360 search bidding agents has covered 8 provinces or gradually replace Google


search marketing, namely the industry often say "PPC", who as bid for the keyword can be routed to the front of the natural search results, the effect of payment mode, according to the actual effective click charges, promotion links and natural search results are distinct.

guess you love to show advertising is in the 360 navigation, text link ads including hao.360.cn home page and 360 television channel, channel, music channel joke pictures banner ads, but also the pay mode.

at the end of 2012, 360 quietly to cooperate with Google, has triggered strong concern, but in the details of cooperation has been kept secret, the 360 companies only confirm the cooperation relationship, but did not disclose any details of cooperation.

due to the strong performance and pressure from competitors, 360 are stepping up the commercialization process of search. Insiders, 360 search advertising agency has covered Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 provinces, 360 will be gradually with its own advertising system to replace the Google Adsense system now in use.

the price is far lower than the love of Shanghai

when asked about the "direct brand" and "guess you love" two kinds of forms of advertising prices, he said, at present can only put on the "search promotion" form, the other two forms of advertising.

360 Beijing region exclusive agent Beijing World Online Advertising Co., a responsible person to Sina said, want to advertise in the 360 search, you need to open an account, the lowest cost is 4600 yuan, including 600 yuan service fee and 4000 yuan on deposit.

insiders said 360 search agents has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and other 8 provinces, the sole agent in most parts of the way. Advertising is divided into "brand direct", "search promotion" and "guess you love" three kinds of products.

the official said, 360 in the search results left up to put 3 ads on the right side, a total of 8, the advertiser is still relatively small, so the price is very favorable. He takes a popular search term "buy" and "second-hand housing" for example said, now ranked in the search results before the only 0.6~0.7 yuan, while the Shanghai love require a dozen or even dozens of yuan.

of Merrill Lynch said, 360 from the beginning of the end of 2012 commercial system access to Google, but Google can only get about 1/3 traffic, but if two while demand for the same keyword advertising, advertising system priority is less than 360 of Google’s own. Merrill Lynch believes that 360 may be Google learning and improving its own advertising system with.

A 360

brand is the most direct in the web search results above the illustrations show the form of dynamic publishing activities, product information, promotional information enterprises.

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