A theoretical analysis of Taobao’s popularityThe Jingdong work Bought two professional bands for th

3, Taobao customer marketing model has vitality.

The golden age of The

for webmaster, has been tangled is the website through what way profit, grassroots Adsense this problem is more prominent. Taobao guest website profit model is very clear, and that is selling products with commissions to make money. Direction, and need is how to implement.

1, Taobao customers clear profit model.

2 and SEO for Taobao passengers inserted wings.

Taobao customers through the development of the past few years, the traditional navigation model has gradually been like small industry, small product development. And continue to be sh419, rebate network, consumers themselves and so on challenges, but no doubt, Taobao customers will still be in the future for some time grassroots research and discussion of hot topics.

The emergence of

Jingdong group and President of 3C division, said Jingdong is building a game pan entertainment industry alliance. The first step, and deepen the game IP cooperation; the second step, to create the top gaming clan; the third step, in film and television, animation, sports and other pan entertainment cooperation. In the era of universal entertainment, entertainment will reshape people’s lifestyle, the mobile Internet will lead to a huge fan economy. Games, animation, film and television, literature no longer exist in isolation and development, but more integration symbiosis."

Jingdong announced the day before the game, the LPL team has completed the "QG" and "NON" LSPL team two team acquisition, renamed LPL occupation Corps segment "JDGaming" and "JoyDream" LSPL occupation Corps division, to enter the formal occupation league.

E-sports has arrived. In recent years, the scale of the global E-sports competition has increased by a blowout scale. In 2016, the global games market reached $696 million. Not long ago, "hero alliance" ultimate tournament in Chicago attracted 20 thousand people went to the scene to watch the games, as well as 43 million global online game player to watch, surpassing last year NBA finals of the 12 million the number of people watching. Gamma data statistics, the first quarter of 2017, the mainland China gaming game market revenue reached 18 billion 200 million yuan, 12 billion 800 million yuan rose 42% QoQ in the fourth quarter of last year. Game, video, the industry has become a new entrance of the flow, the game for consumers to contact all types of products provide new channels.


, vice president of

do not have to worry about products, owners need to do is sell, at this time, SEO, SEO what are the benefits of love, why Tao SEO is because, through precision marketing, SEO Traffic to your site, there are basically buying demand, can greatly improve the conversion rate. It can be said that only SEO can realize the maximum profit of Taobao customers, and achieve the maximum profit with the minimum input.

e-commerce development is inevitable, reasonable configuration of Taobao dispensers can realize only a reasonable division of labor resources for inbound shipments, no need to worry about the source of the problem; Taobao customer is responsible for sales, logistics and other products of headache don’t tube, two clear division of labor, profit sharing, several departments like a company like it! Taobao off mode has very strong vitality, is the inevitable result of market allocation of resources at the same time, through continuous practice of Taobao customers, also proved the feasibility of this distribution model.

website do know, only selling products is the most profitable, but for the grassroots, there is no product, no logistics, no hands, which are restricting us directly through the sale of products to make money bottleneck. Joining Taobao is the equivalent of giving you a product, and what you need to do is how to sell it as much as 50%, even in reality.

now 80% of the new Adsense, because the big and small Taobao customers earn money training and enter. It can be said that now 80% of the training are talking about, SEO do Taobao customers to make money. Then, the novice webmaster can only do Taobao customers? In accordance with the existence that is reasonable theoretical analysis, Taobao customers will have a reason. Here we analyze why so popular now amoy.


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LPL is the abbreviation of League of heroes and professional league. It is also the highest professional league competition in mainland China. It is the only channel for the Chinese mainland division to enter the annual invitational tournament and the global finals. LSPL refers to the League of League one, which is the new LOL professional tournament of the League of heroes, launched in 2014. In May of this year, the hero League global finals LPL spring Championship won 1 million 500 thousand dollars in one fell swoop.

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