Group wars why do you have to share

Groupon in the United States to buy group fire, and then by Wang’s group of American networks led, in the twinkling of an eye on the domestic rush to hundreds of buy site. In fact, China’s large population, coupled with the Chinese people prefer to take advantage of small advantage, the group buying market in China is not enough fire to make people strange, but I wonder why so many group buying site. Plagiarism has been Chinese people are good at practice, even the domestic Internet giant Tencent Inc, many of its products are copied copy, lend yourself enough QQ client and active users, make their products on-line soon to get the user’s heart! In fact it may only count a kind of imitation, sometimes we love study of celebrity talk, love Star Dress, is not suitable for, not we care, we care about is that there is no user approbate! Companies pay attention to profit is a profit that will not pass, as long as the money, what about copy, who has the ability to develop a set of a the prospect of the products come out, no one can do it, if you will only Moshouchengui remain in a proper sphere. The appropriate time, favorable conditions can play plagiarism! But to weigh your can do, not all products are suitable for you, today we will talk about why you can’t copy the copy group purchase website groupon.

              is not optimistic about the prospects of the group purchase website, because his model is too simple, is simply to provide a price discount to the volume of such goods, the buyer is the biggest beneficiary right, but we want to group purchase site to profit instead of doing public service, China at present a flock of hundreds of group purchase website, the city is currently first-tier cities, because in other small city this pattern is difficult to promote city consumers online shopping and online shopping when love only the promotion of the market, the average down, one of the city of Beijing, the number of group purchase website in and you sell the same products consumers and service? Is very tricky, they can always find things cheaper, but also not satisfied if you want cheaper products other than you website in order to save consumers you cheap Only the price, so at no profit, even if you keep prices high and consumer users, so you don’t have much money to be made! And this website has the advantages of simple structure, easy to copy, just individual or team can easily make a group purchase website, investment is very low, so there will be now baituan or even a few hundred regiments of the situation, but don’t copy that can be copied, others can copy products, do group purchase is a real prospect of nothing, no matter you are of no use of manpower and capital to large company called in to the final plagiarism found himself without a little bit of characteristics, what you get to compete with big companies? People plagiarism means than you clever, human capital and the investment promotion will be a lot more than you, this time, you will cross


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