Electricity supplier website skillfully set up shape development and upgrading can not be separate


site is now in total in forest, the electricity supplier website always so much as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, you can think of is that many electricity supplier website itself slowly do get some traffic, if the site itself has so much traffic, how to use to make further development of the website upgrade and here, some who upgrade website traffic methods simple.

Foundation: the flow of electricity supplier must not forget itself to do SEO promotion, SEO evolution itself must not be a retrogression, often interfere with our electricity supplier website will always be numerous games, will forget many things we do, to promote the things in a web site. The things you should do. A web site keyword ranking, website traffic is usually the search flow gives you, if not maintain, it is difficult to so many competitors in talent shows itself, sometimes a website is not difficult to do, but it is difficult to maintain in the future to go, a good site to do out of the final significance also lies in better maintenance down, maintenance is the biggest factor of a website can eventually develop independent.

under the general situation, the site will continue to follow the normal situation, process to go website, including a variety of activities, including group purchase, including all kinds of cooperation, and so are the most favorable for the search of their weapons, and the operation of the site, it is suitable as a Taobao shop the promotion, but the site is dynamic, is the need to continue with new activities, to build their own website category, one is to improve the quantity of products, on the other hand is constantly with your new activities to retain more users, such as in the double 11, many B2C sites are doing after the promotion, Tmall brother under the leadership of these activities will allow users to see a big difference.

first point: the function of the website, service nature, want to do

if there is a web site traffic, should first improve the user experience of the website, each to search by keywords, should observe the value of the key attributes of these, think about why users will buy things on your website? Generally speaking, I want to go shopping for a B2C the website, the website must give others enough trust value, the trust value including art ability, professional web page, for example, wheat bags, to see that this is a professional website for the bag, when we want to search the attributes of a bag of you to see this product page? In my opinion, I don’t want to, because this is not what I want, but if a business website keyword flow information such as these words, if not Get attention in the first impression, is likely to be closed on the first page, then there will not be any color, so, first of all, you should do more professional web design point, after all, Baidu.

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