Shanghai dragon do not have too many commitments should give yourself a posterior approach

this is a living.


give you some keywords, does not seem very popular, such as Oolong Tea, these keywords search volume from the host the love view of Shanghai, Oolong Tea find relevant results about 18400000, which belongs to the popular words, while the host Ru to find relevant results about 85200 keywords, belonging to popular, from the analysis of home competition to the former, several web page ranking of the analysis, we can see that this keyword is competitive, and the competition is relatively weak, many websites are generated content page ranking. If you talk to your boss promised Oolong Tea this keyword should be able to do it on one and a half months, and host the one month time to make up, this time the boss also trust you, because he can see your ability from your confidence, but this is only the surface of the real side how will

every day in the past, also according to the optimization plan to implement, but ultimately did not come out, then the boss of your silence, perhaps he is still very confident, give you a few days to see, and you are beginning to worry, every day and night to work overtime, as promised people things must be done; a week passed, then the boss with good mood to talk to you, ask you at work if there is what kind of difficulties encountered, say some words of concern and the like, and you can find an excuse: This is probably the search engine algorithm change…… You are very lucky,; after two weeks, the keyword ranking is still completely indifferent, then the boss attitude began to change, if you ask next week not to make up words, then this month deduction of wages, because your work efficiency is too low! You finally did not hold back pressure, his resignation the boss is very disappointed in you……

! For example,

Shanghai dragon needs to master a lot of knowledge and technology, but at work may not be able to do all the work, because this industry has some uncertain factors, such as changes in love Shanghai algorithm, resulting in keyword ranking is not stable, this is Shanghai dragon Er cannot control, although you can summarize some experience in peacetime, Shanghai Longfeng optimization also have their own set of methods, but we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should not give people too much promise, should leave a way out for yourself, you will die very miserable.

when a week after you leave, suddenly love Shanghai to a big update, many website ranking has the change, then you are still on their previous task to see whether there are changes in the ranking visible before the eyes, open, love Shanghai found the query, keyword ranking first, but you have to leave the of, you all come too late, the boss saw perhaps very pleased, you think these days are not spend less time, may call you a how have you been, how to work, whether there is intention to return to our company, I think, few people are willing to go back to the past there, because you have hurt

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