Zhang Fangwen Shanghai dragon user search habits and artificial intelligence search

of this technology is not complicated, mainly to read the user’s browser cookis files, if users often love Shanghai search the same key words, we can think of the user demand for the product or service? The love of Shanghai alliance will be targeted to display this content to the user, but also as long as there is love Shanghai each hanging advertising website will be displayed.

because I am in the optimization of a "second-hand woodworking machinery" of the enterprise website recently, so often in Shanghai second-hand woodworking machinery to detect the search keywords website ranking, I also love some music site, listen to music, but I found love Shanghai Wangmeng interesting products, this is also very good the embodiment of our today to say "user search habits and artificial intelligence search, so give us a few pictures.

website ranking is directly related to the website and user stickiness degree, that is to say, the website of PV is very high, the bounce rate is very low, is to maintain the best ranking method. A lot of black hat Shanghai dragon Er think by buying links, or sending up the rankings do website ranking will be stable, in fact, even if the current ranking is very good, maybe it would be difficult to maintain ranking. Zhang Fangwen believes that by doing so to cater to the user search habits station is search engine love website.


Zhang Fangwen to give several search engines to explore "embody and product intention" user search? Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more original articles please search for Zhang Fangwen, or directly log on my blog, my blog address is: Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) cards. Zhang Fangwen’s blog focused on enterprise e-commerce consultant!.


In fact, the


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search engine from the development so far, in all aspects of the qualitative leap and breakthrough. But the search engine still has a lot of problems are not solved, Shanghai dragon er know? Both the data storage and processing or data release of the issue of timeliness, are each a search engine company has been trying to study and improve the project (these are ongoing projects). In fact, the "user search habits" and "artificial intelligence search" is the search engine company has been trying to implement the project is at a loss what to do.

why now there are some black hat techniques by ranking optimization on site ranking has been very good? (the less part) that is because the search engine itself for technical reasons. No way to really understand the "embarrassing phenomenon caused by the user search intent". What I said "intention" and "artificial intelligence search" this kind of word search, in fact, the major search engines have made similar products, but not the real use of this factor only ranked in the key, I believe that in the near future, the user search intention and artificial intelligence search is an important basis for the website ranking. I believe that black hat technology won’t work.

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