Children’s clothing store location three steps to do more money

many friends want to open children’s clothing store, this idea is good. If you have an idea, you should have an action. First, find a treasure house for your children’s clothing store. What a lot of children’s clothing store? Shop location, the children’s clothing store business has a great impact. Children’s clothing store location skills, the three step to teach you to find treasure.

1. grasp the flow is the money flow principle

in heavy traffic, shop bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. Because the flow of people is a potential source of tourists, as long as you sell goods or services provided to meet the needs of consumers, will have a good performance.

2. note for

systemSelection and business content

The second step:

for further investigation

in the preliminary selected shop location, should be comprehensively investigated further, do some investigation and analysis of the situation, in order to decide whether to end on this point. The main investigation of the following aspects: the situation of the store itself; the background of the landlord.

third step: take the fancy store

as soon as possible

once found the ideal store, entrepreneurs must make a prompt decision, shot quickly, as soon as possible to take a fancy store, it is very likely to be due to Undue delay may bring trouble., you hesitate while others lead to missed opportunities The early bird catches. How to get the store? Negotiation is of vital importance.

on a good price for the shop rent, the rent is often a fixed cost is the largest, with the landlord bargaining before, you should first have a spectrum, a first self can accept the high price, this price must be:

1. Do you think you are sure of affordable. Especially if you have to pay a certain amount of rent for a few years to see if you have the ability to pay;

the budget, is estimated to earn money;

to the nearby similar facade see children joined price is basically the same, that is more reasonable. And then according to this set the highest rent price, compared to the landlord of the room

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