Express courier industry development gap 700 thousand

for many people, the courier industry do not know much, in fact the courier industry salary is relatively good, but five social insurance and one housing fund basically no, so the courier industry often vacant, with the rapid development of express industry, caused a great national gap.

and other positions, the courier recruitment information usually wages to write more clearly, but the "five social insurance and one housing fund" often keep from talking about. In addition to the major electricity supplier, the major courier companies have begun to prepare for the double eleven, one of the most critical than courier recruitment. According to statistics, the national courier gap of about 700 thousand people, the monthly salary is usually more than 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan is also common.

the highest 15 thousand yuan minimum seven thousand yuan

according to the State Post Bureau, this year during the double eleven, express business volume will exceed 500 million, 346 million compared to the same period in 2013, an increase of nearly 50%.

5 package, equivalent to 37% of the Chinese people or the world’s total of 8% people each parcel of 1. And these express a single amount if allocated to various courier companies, courier companies will also usher in ten thousand parcels a day. In the electricity supplier who are busy at the same time, providing logistics support courier companies have begun to busy.

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