Novice sentiment also talk about my webmaster career

really is the first contact computer in 2003 when entering university, then apply for the first QQ, and private QQ so far, the first contact network is very fresh, for what are curious, blind love ". I have something good to do. I’m not crazy about games. I like playing games occasionally, but I’m not addicted to them.

then chose the Internet application foundation, this course, the first time I heard FTP, HTTP, HTML, although at that time did not know what Dongdong, anyway, I feel very mysterious. The curriculum needs, began to make a personal website, every day to run the school room, as long as the school almost every day in the room, the weekend all day, sometimes have to grab the position earlier, was very cheap, 0.5 yuan / hour.

one day, found the NetEase of free space, remember the 3 level domain name is this is like.Netease, for one, and then put to pass up himself was proud hellishly website, actually several HTML pages only, then do not use FTP software, open FTP in ie the browser is very slow. When you can access through the web site, immediately sent to all the friends of the site to see, people do not see what to say, it is really rubbish, but they are very proud.

over the next 3 years, all aspects have begun to learn and understand, ASP, access, CSS, dreameawer, Photoshop, flash, firework, network security, operating systems, website promotion operations. Anyway, it’s something about the network, I know a bit, belong to the kind of net everywhere, no one is very proficient. During this time, it has also built several websites, mainly personal websites, as well as shopping malls and so on, which are all used in the mall system. But I didn’t build BBS and use CMS at that time. So the stumbling through the University for 3 years, fourth years of practice I began to enter the company. In the company from scratch, learning PHP, MySQL development, because of the foundation, and soon got started.

a year and set up a few bumps in the website, has classified information industry station, station and consultation of the site, the station is also used to write their own, Empire CMS, ECSHOP system built some station. Before these sites, I also as a try. Looking back now, the station did build a lot of money, but the money is very small, especially advertising unions, SMS alliances, and so on, and now this network environment is not good. I have always believed that the formal station, determined not to do garbage stations. The construction of the industry – network is a life and death struggle! Never seriously done standing, this time must spend great energy to do well, as long as I want to do, certainly no problem. This could be my only capital.

is my webmaster career safe enough?

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