Why can’t you make money onlineThe WannaCry virus is rampant all over the world but the network sec


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in April 13, 2017, Bloomberg reported on the crisis faced by the Tanium family business.

, a named WannaCry meaning "cry" the virus outbreak in more than 100 countries around the world, and at least 200 thousand computer, the U.S. Federal Express, the Spanish telecommunications company, the British national health system NHS, Chinese universities and oil and other state-owned enterprises, which are ranked by the virus infection list. The computer will move extorted hundreds of dollars worth of bitcoins, otherwise we can not unlock the virus control computer files, and the Internet virtual currency bitcoin this decentralized and is not controlled by any government or organization, so the importance of whether government, enterprises and individuals have deeply felt the problem of network security.

network security industry faced with rampant WannaCry virus have come forward, if they Touzhaoyue a bit too much, then it can be said that the industry the opportunity to show his face here. New York Times reported on May 12th, "digital security provider CrowdStrike financing $100 million", the Wall Street Journal on May 21st reported that "all IT work is now network security work."".


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however, a network security company called Tanium seems to be a bit happy, even though the company just announced a $100 million new round of financing in May 25, 2017.

1, accused of predatory employee options – the dreaded "Schindler list"


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wrote more than a year’s blog, has been writing technical articles, and sometimes found that the article is really nothing to write the technology. Today, Shao Lianhu blog with you to discuss a topic, why can’t you make money online business


Tanium was founded in 2007, is responsible for providing the software to help customers network mapping at breakneck speed, for example, to help customers need to update each computer antivirus software found in the internal network, or require the installation of the latest patch Microsoft Windows system. The original WannaCry virus in the global epidemic is a great opportunity to prove the company’s business, but a series of corporate culture and its executives seem unfortunately caught in the virus in the world before the outbreak of the media disclosure turnover tide series of troubles.

but now the start-up company is facing an unprecedented crisis. In the past year’s time, the company has at least ten executives leave or be fired, including the president of the company, the chief marketing officer, chief accounting officer and director of operations and finance.

I always thought I was unlucky, and I swear I’ll never do business again, so I can find a class easily. But, who is willing to go so hard to find work for others, but can not get their own future? If I have been working in this life, I have doomed this life, how can my child give him a good life,


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In May 12, 2017

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Orion Hindawi the company’s current CEO ten years ago and his father founded the Tanium, two sons and Dad, the company became the world’s most valuable Internet Security start-ups. The company software is used by government agencies and many multinational companies, including almost every major bank, to monitor and protect their equipment networks.

is a kid who has a dream, he was thinking about how to make money every hour and moment, how to realize their dreams, even though he had failed many times, as long as he has breath in, he will never betray his ideal. In fact, a person’s life is so dozens of people, some people tell the truth, how to spend a lifetime does not matter. But when the child is born, who will take care of them when their parents are old?


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