Analysis of SEO website ranking strategy for large portal station

a friend said SEO is cheating, not all people think so, as long as the search engine in place, there will be a SEO optimization work has always been the case, before this, the future will be like, we just do a SEO site move, did not make much of the operation, and the large when doing SEO portal website ranking, more prominent cheating move, but in fact this is not cheating, so today with everyone together to explore large portal SEO website ranking strategy.

The title of the

large portal site

we took out three large site title to do comparison, [], [], Pacific. [ZOL list], when we search for the word "board" or other products in Baidu, we will find the following three different titles.

motherboard quote, motherboard Daquan, motherboard latest quote – Pacific products quote

[2014] motherboard motherboard list _ motherboard and pictures of the latest offer Daquan _ Yesky

[2014] motherboard motherboard list of what brand is good _ board recommended ranking list -ZOL


above the title, told us the keywords stack, and the title is directed to a search engine, we carefully analyze the demand in time, will find the board needs to be their three websites are satisfied, the title tells us, to meet the needs of users, users can more easily click ranking easier to. At the same time, the three title of the site needs only to meet three requirements, rather than more, this is a lot of enterprise website or blog application, we can see the other search keywords, many websites are in this way to improve their rankings.

large portal content

took over the Pacific site as an example, we search for the word "motherboard" into the Pacific web site will find the motherboard list, ich9m motherboard images have not only the title, the user needs, the content of construction is to meet the needs of users. When the competition is too strong, we need to do is not only to meet the needs of the three title, we also need to increase the added value of the site, then the added value over the Pacific have classified carefully, products can be compared, can contact the merchant to buy more, to provide information such as IP classification to regional quotation and related products and you. Simply put, you attract users through titles and retain users through content. Click through rate, jump out rate less, ranking is not difficult.

large portal interactive

we do personal blog may want to make a comment box to interact with the user, but we do not consider the enterprise site, to allow users to evaluate the product interaction, we carefully analyze large sites can be found in the Pacific, Inc. all user comments, especially the Pacific site, we can see.

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