Love Shanghai please give me a reasonable explanation to the webmaster included cry

society, but the price.

I recently in some webmasters can always see many new owners complaining about the love of Shanghai not included in their website, which has a website -txk fashion network (贵族宝贝 makes me interested in me around for a few days on his website, found his website content not to say 100% original, at least his article published the time in front of some large portal site. Unfortunately, when I search his site title but not see his original article, you not included, included copycat Niubi station? People give you money, people give you flow, but you know, because it appears the so-called "pseudo original", because of you, you let everyone lost a desire to create, love Shanghai, can you tell me why

world article a copy, you copied, I copy, see will not copy copy.

No rule of

I believe that everyone on the above news is not strange, I also believe that many webmaster exit China market in Google, become unable to calm down, because Google is gone, who rejoice who worries? Joyful nature is China’s largest Internet search engine – love Shanghai. Who is the worry? Google? Wrong, the worry is that our new webmaster. Everyone has their own website, the website is doing what? Is it really website platform is not a "profit"? That in this condition, our space, our domain name is free, or that the web site " his father is Li Gang ", there is not much also; people will be a waste of time, waste of money to create a "profit" website, at least I have seen the website needs to have people on its website advertising to maintain this website platform.


what is the premise of people advertising on its Web site, Google search engine, China is love Shanghai. I also found a lot of advertisers to buy advertising a went to check the site collected. Indeed, if you are advertisers, you can also check out the website name, the website can be really famous indeed? If you think that this is indeed the case, then I ask you to go to the Ali Mama advertising alliance to inquire, some websites Ali Mama advertising alliance, you will find that, wow so, the original site of garbage can ah. There are several gaming sites, traffic alarming, but also more than 17173 cattle.

seeing is believing, but sometimes seeing is not necessarily true.

is never at the expense of the businessmen do business.


international online news: on March 23rd, Google announced its search business exit China mainland, and search service from the mainland to Hongkong China. The State Council Information Office official has issued a statement. At the same time, Google announced its search business exit Chinese mainland events also occupy an important position in many American media sites.

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