Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was denounced by well known professors

I moved who cheese? Shenzhen grassroots webmaster was a well-known professor denounced as an article reprinted, Shenzhen grassroots webmaster by social celebrity instructors exposure and condemnation. A celebrity, Professor, tutor for a good grassroots station suspected of plagiarism in his original content, violated his intellectual property rights, and one will be analysis of the event and denounce the exposure station.

with the rise of the Internet, in the network is also more and more strong, the rise of network culture, also caused the network spread information reprint spread, a lot of information and personal site for rich web content, most of them are the acquisition and reproduction of multi site, some webmasters and content editing will also do some sorting and modification of the original article, but because of the Internet, many of the original copyright statement has been the loss of the original author’s intellectual property rights have been infringed.

for the prevention of network original articles, intellectual property wanton tampering phenomenon, and some webmaster and content editor in finishing the article, can respect the original intellectual property rights, is a public topic.

, and the original author who rights can adopt what approach is also a social topic.


incident originated from an exposure article by Professor Liu’s official site,, id=6016

, and posted a similar announcement on several blogs, and held onto the site, pushing the site’s Shenzhen seo web site doctor to a hostile copy of the site,

professor Liu Xianming is a nationally renowned teacher,

is China’s ten largest enterprise management consulting guru, the ten major trainers, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association (under the domestic development research center) evaluation expert

fine management engineering founder, China’s first "signing general manager"

and Chinese Enterprise Association Training Center Professor, trainer, President of Tsinghua University, class teacher, class teacher, University of Science and Technology Beijing MBA Wuhan Institute of Technology Professor, adjunct professor at the XiangFan University, the Chinese economic management network, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, Shanghai fujibrand enterprise management consulting Ltd., Shenzhen Wande enterprise management consulting company, more than 20 consulting, training institutions and experts members or consultants, occupation training, China Construction Industry Association researcher, Zhaopin, Chinese chemical enterprise management association and other agency partners; China outstanding enterprises – Beijing Air Force Corps (ten Corps Chinese airport construction tenth), the four star hotel Castle Hotel in Suzhou and other units the perennial consultant and honorary title.

to a nationally renowned teacher and celebrity, to a grassroots webmaster such a statement, grassroots webmaster should how to deal with?

cited the citation of an article and added the site to a copy of a copycat and malicious tamper

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