How to promote seasonal clothing

after the beginning of autumn, autumn rain is like a cold, for stores, natural also arrived at the end of the season, so this season clothing promotion has become a very normal thing. However, these clothes in the end how to promote, but also plagued many operators. So, how to promote seasonal clothing?

clothing is a strong seasonal goods, this season’s clothing if sold, the next season will not sell, so every season, each store will find ways to solve the inventory. So in such a fierce competition in the apparel industry, in order to sell the clothing store, it is not easy.

then the seasonal clothing how to successfully sell out? Many businesses will choose to do activities, promotions. So, how to do in order to maximize profits? Today, a lot of businesses in order to clear inventory, played a price war, to low prices to consumers’ purchase rate, often the result is that the value of the brand has been weakened, lost his wife and fold soldiers". So in the seasonal clothing promotion, we should follow some principles, for the purpose of planned.

here, for you a few tricks to carry out promotional activities, we hope to help the promotion season. How to promote seasonal clothing?

1. discount price, "the N fold"

although this promotion is very old-fashioned, but this is the way consumers are most willing to accept, although not suitable for season wear, but the next season can be used, but the price is more affordable. However, before the discount promotions, we have to grasp a degree, must not be because of the last quarter to clear inventory, and the value of the brand pulled down.

2. to provide customers with clothing solutions, with more than a combination of discount

The effect of

in the season now collocation consumers to buy clothing are very focused on the set of clothing, often need to buy a jacket from head to toe, from the inside to the outside of a configuration, including the inside of the collocation small shirt, pants or skirt pants and shoes, bags, accessories and even have to re purchase.

According to the characteristics of

complete the purchase, the merchant can be their own shop when the season and out of season clothing collocation together, then the launch of a garment, the combination of a discount, if only choose one cannot enjoy such a big discount package. I believe in this temptation, as long as the business enough to match the personality style, it must be able to impress consumers. This combination of discount promotions can drive sales growth, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales profits.

During the two with

3. sales price, stimulate consumption

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