The site is down right after the analysis of the reasons is the key


three, which makes the website easy to fall right

website right down, most of the webmaster all know, the number of reasons in numerous ever. Like a machine, if the lack of a rose nail machine will cause paralysis. Therefore, the author summarizes the following.

for the site right down, which is why analysis is right down is very important, if you do not even know why will be right down, so to find a solution is more difficult, perhaps many webmaster may resolve by fish in troubled waters right down, but this is more luck. Only to find myself why web site is down right, make yourself easy to know why down the right, a natural solution can be found right down to the. Is the so-called because there is only the fruit, not because of where you can do? You really only know why the site is down right, such as the reason to modify their own right down when it is easier and more rapid recovery. So, what did not drop right, some websites do not know why is right down is the most critical.

two, website down right where

, a web site is down right

The reason for the Since

site is down right, most owners have encountered, no matter in reducing calendar calendar harm, there will always be some reason is due to their own website or unexpected factors lead to drop right. In the down right after the first time not to stationmaster depressed and negative attitude, analysis of the reasons to be right down, find a solution is the most effective operation, after all, how depressed sites are right, this time not as a serious analysis of the causes of depression. The analysis of the reasons the site is down right after the talk today:

why know their site is down right, so relatively speaking, find the reasons is much easier. As for the reason of website drop right where it should master the careful analysis of their site factor exist, such as keyword set, title is set and H label use regulation, etc.. All these will lead to site is down right, but there are some others, such as the chain increased too much, the chain quality is not high, and so many web site links to death. Are all reasons why right down. After all, the site is like a machine, a part of something will cause the whole machine. So, the site is down right away to overall health. Drop right is not terrible, terrible is down right after not knowing what to look for reasons, whether their own or external, need careful analysis for the webmaster, after all, site is down right, he will not tell you the reason right down where not jumping with bold word mark on the front page that give you see. So, right down to the webmaster, analysis reasons their own website or search engine problems, after all, if the search engine that will be a few days to recover, but if it is their own, so no timely solution will be piled up, finally caused by K is a normal phenomenon. So, right down, find out the reason is right down the main.


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