How to make the site binding bid farewell to Shanghai Dragon

two, so that the site becomes high weight site

three, using other methods of marketing

brand concept must exist in every webmaster, the site of the most important things cannot forget to construct the website ranking, the brand can let many users enter the website by entering the brand word, once our web site keywords ranking drop, users may not be able to find our website, this time as long as the user to remember our website the name may be through the website to find the name of the site, of course, this website is generally the keyword ranking is good, such as community-based women’s fashion media beauty, its search volume reached 10 thousands:

, create a powerful brand

algorithm changes will affect some of the weight of the lower site, this is as everyone knows the truth, because the new site weight is low, poor confidence, focus on the scope of the study may also search engine; and the weight of the high site by the general search engine the influence of general is relatively small. As long as no strong competitors, the ranking is also very stable, so in the process of Web site optimization, in addition to the cautious, attracting network veteran Shanghai website construction company to remind everyone have to strengthen the optimization of the site and of course also is very important, Ningquewulan the principle is very suitable for the application in Shanghai Longfeng, website the contents of the building, exchange Links, the release of the chain and so on, no one is not the case, you want to make your site become a high weight site in addition to need to be optimized Every detail, but also learn to wait patiently, search engine may not within a short time in favor of your website, the need to examine long time.


Shanghai dragon ranking instability for many webmaster always on tenterhooks and how to bound to make their sites to bid farewell to Shanghai dragon, or how to reduce the impact brought by the decline in ranking? Shanghai website attracting network think in general can be divided into the following three points:

weight high website can not say completely out of the shackles of the Shanghai dragon, can only say that is because the algorithm reduce the impact of the changes brought about by the new station, is has bid farewell to this bondage.

Of course,

Shanghai dragon can let the keywords ranking up, but want to keep the ranking is not an easy thing, especially with the increase of industry competitors, keywords may have one or two years champion, is now rivals squeeze anymore, but this is actually a very normal phenomenon, want to keep ranking is not possible. Even the high weight of the site, as long as there are competitors, the rankings have squeezed down may.

Every time when the

Shanghai dragon is only a corner of iceberg network, in addition to Shanghai, there are many other ways to promote their site, when we put the site as a product display and trading platform, the use of soft, forum "

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