No culture is not uncommon and a peasant woman entrepreneurial success

today’s society is not only a diploma to work, as long as you have the ability you can think of the following her success, no culture is not surprising.

Tao Huabi is the founder of

: first started in spirit because of poverty, Tao Huabi did not read a large mumbo-jumbo. In order to survive, she went to work and put on a stall. In 1989, Tao Huabi with a little money to live frugally saved up, with four foundling brick built a house, a shabby restaurant named "affordable restaurant, monopoly jelly and cold. At that time, she specially produced a spicy sauce, as a kind of special seasonings mixed with jelly, the business is booming.

it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Astute she looked at the potential of spicy sauce, and then concentrate on research…… After several years of trial and error, she made spicy sauce flavor is more unique.

Second: to love the business in August 1997, "Guiyang Nanming old godmother flavor Food limited liability company formally, workers suddenly increased to more than and 200 people. At this point, for Tao Huabi, the biggest problem is not production, but from the pressure of management.

The secret of success of

in most people’s eyes, but these elements: the billionaire family property, such as Rockefeller; science and technology pioneer.

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