How to do in the station optimization

station optimization is to do data analysis, see what content in the existing site conditions is of great concern to the user, and to recommend. The station optimization can at least reduce the rate of jump out of the existing 50%, in order to mid website keywords ranking play a stabilizing role.

if the home page browsing loss is very large, up to 90%. (bounce rate home loss to browse websites are not the same concept, website bounce rate contains all the page browsing loss) can explain three questions: 1, page quality is very bad, there are pop, advertising, website or font is difficult to distinguish color art unacceptable, a lot of Shanghai dragon that gorgeous the color of black or very non mainstream, but usually leads to the loss of customers. The second is the web page of multiple color font, a website to express information, which will lead to the loss of users, because the virus second site is easy, there is music will lead the user to quickly drain. 2, the content is very poor, basically can not find the page search keywords in accord with the demand of the keywords, then the user will immediately shut down the page. 3, no character, no additional value. If the user is looking for an emergency search content, click a page not found to.

The main points of the

the first thing to know is that in the case of existing websites which content is the most user click, then according to statistics Shanghai love. For example, by visiting the page, statistics on the downstream entrance page, page retention time and page. Respondents from the page to see the page website is the most visited, if so will the column page column in the first position, if the page so will the page recommendation on the home page. But if a page access is very high bounce rate is very high, it is likely that the title of the party or the content does not comply with the title that the users can jump out. If the residence time of a page is very long, but the two click on the page to provide a very low that do station recommendations do not meet the needs of users, we need to consider some other content recommendation. Within the page for the entrance page requires very high to do long tail keywords ranking, because this page ranking will be relatively easy, such as research center hits tutorial download section is very large, the traffic is not only from the station, a large part of the flow is from outside the station to promote the spread of.

page on the downstream is entered into the B, C, D or other page frequency through the A page, the page downstream analysis is the best tool Google analysis tool. Click to enter the A page flow if 60% is the loss of 1, the content of the A page title does not meet the demand, A 2, page 3, the quality is very bad, the A page recommendation link does not meet the needs of users browse the A page. If the traffic flow of 30% A page into the B page, less than 5 in other pages. Recommended quality other chain is very poor, need to do the operation is 1, the B page recommendation in the most important position, and 1 other recommendations to replace the internal chain.


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