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first, I learned, Taobao, so I want to open a shop, as in Taobao, Kaoshanchishan, local herbs rich, will open a shop to buy some rare traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine! At the beginning, we found a lot of problems, such as: how to choose the location, buy expensive or buy ordinary, so many shops selling medicinal herbs, which, how to decorate, decorate good, do not credit, a month out of business, in the heart! Do not know how to do? I began to hesitate.

no matter what the situation, we must adhere to, do things by half, and did not do a kind! Do Wangzhuan is the same, therefore, persistence is success! Now I have 100% Wangzhuan forum bfbwz.uueasy/ started to build me, I must adhere to do so, let the forum.

side is the big reshuffle of Internet banking, some companies quietly closed the platform, withdraw from the stage of the times;

industry analysis, go to the NYSE is mainly two reasons:

I am not what network master, do not know what the network technology, which is usually on the Internet, play games, watch movies, never wrote a blog, has not built a station, no awareness of it! What do not understand, only to start from scratch!, I began my study the network to make money through

stick! !

has experienced so much, I began to think, why am I not to earn money, every night a person I think, why? I finally found, I think at the beginning, is the lack of a

, as early as the end of 2015, Lu Jin has shown the intention of listing, but because of the "P2P market turmoil and the government will strengthen the supervision of doubt", IPO also postponed to 2017.

on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

in the first half of this year, I did a lot of Wangzhuan, at first stage, are very low income, but did not insist, give up! Every day looking for not getting paid Wangzhuan

/ pleasant loans on the NYSE bell

and select the listing, mainly in two directions, to interest Inn, pat loan as the representative of mutual gold start-up company, aimed at the nyse.

, compared with the overseas listing of start-up companies, "Ant King", "Jingdong finance" and "giant start-ups" represented by Lu Jin are

on the other hand, P2P lending club, China originator of overseas listed shares first mutual gold exchange pleasant credit, are successful in the new bell. "This means that the NYSE to become more familiar with the Internet business," 19 yuan Ding Yi said the founding partner of summer.

! But

then began looking for other network outlet, met Taobao customers, found that this method is good, for others to sell, my shop is not busy, I help the other shop sell, earn commissions, pretty good also, so give up my shop to make Taobao customers, for others to pull business, how to pull what kind of products, how to pull, promotion, I don’t know, after learning that blogs, forums, communities, such as can be, I had all tried a lot of fruitless results and found that the station! Well, rookie can station, I started my half the road of the site, built many stations are free two level domain name, the station is built, not popular, just know later, to what SEO, I began to study it, the results up to now still do not know what is SEO,

01 collectively listed?

in wild disorder, the regulation of landing, after the industry reshuffle, Internet banking to finally settled.

Abstract: while the Internet financial big reshuffle, some companies quietly closed platform, from the era of the stage; on the other side, many enterprises revealed the intention of listing bell.

but recently, whether Ma Yun, Ji Kui’s speech, the financial Jingdong from the Jingdong split, or fun shop, a pat on the loan to the NYSE listing application submitted mutual gold company seeking listing "speculation," has gradually become the real sound of the hammer".

"we may be listed in Hongkong, recently, in a Bloomberg Television Interview, Lu Jin co chairman and CEO Jikui born publicly.

on the one hand, the New York Stock Exchange relaxed restrictions, in addition to waiting for the SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission audit, "enterprises must profit for two years" is no listing of hard targets;

I was in early 09 began to learn on the job because of the higher, not smooth, he decided to resign, what did not consider, you decided to join the ranks of Wangzhuan

industry giants, through several rounds of financing, a road upgrade, come to market goal.

Internet banking station at the crossroads, began the "28" diversion.

over the past few years, the outside world on several mutual gold company when the listing of speculation, rumors continue.

do what thing, how are so difficult, I began to doubt myself, I really can make money, early to know, you should not resign! Half do not have much income, cost of electricity are paid or not, make what? Wasting a lot of time, the key is confidence suffered a serious blow! I hesitate!

is listed in Longmen, became so capable of God; and let his mirror, demons and ghosts……


is the year 2017, the meeting of wind and clouds.

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