Shop location to consider what aspects

although many people know the shop location is a complicated work, we need to consider the content very much, however, really need to consider what factors, has become a problem plaguing many investors. So, shop location to consider what aspects?

1, touch customer

"touch the customer" is here is not the peak passenger flow, you can calculate the traffic timing cundian survey. And pay attention to pedestrians or is in a hurry to understand; pedestrian traffic peak time and scarce time and customers at this time to stay, these are the needs of the on-the-spot investigation content.

2, touch location


although the approximate location has been determined, but some details can not be ignored. For example, the store where the road? How about directions? How is it going? Is it at the intersection? Under normal circumstances, the location of the store should consider the location of the selected road and road topography, because it will directly affect the store’s building structure and traffic.

usually, shop floor should be with the road on a horizontal plane, in order to facilitate customer access to the shop. In the range Front Gate toward marked South as the ideal range. Refers to the direction of the store where the customer flow. For example, in our country the right to cultivate the habit of the right line, so that the choice of imports in the store should be on the right. Such specific circumstances, too numerous to mention, you need to go to a specific investigation.

3, touch traffic

"traffic is smooth, money is flourishing." The store around the traffic must be convenient, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and customers to send the. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the adverse situation, such as one-way street, prohibit vehicles from the streets, etc., which will result in a reduction in traffic to a certain extent.

4, touch opponent

"peer dense passenger originally", this is already the old business. Stream of people to attract people, business to attract business, business to everyone to do, in order to create a party prosperity. Therefore, in the study you have to look at whether there was the same kind of goods and operate their own businesses, how many, whether it has reached a certain scale, the competition room where there is no space for our development, these need to be considered.

site to a crucial role for a late shop business however, exactly what factors will need considering the work site, once plagued by numerous people, and have a small series of these reports, now you know the answer?

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