2011 Mid Autumn Festival moon cake

felt the Qixi Festival romance has not dispersed, it immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, for this year’s moon cake manufacturers, but they are too busy! All businesses began playing the moon cake sales promotion war, cannot do without advertising, then the 2011 moon cake promotional advertising language what? Xiaobian finishing 2011 mid autumn moon cake sales advertisements hoping to help you.

2 traditional style moon cakes lead a person to endless aftertastes.

3 soft cool autumn moonlight.


6 month is the hometown moon cake passion


10 in a good mood in taste. The moon gave you the true taste of life


11 puket partings.


Dipai storm!

18 celebrate the national day, to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

20 doxmaex doxhoj mid autumn day enjoy the wonderful world of fun.

is home next month, love is a strong family, family gifts convey blessing forever


send love gift recommendation – sea the moon, puket. With a bright moon, it can be a romantic life, moon cake – Moon represents your heart. Send a friend to recommend a gift – childhood, parents are mountains, grew up, friends are mountains. A gift to you family and friends, profound friendship, share in.

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