What are the essential business skills to invest in dry cleaners

now people’s living standard improved, the pursuit of quality of life has improved, many expensive clothes are opting for dry cleaning, invest in a dry cleaning shop very market prospects, so investment in the shop should have what skills?


What kind of laundry

investment scale, open a laundry, invest in a few million, hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. Clothing store is just a more traditional service model. Due to the small size of this model of investment, technical requirements, in the early development of the laundry industry recognized by everyone. However, in recent years, the clothing store model has been a strong impact. Although the collection clothing store just a few thousand dollars will join, will also receive free transportation, technology and personnel training and other services, but the profit component close to 50%, plus rent and staff wages cost, laundry shop profit is very thin.

self investment or franchise

many insufficient funds or smaller investors can choose to invest in individual laundry. The equipment can be purchased from the domestic washing equipment manufacturers, selection of imported equipment is relatively expensive. The investment of the fund should be decided according to the purchase of the equipment, the machine must be taken into account, and the rent, the salary, the cost of water and electricity, the supplies for the shop and the washing materials, etc..

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