Learn to search is an important method of WangzhuanYou need more female thinking patterns for ntern

if you don’t make money online, you just have to search for the results you need. If you want to make money through the Internet, you have to come up with common search skills.

Ø user requirements are perceived by


female thinking is a kind of perceptual thinking, but for a long time, the perceptual thinking is always the taboo of entrepreneurship. Indeed, in the past, you must be proficient in functional design, cost control, process control, governance and business relations, rational and smart, is the essential quality of entrepreneurial success, and even the only quality.

2 when you open the web page of search results, first of all to see whether this page is worth our reference, the content and positioning of the site has nothing to recommend, it is worth learning.

3 to contact the webmaster and add it as and webmasters become good friends, because his words can be routed to the first, his income is very high, at the same time to see the station’s ALEXA value, look at the daily flow of the station is much.

Many successful experiences on the

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but in today, the light is rational, but no use, at least not enough to make you a cow entrepreneur, the achievement of a bull enterprise. Because today’s business, in addition to considering your skills and operational capabilities, but also you need to have insight into human nature, insight into the user’s psychological ability, you need to think and feel like a woman.

is a joke, that is a bag production enterprises to design a more close to the consumers of the female package, dispatched personnel to market research, found that every girl looking for something from the bag is very difficult, all the data that bag design is unreasonable, there should be more interlayer. So, the enterprise immediately withdraw from a more layer bag on the market, advertising is no less, the market is not up. Enterprises have to resort to marketing experts, experts after a study found that women are like to enjoy slowly from the bag to find things.

network can be replicated. Chen Anzhi, a famous successful scientist, said, "if you want to succeed, you must first learn the experience of successful people.". So, before you start your network, let’s look at other people’s success and learn the skills of others. It can help us find the direction of success quickly and save valuable time. Let me first talk about how I can copy other people’s successful experiences in network promotion and marketing.

1 first looks at the bidding ads on the right shlf1314 as an example of the search. Since the other side to buy the bidding advertising, prove its project can be profitable, and do the bidding advertising is the second stage belongs to wangzhuan. When we find good bidding advertising items, we can operate on our own and copy the successful experiences of others.

article source: Guangzhou 365lanqiu network

4 when you find good articles, be sure to find out who the real author is. You probably didn’t like online ads before. But from now on. When you are determined to become Wangzhuan owners, it is necessary to change the previous practice. When you meet an advertisement, do it and analyze the advertisement, imitate it, or create new ideas by yourself. Then you will succeed step by step.

first explains that "women’s thinking" is a metaphor, an ideological trait, and a woman in the sense of self. "Male / female", like "left brain / right brain" and "emotional / rational", itself exists in our each person’s self consciousness, but when we need to get the meaning of existence from the external world, "male" thinking is fundamental to our survival, "will be thinking characteristics of female" with more hidden in the subconscious level.

had a quarrel with men and women trying to explain model tool, called "men are from Mars, women are from Venus", the book said a man looks tough, but simple thinking, thinking is linear; the woman looks weak.

in the past, we understood that customers generally used market research methods, by sampling and by sample analysis. In the age of scarcity, in the age of industrialization, where consumers’ demands remain in the era of eating, wearing, warming and personal safety, such methods are naturally effective because consumers are concerned with functionality and cost performance. But when the consumer demand has risen to social, respect and self realization at this level, sampling becomes very nonsense.

we use search engines every day to search for the information we need, and also to get into many websites. People who want to succeed on the Internet should first master the skill of searching. When we participate in Web training or browse the web tutorial, teachers will strongly recommend that students first install shlf1314 Toolbar on their website, because it can query the PR value of the website. Speaking of search skills, what skills do you think of?. Here are some of the simple techniques I’ve discovered during the search, and share with you.

in the Internet age, the sense of self and personalization has become the mainstream thinking of this society. "Women" thinking is natural, emotional oriented and experience oriented, and does not need to be demonstrated by logic. It can be judged by instinct and intuition, but it is not necessary to know it.

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