How to become a billionaire


glass can be seen everywhere in daily life we may not put in the mind, that you may know that the market will more than ninety percent glass is produced by the protagonist, who is it, let us look at his wealth process.

Cao Dewang was born on 1946 in Fujian, Fuqing, is the founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass group. Fuyao Group was founded in 1987, is currently the first Chinese, the world’s second largest automotive glass manufacturers. He is not offering entrepreneurs, not claiming to "send a box of moon cakes", with good personality to work; he is a Buddhist, since 1983 for the first time Cao Dewang accumulated donations, individual donations amounted to 5 billion yuan, that money is applied, but is "small good". In May 30, 2009, Cao Dewang won Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur award.

"I’m like the hero of Slumdog Millionaire."." Cao Dewang once described himself. He is the "Glass King" and "benevolent king", 9 years old to go to school, to be forced to drop out of school at the age of 14.

review of Cao Dewang’s career, in order to make a living in the streets to sell tobacco, selling a fruit, pull a scooter, repair a bike, month after month and year after year two meals a day of food, in the eyes of discrimination under the difficult living, tasted the unimaginable hardships.

these early years of suffering, so that Cao Dewang too early to experience the world’s well-being, but also honed his tough character. He firmly believes that by working hard to change the fate of his hands, he wants the whole family to live a better life".

"my father used to be one of the famous Yongan department stores in Shanghai. Because of the unrest, the parents decided to move back to their hometown – Fujian, Fuqing. When he left Shanghai, his father took his family to the oil tanker, and all his property was put on another ship. When they got home, the whole family did not return, only to get a reply, said that the ship sank! War years, one family should not call every day to work, watched the house suddenly became as pour as a church mouse."

in his memory for a long time, home one day only eat two meals, two meals are just some Tangtangshuishui to top hunger and cold. At that time they often feel hungry, do not become a mother to eat, but always soft to encourage the children: "to raise his head to smile, not to say that hungry, to have backbone, ambition!"

"rice can eat, clothes can be worn, the book is to read." Educated parents try to get them to read some books. At the age of 9 when he entered the school, read 14 years old, because the family was too difficult to drop out of school to go home cattle. But at that time, he picked up an empty love brother old textbooks, while enjoying a cowherd and read a few pages.


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