Xiao Jun a case study to nobility baby Sitelinks website

from the current has been improved after Sitelinks, this site links my blog there is earlier launched Mini station links, the official name is OneLine Sitelinks, only shows a line and generally only four links, perhaps from my blog Sitelinks to the website, the first time in Sitelinks are starting from the earlier Mini station links, of course this is not found in special case, because several currently observed first appeared Sitelinks sites are starting from the mini station link.


is in my blog a few days ago began to appear noble baby Sitelinks, and only search "when Xiao Jun blog", which also appeared and noble baby Sitelinks sites are similar, only the search for specific keywords will appear, is the site name or brand name, is also part of the site search keywords when there will be noble baby Sitelinks. In the beginning when the site link is just in the noble babies in贵族宝贝.hk only, while in the noble babies in贵族宝贝 yet, but after a few days after the now two which can display.

there are a lot of people online on the website of noble baby Sitelinks analysis and summary, for example, I think a more comprehensive analysis of Lu Songsong wrote an article on the noble baby station link, of course, to the structure of the site and different types of it I think of how much.

according to the Google webmaster tools help, site links are automatically generated, will see Google think it is very useful to the user’s site link display, of course if you think the site link inappropriate or inaccurate, it can be down. A web site link down, immediately inform the nobility baby do you think this website and not site specific pages suitable candidate site links.

so what kind of website will appear Sitelinks

I think we should know the concept of noble baby Sitelinks, Google webmaster tools called the site link, is also used to call the station link, the specific performance of a website in search of some keywords, in addition to the normal development in the search results show the title, page description and web site, but also show one or more rows in the text links below, with some time ago Google sitelinks after the improvement, now in addition to display text links but also show the corresponding URL and the related description of general nobility baby Sitelinks is considered to be a high quality website, it means to produce noble baby Sitelinks site search in the noble baby has very high weight on the engine.



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