Ways to improve the integrity of the website in the user’s mind


because of the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people have access to the Internet industry. At the same time, it also brings a lot of problems, such as honesty, deception and so on. Some people use the Internet to make ill-gotten gains, also some people use the Internet to do good. As a famous man says, there are good people and bad people everywhere. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, this is the world, and this is the earth.

well, the first step is to give him a believable mind when the user enters the website, so that he can browse the page further. How can you let the site leave a good impression on the user’s first impression? There are no doubt four points. An interface, the user enters the first glance of a web site must be the interface. So the interface is friendly. Two content, if the entire site 90% is copied, what’s the use?. Three function, simple is good, but in the eyes of users do not think so. Four, third party signs. The following I will explain these factors one by one.

improve integrity factor one: friendly interface


interface is a site of the face, even if you don’t change better, don’t get out of order, although the disorder is a kind of beauty, the first feeling but you don’t forget a web interface to give new users how important it is, he is directly related to its users will become a reference parameter a standard old user or loyal users, the interface must be clean and tidy, no dislocation occurred in the tail, if this is the case, they do not modify, then find a friend or modify the necessary payment. Like a villa with a house of the same difference, who looks good, who do not look good, fool all know. Therefore, the first step to do the station is to have a friendly and concise interface. This way, even if the optimization, they are comfortable to look at some bar.

improves confidence factor two: original content

I want to see many webmaster about the content of the paragraph when looking at other people’s experience, no doubt he is the necessary part of the website products, can not be a lack of content, is to give users see, even if the contents are not open to the sub station. There are three kinds of content: reproduced content, pseudo original, original. Three kinds of content, if used in the same website, you can do the original. The original is the best content, even if your writing is poor, write not very good-looking, but the user won’t blame you for what, it is possible to cater to the part of the user’s appetite, this is not to retain some? And about writing skills is to write more, Practice makes perfect..

will gradually improve, the key is that you have to write, dare to write, willing to write. The pseudo original content most of the webmaster love just change the title, paragraph, change the format just teasing the user directly or cheat search engine trouble. This is a performance that is irresponsible to people and to them. Reprint content is the worst content, because you turn, others also turn, turn to

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