Discussion on the future development of independent online shop

saw an article about the current development of an independent online shop at A5 a few days ago and felt quite touched. So today, I also follow this article for the first chapter, to express what I think is the current development trend of independent online shop.

independent shop, 2011, I still can’t find a job back home when I heard a friend say, is very popular in Jiaxing area of the shop market, then go to see a friend before the network company, company executives told me that our shop has the largest market in Jiaxing area is you! Why don’t you do

independent shop?

actually, a long time ago, I wanted to make my own independent online shop. In Jiaxing, sweaters, furs, foreign trade clothing and down garments are all strong points, and they have great market prospects. If you open a shop, perhaps the market is very good,

, but is it really that good? I gave it a huge question mark. Why do you have a question mark? I’ll share my feelings with you,


first, the development of independent shop, need to mature Internet environment, and this is precisely the current China most! China does not lack good VC, China is not lack of money, but the lack of a strong guarantee Chinese integrity. This is the crux of the problem.

integrity, in China’s current Internet environment, is the most missing. Although he has been crying for years, he has been in a difficult condition. The lack of trust between people and people, and lack of integrity between the company and the employees, lack of integrity between the company and the company, the people and the society lack of honesty, so excuse me, in such a society, how can we do this


second, missing third party, if you buy the product in a not too famous shop, after the purchase, in case of fakes, how can we return, we and how to safeguard their rights and interests, these are worthy of study! If there is a third party organization, he can help consumers to safeguard the rights and interests, he can stand in the perspective of consumers to deal with the problem, so I think this shop business will be relatively better.

third, product sales need a big environment. Once, I put my mind to open an independent shop told me a friend of the company, and then he said, the lack of independent shop a large environment, for example, you go to the market to buy things, there is a great environment for your service, there will be a number of customers will go to the market to buy things, and this can be compared to the current market, Taobao, foreign amazon. But if you change into a small, unknown shop, you may need to spend more experience and money is publicity, this is much harder than in the Taobao shop, difficult,


well, said the above three, it means that the independent shop is doomed? It may not, if you want to shop at present, independent development, so only vigorously investment money, there is no other way.

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