90 entrepreneurs should be how to correctly understand the nternet

Internet industry has brought about great changes to our life, it also brings a lot of convenience to our life, is to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrepreneurs, so for the 90 entrepreneurs, how should the correct understanding of the Internet?

"thinking of the Internet and I have what relation"

and other active entrepreneurs choose this road entrepreneurs different, financial law graduate, Zhang Tianyi never thought of going to entrepreneurship. For him, this is more like a passive choice, because of fear, want to escape the current highly constrained real life and had to make a choice, "I don’t know what the venture will make me better, but I don’t know that business will only make me worse".

"for 90 you do not understand, just listen to"
Yoon sang love Adidas slogan "All  in  or  nothing" to explain their understanding for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship must have the courage, not afraid to lose will not lose. In his opinion, 90 entrepreneurs have become a vital force, and this group will also become cynical people entrepreneurial spirit, which is also one of the reasons why 90 entrepreneurs will have strong concern at the moment.

"people and products need to constantly iteration of

mentioned his future plan, said Gao Yang programmers has come of age, they are a group of people the most productive. If you can put together this group of developers, to provide them with the most professional platform, you can help the Internet and mobile Internet industry to become better.

"dream on the road again even after"
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