With forgiveness harvest grateful return

what would you do if your child was beaten for no reason at all? Each person’s treatment may be different, and for me, once encountered such a worry. Although the son was not me as a PDA, but easily I will not fight. A chance, but he was a slap in the face of a customer. The cause of the matter is this.

son and a bunch of kids around a car play catch. When you are playing jubilant, a man from the car down, indiscriminately began to beat, my son and another child is to bear the brunt of one person he slapped, when all the children are scared. In a hurry, a child ran to the store and told me that my son was beaten.

I came to the car, looked at his son’s swollen face, as well as those five finger printing, distressed bad. After the perpetrators hit the child, actually returned to the car, the door closed, no one is called to open the door. What should I do? Son was so beaten in vain? I did not lose my temper, and told all the children are dispersed, their respective home. And then criticize his son, should not run around the car back and forth, if it is not naughty not all right? The son is very wronged cry, I can only let him go home, oneself slowly wait for this person out.

finally he did not come out, and later his family came, I see, is not too familiar with the customer, she has long known from other people’s mouth after the matter. The first thing I saw was an apology. Said his home recently much husband, the mood is not good, can drink, or doesn’t take the kids. Finally, she took out the spare car keys to open the door, smell the car of gas, I can not speak, and told her everything, the child does not matter. Let your uncle after drink wine, on their own are not good for others. She repeatedly thanked me.

son was beaten for no reason, the most distressed is me, but to see the drunk unconscious, to see his family’s apology, I can only forgive. I was forgiven, but the other child’s parents quit. Their own children from small to large, they are not willing to touch it, what can he do with wine can play? Nor can a scoundrel. The child’s grandparents found me, and I was determined to send the man to prison. The child’s father is the head of a police station.

faces two angry old man, I can only persuade them, so they don’t get excited, it slowly. Because I repeat my words, they are able to listen to, in my comfort, they get home. Both sides are their customers, are next door neighbours on who is not good, harden, moreover I also victims of events. What should I do? Things to deal with.

in her husband’s intervention, after several days, on both sides of the enlightenment, to help the batterer apology, say yes, >

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