The golden hat of Korean barbecue have all joined in support of what

in many catering business projects, what food items can keep food production the original natural flavor, presumably non barbecue must go, this is one reason why people are so love to eat barbecue! So so many brands to join the brand barbecue sales market is relatively good, small series recommended for you to the South Korean barbecue.

golden straw Korean barbecue accurately grasp the Chinese food and beverage industry in the current economic development trend of the market came into being, once listed on the concern of investors. Golden straw Korean barbecue join with you to share the feast of wealth. Golden straw Korean barbecue is a very good platform to join the South Korean barbecue barbecue what support?

gold straw hat Korean barbecue join support what?

join support as follows:

market analysis guide

new customers, the company will look at the shopping district, lot assessment, competitive environment in a timely manner to make investment analysis report, to help the golden straw hat barbecue buffet to make a rational choice to improve the success rate of shop.

opening activities support

provides a detailed plan of opening and opening props, propaganda materials, and provide a range of staff training, guidance on display data, help the investment gold hat barbecue buffet agent started successy in local market.

store decoration support

for the investment of gold straw hat barbecue barbecue free of charge to provide free size measurement, drawing design, material procurement, engineering decoration, construction supervision and other professional information to ensure a unified image standards and decoration quality.

logistics distribution support

professional distribution division to assist you in distribution, and provide logistics services timely and accurately, according to the new listing period and the gold hat barbecue buffet franchisee sales, inventory, timely dispensing products, to ensure that the products enter the market quickly.

Xiaobian introduce finished, you should know the gold hat Korean barbecue join what support, so much support for the franchisee can easily make money! If you want to invest in gold hat Korean barbecue please give us a message on our website below, we will have the staff to get in touch with you in the post, but also to provide you with more similar brand.

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