Senior loses over 10000 to bank scam

Norfolk OPP say a senior lost $10,000 in a bank scam.The senior got a call from a woman claiming to be a bank manager, who said a teller had stolen money from their accounts.The victim was asked to help catch the thief by withdrawing large sums of cash and to purchase Google play cards from stores throughout Norfolk County. The victim was again contacted to obtain activation codes from the cards.The suspect made other attempts to obtain more money but hung up after being told the police were going to be called.“The painful irony of this scam is that it is an honest individual’s desire to help catch a criminal that ends up turning that person into a victim,” Norfolk OPP Const. Ed Sanchuk said in a news press release. “Luckily, there are a few simple precautions that individuals can take to ensure they don’t fall prey to this type of fraud.”Here are some tips:Neither a bank nor police will ever request that you assist in an undercover investigation or ask you to withdraw money from your accounts. If you receive such a suspicious call, hang up and call police. Never give out personal bank information over the phone unless you have called your bank and they ask questions to verify your identity. If you do need to withdraw a large sum of money for a legitimate purpose, request a bank draft or a money order as this ensures only the intended recipient is able to access the money. Criminals will not accept these forms of payment because it creates a paper trail that can be used by real investigators to track the fraudsters. Check your bank statement frequently and report any irregularities to your bank as soon as you notice them. read more