Acne products as key words how to interpret the keyword competition analysis cases

when we find a keyword, as long as we search the word you can get some data from the search results. We can borrow from the search results can give quantitative information for analysis, if the number of search results is very high, so we can roughly say this word has a high degree of competition. For example, we use love Shanghai search "acne products" search results as high as 25190000, we can roughly determine the term of this competition is not small. But we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the method of judging the existence of some errors, for example, I searched for "good morning" this is not what the commercial value of the words, the search results have 5190000. This means it can only as a rough evaluation.

search results for promotion of interpretation search results

two: intitle

: a quantitative analysis of

for a Shanghai Phoenix Project, the success is largely based on keyword choice is correct. If you choose a low degree of competition but less correlation, even if traffic is not much effect. If you chose a highly relevant, but the competition is unusually high, so it’s hard for you to have some benefits in the short term. There are many kinds of way to judge the key competition, if you just use one of them, it will have a very high rate of error. Based on this, the author takes the words "acne products" as an example, talk about how to interpret a keyword, the degree of competition.


three: the number of

search engine is the main way of profit for advertising, and generally have a high degree of competition and the commercial value of words will be in search results with promotion advertising. Also we can analyze the competition degree according to the number of the bidding promotion advertising. As shown in the figure below is for advertising this one word acne products "search results.

commandUse the intitle command to

compared with the direct search of the word error will be smaller, because we know we directly search the word, as long as the page containing the word, the general search engine will put the pages into the search results, and this may be a page theme is not associated with this key. For example: "National Day" of the word, sentence 1: the National Day holiday, free shipping. 2 sentences: the success of the Beijing Olympic bid, celebrated. The existence of "National Day" word in the two sentence, but in fact it is very different in meaning and usage. The word sentence 2 "National Day" is not the word sentence. We can put this part excluded. We use the command "intitle in the search engine results: acne products found was 593000, compared with the data obtained in the above method, using this method to obtain the data will be smaller and more accurate.

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