Three tips to allow the steady increase in the profits of lighting stores

city to build, home decoration, which can not be separated from the lighting products. As far as investors are concerned, it is not wrong to spend a little money to open a shop. So how can we win more profits? Never lose everything? Don’t worry, there are three techniques that are very practical and can be used as a reference.

1, decoration skills: first note: (1) not less than 2 ceiling height. 8 meters; (2) lighting store decoration is not too bright, do not have too much natural light; (3) the ceiling and wall lamp installation position should fully consider the size of reserved area; (4) the main color decoration color should be a secondary color, no more than 2. The color is too much too complex, will play the opposite effect.

skills 2, product style, quantity and variety of style: not too much, each product is not more than 3 kinds of colors, each no more than 3& mdash; 5 is appropriate, when purchasing products and to consider the price and market positioning, and the relationship between color and store style, do not cause the backlog.


3, before the opening of the necessary skills: 2 meters tall a word ladder; a percussion drill; the size of screw knife, a pliers, a small hammer, insulating tape, several self tapping screws.

mastered these three skills, lighting stores to steadily increase certainly no problem. Of course, investors need to have more knowledge of the operation, because only in this way can we grasp the knack of shop. If you open the lighting stores, do not forget to choose a good investment project is the key.

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