Love Shanghai webmaster tools search keyword query is not so worth the wait


This is the 51la


so this is a reference to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official content:


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try not to look very simple, love Shanghai statistics interface really upset, but Zhuge Nobel should recommend cnzz or statistical analysis of the Tencent to everyone, but the space is too slow. Otherwise, blogs are not open, with two statistical software is enough. So we all knew what comparative statistical tools easy to use it, Zhuge Nobel also had before this article, search out, or search engine is

this is love Shanghai statistical summary view statistics.

In fact,

is not reliable but these things have no time reference, does not know that the query is a period of time or in a day, Zhuge Nobel below would solve a week time comparison. If you look forward to more comprehensive content, Zhuge Nobel also continue to look forward to. Then Zhuge Nobel statistics interface affiliated 51la and love Shanghai statistics interface comparison: but don’t laugh at Zhuge’s Nobel recent blog update, tutorial is less, so few traffic is also normal……


Webmaster Tools display


This is the love of Shanghai

I love Shanghai search keyword query tool beta version of the line, show the amount and click rate to help site Shanghai Longfeng optimize such tools and no legend worth looking forward to, the so-called display quantity and click rate, the various statistical tools can be seen, such as cnzz or 51la webmaster statistics, etc.. Even now, discuz is a direct analysis of the Tencent, not enough and other reasons besides the Shanghai confession of love who statistics, now love Shanghai webmaster tools has a new gadget, is someone else’s own bad wine bottles, no way, this is the absolute benefits, just a mess is in love Tuo pet. So, we will look at the official version of the recommended content, after watching friends know whether more share this?

statistical tools to show

this tool highlights:

is pleased to inform you that the search keyword query tool beta version officially launched today, we demand at the early stage of research, found that most of the webmaster have the query website "search keywords" demand, so we provide the site in the search results of TOP10 show the amount of words, each keyword click into the website the number of clicks the number of clicks, the number of hits / show, and gives examples of web links. In order to help the website of Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, enhance the popular show keywords brought to the site traffic and conversion rate.

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