How to improve the user experience of college website

Hello everyone, I’m a student at the shore. I am from the beginning of September 2006 the Chang’an University students network, at that time because there are a lot of interest in the construction site, and they began to slowly groping, up to now, the website has become a very important part of my life, I have slowly become a webmaster occupation. Today we are going to talk about how to improve the user experience of College websites.

1, why is it necessary to improve the user experience? User experience plays an important role in the development of College Students’ website. A good user experience of college students website, not only can win the search engine like, can bring more and more group of college students loyal users. For users, a good website is not simply about how excellent its program is, nor is it to see how beautifully its artists do, and more to see how good its overall user experience is.

2, to improve the user experience should grasp the principle of "I do college website", has always believed in Baidu’s motto: "user experience first.". I have been to this principle, some time ago there was a QQ winning advertisers contacted me and asked me to be his lower right corner of the floating price induced by advertising when the times is very generous, but I immediately rejected. I do website for three years, adhere to the idea is to give users a convenient, high-speed, safe University portal.

3, specific to do from those areas, college students are generally weak web site technology, therefore, website selection is critical. A web page layout art, image can be more experience in appearance, it can visually, vividly express those words cannot express information, easy to understand and accept visitors, a good grasp of the image processing, can increase the viscosity of the website, make visitors linger, more love your website, so you can design students professional art. Last but not least, content is king. We can do a questionnaire to collect things that students like, such as movies, cartoons, tours, essays and so on. Of course, we can do some offline activities on a regular basis, such as lottery and big party, which can improve the loyalty of users.

mentioned here today, what’s wrong please correct. Thank you. Original, this paper consists of the students Adsense welcome to reprint, please bring the link.

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