Beauty embarked on the road of innovation and Entrepreneurship Model Training in fishing gold


may not be a model of girls who are dreams, and ultimately realize their dreams are not many, it seems in the eyes of the public, the model is usually difficult to business, and the zero based teenager has insisted on their own, the model dream and found a different business opportunities.

19 at the age of zero based Hu Na because of "fun", took part in the second session of the Southern new model contest. Who knows, all the way through, the final "kill" into the top ten. Since then, Hu Na has forged a bond with the model industry. Although halfway because of this and that reason, have to change the idea. But really have to give up, but not give up. For the love of the modeling industry, Hu Na and his partner, who founded his own company, Miley deductive models of institutions, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

the origin: a strange dream

16 years old, Hu Na never thought he would have any relationship with the model. She tried to practice running, walk the road of sports. However, the inherent physical weak, even if a lot of effort, but also can not achieve the desired objectives. One night in April, Hu Na had a strange dream. In the dream, a girl repeatedly said to her: "you should do the model, the model is suitable for your development path!"

into the top 50, was the first to receive professional physical training every day, wearing 10 cm high heels, morning dance, afternoon go to taiwan." Hu Na told the author that the training intensity is too big to be able to retire immediately. However, in the end still insist on down. And, to everyone’s surprise, the zero based 19 year old girl actually go all the way, has been "killed" to 10.

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