Watercress move can not move into the everyone footsteps

Despite the

mobile terminal, wasted between function and business model as well as the lack of UGC itself and so many difficulties, but this respectable Internet Co still stuck to their steps. But the cruel thing is that the world didn’t have as much time as it imagined.


in iTunes, the development of watercress App has 12, in Google Play, the number of 10 models, including the development of the lag of the bean notes iOS version last updated in 2012, with almost a dead. In the latest introduction of the "watercress" App 2 Android version launched, and because of the new broadcasting function has been added, watercress application death list will undoubtedly be more than one: watercress broadcast.

according to titanium media statistics, watercress has previously released watercress reading, watercress group, watercress film and other 13 independent APP, each of which is aimed at a segmentation function launched. In August 2014, watercress began to test a "watercress" APP, covering all the main types of watercress services. The details view titanium media had "watercress" APP article ": from the beta to fight the enemy separately group fight?", after the Arab North watercress still led so far, seeking new mobile.

as of February 1st, more than 20 thousand users to participate in the investigation and feedback of Douban, provides us with a quite typical detailed watercress user data sample to analyze the possibility of future mobile strategy and watercress the gains and losses of the company. Titanium media reporters sorted out the data:



survey shows that nearly 22% of the users don’t install this at the end of July last year to launch the App, more than 70% of users said that non App version of watercress can meet their needs, also has more than 18% users said do not know of this application.


an interesting fact is that users have been using watercress App, nearly 60% through watercress website to know it, and through watercress other applications and distribution channels users only less than 1/4.

, that is to say, in the sample of more than 20 thousand people, more than 60% of the main scene users watercress is still concentrated in the website, although since last year has obvious watercress has accelerated the move to promote the pace, but the traditional users into the mobile terminal user is not ideal.

let’s take a look at the other companies. As of the third quarter of 2014, public comment monthly active users more than 170 million, mobile phones accounted for more than 80% of the mobile terminal traffic, mobile terminal with more than 1.8>

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