Grassroots Artist where’s your future

looking at the booming development of the domestic Internet, there is a new force that can not be ignored, that is our art designer,

at this stage, I divide the artist into the following categories:

* (not HTML rookie level graphic code) P will not design diagram.

* (point HTML) general graphic drawing, not to mention design.

. Get art (point HTML) map ok.

. Web page, read and write XHTML+CSS, familiar with CSS, do good.

* senior web designer, web software, familiar with the code or in art background, have their own ideas.

. The professional front expert! For the time being, I’ve been working hard.

In addition to above

after class two, in front of all art (hereinafter collectively referred to as being replaced by MG), the first occupation focuses on the not me, but spare time at leisure, the Internet bubble, get a little extra money to earn some money for cigarettes. Now, what are the main ways to make money in MG?

1, bubble webmaster frequented forums, websites do LOGO, banner, deal with some pictures.

2, or to some program developers forum to do free style release, and rely on the some template list.

3, go to Witkey, pig eight quit, do a back witkey.

4, more to Taobao shop, or do shop decoration.

5, the level of

have good points of their own personal behavior, in order to meet some special MG.

6, understand the procedures used, you can also pick up some local enterprises, stations, brochures do.

‘s brain is limited, and I know about that, but I don’t know if you’ve figured out how much you can get in a month,


is now the market to make a website LOGO. 100 people give you a cut in half, well, do it, no matter how much, a decent LOGO at least have to spend 1-2 hours, over to the customer, do not have lots of opinions. So to say, from the customer and QQ consider your reputation and price level to the sword knife, then to your design – to the customer back to modify a LOGO spent a total estimated time to add a piece of 5-6 hours! (good luck), my friend a few seconds to make paper gold a few hundred, ah, ready to change investment to calculate……

change to do procedures template, and now some of the forum template price is simply cabbage prices, 100-200 can call what the same order, are some pseudo MG in which to engage in market confusion

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