Create search engines love website layout

use less framework for search engines to access code often check whether the site was linked to horse

recently found a < a href= "#" rel= "nofollow" > nofollow< /a > Shanghai will ban love spider to visit a link address.

home pageThe

HTML code is what we called the static page, the page is search engine if love, to further optimize the code, first, compression code, second tree structure to write code third, remove malicious code

Hierarchical path

The use of div+css style compressed page length control home page size to compress

clear and good is beneficial to the website, according to the "

Optimization of

column page by www.***

station flash station to the website head further optimized Flash code only in the code page is arranged outside the entrance of

more important information on the above code

When set to


path hierarchy, such as domain name www.***

page by using www.*** list1/0001.html

level path

list page with www.*** list1/

frame (< frameset; > < /frameset >) the framework code can be a good site layout structure is not easy to deform, but the contents will not be search engine recognition.

With the

ASP code will be included in the search engine included but the effect is not good, but not in general is very high, can be processed in accordance with the path of pseudo static static page optimization method

know that several influence optimization code


The optimization principle of

path optimization

is a Shanghai based Phoenix website structure, website structure to build to Shanghai dragon need to understand the search engine (love Shanghai) the Shanghai dragon rules here need to discuss what kind of layout search engine friendly, can also be regarded as the search engines love those layout, what are the rules of search engine.

flash, ASP, HTML, how to optimize the

flash, JS and other code with less

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