Love of Shanghai encyclopedia is our mentor Shanghai dragon

: the title, description and keywords don’t all learn to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia

recently read a lot of articles on A5 in the analysis of how to love the Shanghai encyclopedia is available because of high weight, and as we optimize the staff we can like Shanghai encyclopedia learning Shanghai Longfeng knowledge from what aspects. For example A5 this article: share station optimization experience four points can be obtained from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. That is we can optimize the knowledge from the reference to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. It is the site of key information set, station links, outbound links and social networks to analyze four aspects of optimization means we can learn from the Shanghai encyclopedia in love, I feel, I believe that only the last point I agree, in front of three points the author holds different views. I will share the three own view in the following.

In figure


two: link station construction

we can see the love Shanghai encyclopedia is really only some of the site’s title tags, keywords and description have been omitted. Our site is to love the Shanghai encyclopedia so that information is learning to get rid of it? I think we can’t just numb copied this approach love Shanghai encyclopedia. We need a variety of different sites to set, we know that love is not to say that as long as the Shanghai encyclopedia editor once will not change, many entries will go through second or three times, or even dozens of editors, I have encountered a have been edited eighty words. And if love Shanghai encyclopedia when first started to finalize the page description and keywords, then in the next edition of these pages will follow the keyword information has been modified, and we also know the information, if too frequent changes will have a great influence on this site, this position will love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of empty, for our site if mimicking this means will have a negative impact on our site, so I think this is not worth learning.

in Shanghai Longfeng this entry, we look at the station link settings, as shown in figure

we take the word love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Wikipedia as an example, we view the page source code, as shown below:

We also

we can see that love Shanghai Encyclopedia itelinks doing really good, many times you can find the corresponding Wikipedia entry. But this can apply to our site? I do not think that. We know that Wikipedia encyclopedia is a wide range of Xing, basically what word explanation can find the platform, regardless of names, names, places and so on are. But for this if applied to our site, we first site and not so much related information > station


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