle for the prime ministerial candidacy. However, after the results of the May 2015 General Elections, he was catapulted closer to realising his presidential dreams – he became the Prime Minister and the First Vice President with opportunity to fleetingly hold the presidential office when President Granger is briefly out of the country. Talk about self-centred tenacity and guile! Just imagine a man who doggedly fought the People’s National Congress (PNC) since 1964 was willing to sacrifice his proclaimed ideals in order to pursue his personal ambitions. When he had ‘leadership issues’ with the PPP in 2005 he was quoted as saying that, “I intend to walk down and go to where I have come, which is the grassroots, which is among the masses, which is among the supporters of the party, which is my people…” but when he became the Prime Minister, he suffered amnesia. The grassroots no longer appealed to him and he began to endorse every act of corruption and mismanagement perpetrated by the PNC, especially the closing of the sugar estates and the discarding of 7000 workers resulting in untold sufferings among the ‘grassroots’ which was his ‘people’! He is now living the “Cadillac’ lifestyle which he had once spurned. He engineered, endorsed and carried out a ‘bloodless assassination’ of the poor sugar workers.Today, he is once again fighting the leadership of his party, the AFC, to be given another chance to remain as the prime ministerial candidate. In 2011, when he defected to the AFC, that party was already a few weeks away from November 28 General Elections. He joined a party that gained seven seats at that election and he piggybacked on the contributions made by Dr Veerasammy Ramayya and others. This can be seen at the 2015 Elections when the support of the AFC in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) actually fell drastically, and the AFC actually rode on the success of the APNU. The LGE in November last year confirmed the dismal failure of the AFC, not only in Region Six but across the country! He failed to deliver and it is now clear that Nagamootoo’s future as a politician is ‘dead meat’!His deceitful ploy in the State media that the ‘AFC backs Granger-Nagamootoo ticket’ just accentuates the cunning nature of this self-centred hypocrite. That never happened and the prime ministerial candidacy is still to be decided on. He is now willing to fight his mentee for power. It must be recalled that Ramjattan in September 2014 had declared that the ‘rotational’ principle to choose the top elections candidates was abandoned and will be based on ‘meritocracy’. He said ‘the popular democratic vote’ at the AFC’s conference will decide on the candidate. However , he had admitted then that he endorsed Nagamootoo because of a combination of factors such as what ‘is best for the country, ability to attract campaign financing, hardworking, intellectuals, knowledge of running a government’. It is now clear that Ramjattan no longer believes that this holds true at this time! Moreover, apart from the power struggle, it is puzzling that even though the election of the prime ministerial candidate was supposed to be at the AFC’s conference as agreed in 2014, there was an attempt to do so at a statutory meeting of 108 members many of which are not NEC members. It would seem that a rigging process was planned to take place but was aborted after much wrangling. It was then decided that the procedure will now be carried out in March at the rescheduled biennial conference. We can expect a ‘dogfight’ between Nagamootoo who had promised that 2015 elections will be his swan song and Ramjattan the man who was deceived not by a ‘swan’ but something exceedingly slithery!But I have a strong feeling neither of the two will ever be the next Prime Minister!Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

Lofa Citizens Petition Lawmakers for District Status

first_imgCitizens hailing from Kolahum District in Lofa County have petitioned their lawmakers to combine the Wanwoma and Hassala clans to create a district to be known as the Wanhasa District in Lofa County. At the petitioning ceremony on Thursday, May 8, the spokesperson of the two clans, Shaike Omaru Kamara said, the two clans have unanimously agreed to gain a district status.According to Mr. Kamara, based on their agreement, two clans have collected a signature of over 5,000 people—who hailed from 54 towns and villages or hamlets for the sole purpose of “good and effective governance” in local administration.Mr. Kamara explained among other things that the district, when created, would be bounded on the North by Tahamba Clan, Kolahum District and Tengia Clan of Foya District; on the South by Lucasu Clan, Kolahum District and Kongbah District, Gbarpolu County; On the West by Kissi Tongi Chiefdom, Kailahum District, the Republic of Sierra Leone; running through the customary boundary between Guma-Menda Chiefdom of Vahum District, and the Gbandi Chiefdom of Kolahum District; and on the East by the Lucasu Clan, Kolahum.He explained, among other things that the power of the district when created shall have the right and legal capacity to sue and be sued, plead and be pleaded before any court of competent jurisdiction, and at the same time, do all other acts that are usually done by similar corporate bodies within the country.The new Act, which copy is in possession of this paper, said the corporate powers and authorities of the district shall be exercised by a district commissioner appointed by the President, and assisted by a Clerk; interpreter; manager; a caretaker; and those other positions as are required by law, all of whom shall be elected at a district meeting.Mr. Kamara said, in addition to the fiscal budget by the central government, the district shall have the power to ordain or promulgate development ordinances or regulations, which will not be inconsistent with the Constitution of Liberia.According to the spokesperson, “the people themselves initiated this process by generating funds for its process, and we are working and our people ears are open for it enactment into law.” The chairman of Lofa County Legislative Caucus, Senator Sumo G. Kuppe, who received the petition on behalf of his colleagues from both Houses, promised to work with both Houses to ensure that the Wanhasa District is created. Senator Kupee, however, urged other lawmakers from the county, including Representatives Moses Kollie, Clarence M. Massaquoi, Saah Bamba and Eugene Fallah Kpakai to ensure that the Act is placed on Legislative agenda for next Tuesday.Rep. Massaquoi and his colleagues from the Lower House agreed to have the Act on the agenda on next week for further deliberation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Samsonite Australia has

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterSamsonite Australia has launched its first-ever sustainable collection, the Spark SNG Eco suitcase. Made out of textiles engineered from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles and genuine cork material, Recyclex is promoted as being “as durable and reliable as Samsonite’s polyester fabric made from virgin materials.”Cork material serves as a nature-conscious alternative for the polyurethane trim on the carry handles, logo, ID tag and back protection, making Spark SNG Eco a strong, tactile and trendy option for travellers. Plastic waste is a critical global environmental issue that communities cannot ignore. To address this issue, Samsonite has been working tirelessly to create sustainable materials that are suitable for travel and lifestyleproducts.“Sustainability is a priority that runs through our products, from our hands to consumers. We recognise that travellers are increasingly aware of environmental protection and looking for ways to reduce theirenvironmental footprint,” said Subrata Dutta, President of Samsonite Asia Pacific.“We are proud to present the first wave of Eco Collection in Asia, as part of our commitment to increasing the sustainability of our products with more responsible and environmentally friendly materials. We expect to generate stronger awareness of environmental protection in the market, and will continue to seek opportunities to maximise the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products and packaging.”“Samsonite is excited to work towards even more sustainable products while sustaining the passion for making high-quality bags and accessories.”In 2018 and 2019, Samsonite will launch at least 30 product lines worldwide that are made from recycled materials such as rPET or recycled polypropylene.The new SPARK SNG ECO will be available to purchase from leading luggage retailers and online in three sizes (55cm, 67cm and 79cm) and prices ($349, $465 and $499 respectively).All Samsonite travel products include a ten-year global limited warranty.See www.samsonite.com.auGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more