5 classic cases teach you how to use the long tail to solve the electricity supplier inventory

local Internet market there has been a lot of "destocking" thinking, that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market sensitive enterprises, the Internet is not the world’s profit head of the sense of superiority, but the tail length. Books, electricity providers, vip.com, Yu Ebao and network homemade drama, are typical of the long tail model.

since the development of Internet, the "long tail theory" has been repeatedly verified, suspended dance that this theory is the most characteristic of the thought of the Internet, in the industry can find the valuable tail is often the Internet world profit king.

"long tail theory", in brief, that is, to abandon the market after the popular focus of greater capacity, and become "tasteless" for the treasure. The Internet is not respected head of the scarcity of resources value, weakening the time if the traditional enterprise is either this or that, the construction level, the channel is king, impassable, then the Internet business is to flow to the king, the shovel grade, the boundless plain. Therefore, the key to profitability in the Internet world is not the sense of superiority in the head, but the length of the tail. In hanging dance, the length of the tail depends mainly on two aspects, that is, the size of the industry market capacity and the intensity of the individual demand of the masses.

below, hang dance will elaborate on some "inventory" thinking (that is, to seize the industry long tail cut into the market) of agile enterprises and models, do a review and analysis:

Amazon / Dangdang: Book tail length

book publishing market increasingly large scale since Needless to say, reading for meaning is to be instilled in the growth. In the premise of universal education, different levels of different social roles of the people will have to own a readable book, the book of interest, therefore, the library resources abundant, personalized reading is the distinctive characteristics of the people in the choice of books. The Internet to break the geographical limitations, do not need to consider selling the shelves great restrictions of exhibition space, completely changed the way of selling books, can fully meet the reading needs of the individual, also increase the amount of reading the whole, that is the length of the tail books increased significantly. Therefore, whether it is Amazon or domestic Dangdang, the initial use of books long tail of great value to build their own electricity supplier kingdom.

Tens of thousands of

in the Amazon online bookstore merchandise in the book, a small part of the total sales accounted for half of the best-selling book, while most of the book, although the individual sales of small, but with many types can be taken Many a little make a mickle. other half of the total sales. A former Amazon Co employee brilliantly outlined the company’s "long tail" Nature: the books we sold in the past didn’t sell at all, much more than the books we sold in the past that could have been sold. The long tail phenomenon or the long tail effect warns us of the brilliance of the 28 laws in the Internet world.

same long tail also molded dangdang. This tail is valuable not only for books, but also for other commodities. According to the electricity supplier industry observers "East electricity supplier interpretation" point of view, books business platform can suck.

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