Local forum for a week to talk about experience


forum does, in a week. It’s not that easy. I am in a small county with a very small network, with a population of 500 thousand, but there are few people on the Internet, even though there has been a trend of growth. But Internet users’ understanding of the Internet is still a small stage.

IP200, PV8000, this is a very plain figure, GG has included, Baidu is not included, this is a normal thing, do a week county forum, was not easy, write a few words to share with you under.

1, county users rely on QQ group. The netizen is almost one hundred percent for the QQ group depends on the network communication and to solve the problem of the platform has been fully attached to the QQ group, depending on the forum is almost 0, which is caused by the network developed, can only rely on the human propaganda.

2, stick it. Stick as a local forum typical competitors, long time, simple operation, high popularity, not good beyond. However, as long as you stick to the post bar propaganda, a little accumulation, there will always be someone coming.

forum and paste it compared, functional and interface is a breakthrough, which is selling points. On popularity, at least my forum and paste it can not be compared.

3, practical. The utility of local forum pay attention to also do not do it, because I do not in the home counties, a lot of practical cooperation and shops have no way out, do not know this step should be how to operate, if who have this experience, hope to feel free, thanks in advance

4, included. County for GG almost completely abandoned, and 99% is the world of Baidu. For Baidu, this is a real hassle. Hey.

5, activities. Currently, this piece is already in preparation. Whether online or offline, we must do, and the local forum can not live without activities,

temporarily thought of so few, welcome to the forum for the local people for me to help


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